Abuse, Lies And Scams: Chris Is Back Home

I’ve come to the conclusion that Christopher While, is nothing more than a disgusting, nasty, parasite!

He’s never going to change. After begging his Mum to be able to stay at hers for a couple of days, to escape the rowdiness of his new neighbours, you would think he would be over the moon when given the chance to go back home.

Chris makes his mum coffee

So, could this be the moment that Chris realises that he needs to be grateful?





Nope! The self centred, spoilt brat was more aggressive than ever. How Stephen didn’t plant him one, i’ll never know. And as for Ruby!! I’m always willing to admit i made a mistake when it happens, and i’m just wondering if Thundersnarf was right all along about her being a troll.

I used to love Rubes, but the way she attacks Stephen in Chris’ chat, even though it’s Chris in the wrong, is getting ridiculous now.  The minute Stephen walks in, she’s telling Chris he’s a dickhead etc, and it’s nothing to do with him.

If she’s not a troll, why post stuff like that, knowing Chris will see it, then believe it, and start raging again?

What i’ve noticed though, is she’ll call Stephen a cunt for daring to ask Chris for his chair back, yet the second Chris say’s something like “nowt to do with you Ruby” holy fuck, she goes mental and storms off.

So, yeah, i’m beginning to think she’s just trolling to watch Chris rage.

Anyway, back to Chris, and watch how he shamelessly attempts to get peoples money from them. This guy is not mentally disabled, he knows exactly what he’s doing, as you’ll see below 🙂



Lets take a look at how Chris’ night with 2p and no beer, turned in to another drunken farce.

Chris scams from mums


Can’t beat a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum when you have no money 😉

Chris scams from mums3


Now maybe somebody donated him some cash inbetween the first video and the second, because i came back to his cast after watching elsewhere.

But even if they did, he was still lying about having no beer to start with, and was asking people to send cash to his Paypal.

Chris is fast becoming an expert in online scamming now, and he’s living an extremely comfortable life, all at your expense.

Some people know and don’t mind, which is fair enough. But it’s the odd one or two who still fall for his lies that i feel sorry for.

Would Chris feel bad about you sending him your last few quid, while he sat there with £100?

Would he f*ck!

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18 Thoughts to “Abuse, Lies And Scams: Chris Is Back Home”

  1. baboultr

    Wow! that didnt take long for him to go back to mams But Im sure its on a limited basis

  2. Anon

    So glad i am not the only one who sees through chris viles lies, he wouldnt know the truth if it came up and bit him in the arse. As for Ruby she stirs up a lot of trouble between chris and stephen and is so quick to blame chris’ mum as well. It’s also amazing how when chris cries there Aare never any tears and he no matter how much fake crying and how much shouting he does he still always manages to look at the webcam just to make sure it is having the desired effect in chat. This guy is a master of his trade and that is conning people

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Ruby is just a cunt, always has been and always will be.

  4. ukmuppetafficionado

    love the site but ure video servers are so laggy, i have no probs on youtube or vaughn etc but ure embedded videos are just disjointed and out of sync

  5. ukmuppetafficionado

    also he did say ‘reading between the lines’ he got punched for looking at someones kid weird why are you making it into a big thing? he dont get out much so prob thought she was a dwarf lol

  6. Dave

    Alcoholism combined with a very low IQ and being highly suggestible is a dangerous combination. If he were clean and sober, he wouldn’t be like this. If he were not online and half doing it just for views and to impress trolls, he wouldn’t be like this.

  7. Dusty Bin

    His mam should of turfed this ungrateful abusive bully out that night, the threats he was making and all the disrespect shouting.
    Chris is full of lies i have no money send donations for this and that, he’s using people hopefully there realise one day.

  8. Ruby

    I’m not a troll

  9. Ruby

    As for bringing thundersnarf intoo a light conversation and saying he was justified in threatening me and my children is uncalled for , for what because i have my own reasons too dislike steven , because not everything you see is how it seems? Because i choose too keep things chris has confided in me too myself?

  10. Now you’re putting words in to my mouth Rubes! I’m not talking about his threats, which were nasty and stupid, i was referring to his claim that you trolled people a lot. You are perfectly entitled to like or dislike whoever you wish, but even if you dislike Stephen, that doesn’t make it ok to always blame him, for the disgusting way Chris treats him and Anna.

    Saying things like “ffs, Stephens only just come through the door and he’s having a go at you” in the chat, knowing Chris will read that and respond, is no different to the trolls he gets in his cast’s, telling him to drink this, or do that, knowing Chris will often react to what people say.

    Stephen has been a saint to Chris, how he keeps his composure when Chris is spitting venom his way, is worthy of some credit in my opinion.

    Maybe, next time Chris is acting up like a spoilt brat, put yourself in Anna’s or Stephens shoes, and then comment on who’s in the wrong.

    Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than fan the flames.

  11. Ben the Bastard

    That AngelStorm as well, she’s an even bigger CUNT for sticking up for that CUNT Ruby

  12. gaz

    he is back at his flat he had some smackhead round last night, also some mug sent him £20 thats how he got the bottle

  13. Anon

    Ruby have you ever met Stephen I suspect you are going solely on what Chris tells you and that man NEVER tells the truth. You do stir things up and I think you love it as said above Stephen only has to enter the house and you are immediately telling Chris to tell Stephen to leave you alone. What Chris says in confidence is to be taken with an extremely large pinch of salt, lying comes second nature to that man, he will lie, scheme do anything to get his own way and so many of you fall for it and even more stupidly part with money some people have wised up good for them but there will always be the idiots who think he can do no wrong

  14. akmir el hussein alirmarriah

    ukmuppets readers please follow the new room rule and refer to her as analstormee she loves that pet name

  15. Rory_Poury

    Hopefully the little cunt will get sent to prison soon, he needs a good slap around the back of the lugs.

    On the issue of adding a chatbox, I’d say don’t, your blog will turn to shit if you do that, imo.

    1. I agree regarding the chatbox. I thought about it, but it’s just not worth it. All it does it give people the chance to argue, dox, and spam. I’ve not been around much the last couple of days, but will be back Monday. Have i missed much while i’ve been away? Chris been evicted from the new flat yet lol? Or Theresa finally owned up?

  16. Rory_Poury

    Oh fuck I don’t if you missed much tbh, I use your blog to keep meself up to date, because I only come on the site on weekends, I wish i was an unemployed alco so I could watch the cunts all day.

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