Welshguy: My Time In Prison

Our favourite chatterbox from the Valleys, Mr Welshguy, has always come across as a harmless, relaxed old chap. But during a Skype call to Chris the other evening, he revealed a side to him that i, for one, have never witnessed.

In a reveal all confession, Shaine tells us about his violent past, and the subsequent 16 months Prison sentence handed down to him.

Welshguy and prison

Welshguy and prison1

But when Chris went to explain about his door getting kicked in (allegedly) Shaine couldn’t help but reveal the darker side of his personality.

Warning: The following video contains descriptions of violence that may upset some viewers.

They call him the Godfather in Wales you know 😉



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4 Thoughts to “Welshguy: My Time In Prison”

  1. Anon

    I think Welshguy should have been done for animal cruelty duct taping anything to any animal is disgusting and i will be reporting him to the RSPCA thank you for confessing. I would have had no problem if he had beaten the guys brains out with a baseball bat humans get what they deserve.

  2. Dusty Bin

    Duct taping him to a Sheep wtf….. thats not for real surely ? would of been easier to give the guy a good beating, or tape the guy to a post with a big sign saying he is a burglar, but a sheep now thats just strange.

  3. Dave

    This needs subtitles, I can’t understand the welsh accent…

  4. lmfao, i miss days like this 🙂

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