MichelleStacy: I’m Moving (It’s Official)

I’ve been watching her for a few years now, and this is a woman who was online virtually every hour of the day. I could wake up, go to VL, and she’d be on Skype with RealmanPwns. I could go and do shopping, come back, and she would still be on Skype with RM.

Then, when she threw her overstretched, stained, knickers out of the pram, and refused to acknowledge RM any longer, she leeched on to Scuttlebutt. Where she then spent nearly every waking hour, in the chatbox.

But since a (much appreciated) Anon gave us her real identity, she’s gone more underground than Lord Lucan. Of course, she still tries to deny it, with the usual verbal diarrhea that spews from her rancid, speckled mouth.

But today, we was blessed with her presence, oh and some more bullshit as per.


MS selling house

Had to hire a few Agents. Was that while you were on the Cruise by any chance?

Oh, look, she’s finally admitted, she moving. Couldn’t possibly think why?

MS selling house1

You’ve got to give it her, she giving Adambro a run for his money when it comes to imagination.

MS selling house3

Yeah, Terri knows all about bad credit 😉

MS selling house6

Wait a minute! I thought Colin, her son, had some serious spinal disability? I’m not mocking him if he does, but i would of thought, going out, trying to arrest people probably wouldn’t do him much good?

Or could this be another ‘story’ made up from the pig?

MS selling house7

She gets lucky, and some decent bloke happens to find something nice in her, and now she’s some entrepreneur, who after spending years of being on Skype in RM’s room, is reaching high for the stars?

MS selling house10

MS selling house12

No, she never uses Twitter!

Well, apart from to dox herself LOL

MS doxed herself

Sorry Piggy. but you couldn’t play the game after all 🙂

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

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