YouLiveNow Will Launch One Day

You can’t beat Steve Swetman’s attempts at running websites. This guy makes NorthernMonkey look a professional IT engineer.

After the shambles that was JustCast, we catch up with Steve, and follow the lead up to the official launch of his new project, YouLiveNow.

24th August 2105:

Youlivenow opening shambles

Great. A few minor tweaks, and we will have the new casting site up and running.

14th September 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles1

Not too bad. 3 weeks later and we at least have a test stream.

8th October 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles2

Dicky..Head Tech??

Oh my lord, this could all go tits up lol. Also, i like the way Steve claims he builds the streaming sites 😉

8th October 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles3

So, over 6 weeks later, we still need the minor tweek’s sorting, but hey, we have Richard Swann on board, and have 20 NEW members signed up. Ready to rock and roll soon eh?

19th October 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles5

2 Months later, but at least we are ‘very close’ now 🙂

30th October 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles6

You’re in Spain, and can’t get a decent internet connection?

Although there was a further update that same day.

Youlivenow opening shambles7

So the Coder is moving the site to a new server.

It’s looking good chaps 🙂

4th November 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles8

Ah, i see now. So it wasn’t the bad wifi in Spain that was causing the delays, it was the Coder, he’s done a runner again LOL

5th November 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles9

Wow, that was quick. Up and running the next day, impressive. I reckon it was that Linux genius Dicky who fixed the code and server.

6th November 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles10

Doh! i was wrong!

7th November 2015

Youlivenow opening shambles11

Youlivenow opening shambles12

Oh no! So the Coder’s done a runner, and the server is lagging like a bitch. But wait! Didn’t Steve say earlier, that he builds all his streaming sites?

Plus, when you have a Linux and Networking guru on the team, such as Richard Swann, surely finding and fixing the error’s should be child’s play?

9th November 2015:

Youlivenow opening shambles13

So, 11 weeks after the ‘just a few minor things’ to fix, and YLN is still on the test server, still lagging and glitching like a true MOFO, and their Coder has apparently took the money and ran!

You couldn’t make this shit up lol.

1-) Instead of using a home server to test on, why not spend a few quid on a decent server, one that doesn’t lag and buffer?

2-) Why do you need a Coder to migrate your site to another host? Anybody with FTP can do that, then just edit the necessary files of the IP/Database on the new host?

It should take no more than a couple of hours max, to fix their problems and have the site moved over, but it’s like the blind leading the blind over there lol.

I can just picture Dicky and Steve on Skype, with that confused look in their eyes, both saying “To me, to you”

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7 Thoughts to “YouLiveNow Will Launch One Day”

  1. hey think you got the wrong rich m=not=rthan moneky is not a site staff its another rich lol and we have launched now thanks regards steve

    1. Oops, my bad! Although to be fair, i remember you once replying on here that it WASN’T you running YouLiveNow 🙂

  2. Dave

    Well when a guy mixes up ‘their’ and ‘there’ and ‘why’ with ‘while’ constantly, it proves he’s got as much brains as a coconut.

  3. Anonymous

    I started counting spelling errors but realised I have work in six hours.

  4. I did not want to announce i owned it until i had it fully launched and paid up for a year. Thanks for the blog post though allways enjoy reading

    1. Dave

      Yeah, lying is the way to gain peoples trust….

  5. Ben the Bastard

    If only the site pages would load normally rather than waiting about 15 minutes to even get to see the main page of the site, let alone browes the fucking thing.

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