SexyChris Is Taking Us To Court

Oh dear! It seems Chris has gone and doxxed himself again. Apparently somebody posted a link to a Gumtree advert, that was offering a free computer. Now we all know Chris loves a freebie, so like an idiot, he responds by giving them his new address.

But there was a catch to this fabulous offer, one that Chris should of noticed was a bit odd when he received this back from them after giving out his address..

Chris tricked into revealing his new dox

Obviously a reference to him having no gas!

But no, the only thing on Chris’ mind, is something for free. But we all know the saying ‘ if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’

Thanks to the Anon for sending the first video in.

Yep, the Takeaways were flying in lol. Then Chris loses his mind, and blaming us for the Pizza’s, declares he’s going to take us to Court…

Then the poor lad completely loses his mind…

When the Housing next visit and see he’s started wrecking the place already, i can see eviction letters starting up again.

But why he still thinks it’s us that send him Taxi’s and Pizza’s, god knows?  That’s not our style here, doing stuff like that is lame. The only person it really hurts is the businesses that are having to throw away all this food.

So no Chris, it’s not us. Although feel free to blame us, we can take it 🙂



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19 Thoughts to “SexyChris Is Taking Us To Court”

  1. gaz

    he got his door kicked in at 3am too by his neighbor, council come to fix it so they must of noticed the ripped telecom, he address is all over vaughn, get recording the next few days it should be fun….

  2. Anon

    I dont feel sorry for him in the least the pizza place yes because as said its their living. I am sick of the sycophants in his room like Ruby, Isparkle and Angel who think this little shit can do no wrong. Chris got his door kicked in hard bloody luck karma is a bitch and she is coming for you.

  3. Sean

    lol at them blaming me for it.
    we all know who it really was, a ‘gentle’man of Jewish descent with a rather large nose.

  4. Sean

    Jsteveo at it again

    1. To be fair, nobody knows 100% who was behind it. Anything else is just rumours, like yourself and us behind blamed. Bloody T’internet eh!

  5. Dusty Bin

    Makes me laugh that, i’m taking UK Muppets to court, then next thing he’s playing the videos they recorded of him and laughing about them saying there funny, and i like this one..
    as for the pizzas my bet its the same person/people as last time the one who got his stream key and was casting him on Vaughn also, till Miss Scruffy got involved.

    1. Chris is Chris. Just like Foxman, Rizzo, Ryderbak, he has this Jekyll and Hyde personality, where one minute we are good, the next we are c*nts lol. Just take it with a pinch of salt 🙂

  6. AnotherAnon

    The Gumtree ad was a brilliant bit of social engineering, if you will. I am impressed!

    Hats off to the person who did it!

    1. I agree. They exploited his weakness, his desperation for something for free, and it worked. Bravo 🙂

  7. AnotherAnon

    On another topic, Karl, please get some sort of embedded chat ASAP. TY.

    1. I agree with IP on this one. Embedding a chat when i’m not here to Moderate it, would be suicide. You only have to look at Scuttlebutts Chatango and the way it is at the moment, to see it would destroy this place.

      Anons doxxing, Mods falling out with each other, plus the pack mentality it brings. Just not worth it to be honest. Nobody’s comments on here get refused or censored (well, apart from one where i was trolling Ryan lol) so there’s not much advantage to adding one imo.

  8. Sean

    I disagree with the need for a chat here. That just ends up creating a toxic environment of cliques and too many people spamming dox and shit. Chat just breeds hate from what I’ve seen. I like how this blog doesn’t have a chat and I think a chat would hinder its prestige. Can always email Karl if you need to contact him

  9. Anon

    Angelstormee is one weird person, last night was thanksgiving and her mum came round so you would think she would want to spend time with her but no where was she in Chris’ room. When asked why she was online instead of being with her mother and surely chris could manage one night without her she said she was spending time with her mum and chris. Now i know if my mum came round and spent the whole time online despite my age i would be told off about my bad manners. Angel she is your mother and surely it wouldnt have hurt you to turn the computer off and spend just one night with her or are you that addicted or obssessed with being online that nothing else matters.

    1. Yep, i was watching. There has to be something not right with this woman though, just for the fact that she still sends Chris money, despite all the abuse he still gives her. Maybe she’s just one of these women that are attracted to abusive fellas, who knows?

      Remember the ‘i love Chris with all my heart’ moment, then 2 day’s later, she was declaring the same thing for Texas?

      Although, for all her strange actions, there are worse people out there, so i couldn’t say i dislike her as such, just find her odd.

      1. Anon

        I dont dislike her either and like you think she is odd. Something must be sadly lacking in her life to spend 24/7 on line and take the abuse that Chris hurls at her. A classic case of the lights are on but there’s no one home.

  10. Baboultr

    LOL Someone sent his dox a few weeks ago But I Promise it wasnt me lol, I Have been told who it was by the person but you know me Im not a snitch (;

  11. Ben the Bastard

    This is one thing I have to agree on Chris on this, placing a false add on gumtree is a breach of gumtree TOS, for someone taking the details that Chris was lead to believe was a legitimate add and posting his personal details all over chatrooms such as that on vaughn is classed as cyber bullying. Though Chris hasn’t got the slightest of sense to take it to court, for he don’t even know the way to go about it but I’m sure a phone call to the police to conduct an investigation over the matter would be the first step to that ladder of who ever is behind taking the piss in this way to be prosecuted on that. Know your limit in having a laugh with him, it’s not funny in taking that information that was gotten hold off from a false add on the likes of gumtree, whoever is behind it, watch it don’t fall back on you for it’s things like that that could end up getting you in deep shit before you knew what was happening. People have been taken to court just for commenting their opinions about Muslims and that information that the authorities gotten hold off for such opinions was gathered through social media.

    1. Anon

      I agree Ben to dox someone is not nice and especially in such a devious way but as hard as i try i just cannot feel any sympathy for this guy. He would miracously know what to be if he thought there was money in it for him. I know his followers will cry oh he cant work because he is disabled, he has cp, anxiety, depression, autism, aspergers, bi-polar, epilepsy and countless other ailments including a bad bad (what a walking miracle and its amazing how that bad back doesnt stop him from jumping around and moving or picking up heavy objects) but all i see is a money grabbing benefit cheating scrounger who is too lazy to work and has stated time and time again that he will never work because why should he when the tax payer keeps him. I have no ojection to helping anyone that is deserving of it but it really pisses me off when people like him get an obscene amount of money from the state and it is still not enough to satify his greed.

  12. Ben the Bastard

    Good point there, I am unemployed seeking work myself and it gets to me of how he boasts about he gets free money. Not only is he rubbing the salt in the eyes of the tax payer by coming off with comments as that but to people like us as well who are forced to comply to go on these training programs that the DSS puts you on whether people like me either can’t get into or don’t see the point of being put on in it, otherwise we would be having a suspension or a penalty put on us. For that, he sure is the biggest dickhead I have come across EVER.

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