Lets All Hang Out With Sbrwendy

Welcome to the latest recruit to VaughnLive, a lady who loves to be complimented on her boobs, her looks, her boobs, her looks, her….




Oh, it gets worse (facepalm)







Ok, look! She is either very cold, or she is getting turned on by all the people looking at her tits. Now i’ve nothing against people feeling confident in their bodies, no matter what shape or size, or how old or young.

But VaughnLive is brutal. It makes Battlecam look like a Sunday Church tea party. So if you are going to deliberately flaunt your breasts like that, unless you are amazingly stunning, then you are going to get trolled.

To be fair, she was taking some full on assault in the chat when i was flicking through, and she stayed. But i get the feeling, this woman is going to be a one cast wonder.

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4 Thoughts to “Lets All Hang Out With Sbrwendy”

  1. Rory_Poury

    She used to cam up on camfuze sucking black cock, she is also an alco. I forget her full username but if you google “hotness camfuze” you will see three lol pics of her.

    1. Oh god, not sure i wanna see those lol. I only stayed 10 minutes, and all she did was push her tits in the webcam.

      I don’t think she’ll handle the Vaughn abuse though.


    She looks like the Page Three star of old Joanne Guest

  3. Anon

    another menopausal woman wanting reassurance its so boring now and to bring the claws out what looks!!!!!!

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