FoxmanShawn vs Mark Vaughn: It’s War!

I have a few days break, only to come back and find gang warfare has taken over VL. Apparently, there is to be a Christmas cast soon, where everybody is invited to take part in a one off special cast.

Sounds great. Or it was, until Electrojed upset the Foxman’s ego. Now it seems that you are either team Jed and GG, or team Fox and Joe Walsh.

With Fox and JW declaring all out war, and promising to sabotage the whole Jed/GG cast, it was inevitable that Mark and Scruffy would be asked which team they are pledging their allegiance to.

The following video show’s what is allegedly, Mark confirming he’s team Jed.

Fair to say, Fox is pissed lol.



Whether that screencap is real, or it is faked somehow, i couldn’t 100% say. But Joe doesn’t usually lie about things when it comes to Scruffy or Mark, because he knows they will forever call him out on it when proved to be false.

For now though, Fox is convinced it’s real, and to say he’s not too pleased with Mark, is an understatement.

This could turn real ugly over the next week or two 😉


Could anyone who watched the video above, let me know how the quality of the audio is? I added a new Graphics card and some more RAM to the main machine on Sunday, and since then, i’m only getting audio through the HDMI output! If it sounds shit, i’ll go and buy another sound card. Thanks.




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12 Thoughts to “FoxmanShawn vs Mark Vaughn: It’s War!”

  1. IP

    Lol, I’ve been shuffled for over a year. This is typical Vaughnlive politics

    1. They do seem to have a grudge against you IP, although to be fair, you was a bit naughty with the certain picture posted. But you’re young, and everybody does things they later regret when they are in their teens.

      You’re not a bad person though IP. I’ve watched you for a few years now, and you can see that as you get older, you are maturing. They should take that in to consideration imo, especially considering some of the really hateful stuff other casters/viewers spew about them.

  2. Angie2013

    Seems they dont need a reason to shuffle people, Mark says in the chat we reserve the right to shuffle anyone we want for any reason.

  3. anon321
    The Foxman will present an alternative viewing option.
    Foxmanshawn’s Merry Mash-Mas Grinch Special.

    1. Hahaha. I’ve made the link available now, so others can see 🙂

  4. Dave

    What’s the shocker here? Everyone has known they don’t like Foxman’s content for a long time. They only allow him on the site because he begs to keep coming back and promises to not break rules (even though he does and will again and again). Time and time again, they’ve made it very clear they don’t support his type of bullying drunken hate casting.

    1. Not so much a shocker Ryan, more the fact that Mark denies he ever said anything like that, and was accusing people of photoshopping it.

      So is Mark now becoming a two faced liar, or is he right, and he never said anything like that, and it was a fake screencap?

      1. Dave

        When you own the website, you don’t have to be honest about anything. You can do whatever the fuck you please. End of story. Just how it should be.

  5. Pikeman

    As the legend that was Otis redding once proclaimed “war what is it good for?”
    With all the shit that is going on globally,people should really grow the fuck up,Although These little spats are just so funny to see and hear about!

    Btw Karl, to sort your sound out all you need to do is go into the sound settings and “unlock” the hdmi sound setting and combine it with your external speakers/headphones – that’s what I used to do when running Ubuntu(that’s if you are using that flavour??)
    Also squire since you’ve changed your video server settings, your videos will not play on iPhones and maybe iPads too-just thought I’d tell ya 😉

    1. Pikeman

      I did mean Edwin Starr not Otis redding #fail #iknowshitaboutmusic lol

  6. Hehe, can you try the FoxmanShawn video above on the iPhone now, if possible. Somebody did mention it a while back but i forgot all about it grrr.

    Also what Browser are you using on the iPhone too?

    Cheers bud.

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