Highlights Of The Week Ending 29/11/2015

Although it’s been a fairly quiet week on the casting front, there has been the odd one or two moments worth remembering.

Hebbers Reveals Her Chubby Pussy:

Hebbers Chubby Pussy

I know what you lot were thinking, pfft!

Another Hottie Joins The Clan:


SexyChris Throws His Christmas Party:

in November…

Chris starts Christmas in November

James Packer Bans Himself From His Own Website:

James Packer bans himself from his own website lol

James Packer bans himself

And apparently, i’m messing with the big boys….you couldn’t make this up!

UKM playing with the big boys lol

FoxmanShawn Looks A Little Shady:

Foxman in the basement1

And last but not least, we leave the week, with Chris doing everything he can to impress Sarah, a lady who’s on one of his Pro Cams on Ivlog. He even takes a shower for her, this must be love.

Social Broadcasting, where would we be without it?

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized



19 Thoughts to “Highlights Of The Week Ending 29/11/2015”

  1. Dave

    Very disappointed in you poking fun at Sweetpea’s appearance….she’s done nothing to be written about…

  2. Lucas Aid

    Ryan, okay it’s never good to poke fun at some one and take the piss if you are constantly doing so BUT come on now, Karl is only having a laugh here and not being nasty about it!
    Highlight for me was Chris showing his cleaned keyboard albeit a bit melted after he placed it upon his heater- kids, plastic and constant heat never go well together!

    Also you can’t be a nice chubby pussy 😉 lol

  3. Dave

    Karl is having a laugh meaning in his mind he finds the appearance of someone who is overweight to be funny. It’s not funny in any shape or form. I don’t understand it. It’s hurtful.

  4. Ryan, can you show me where i have said i’m laughing at her appearance, or i’ve said she’s overweight?

    All i said is we have a new hottie around. Are you therefore implying that Sweetpea couldn’t be seen as attractive? If so, i find that offensive.

  5. Dave

    Your posts are always filled with sarcasm, so it’s natural to assume and be correct that you DON’T think she is attractive and are making a point to post about it. You could have said ‘we have another winner here’ and meant the same thing, because you think anyone who isn’t a trainwreck with hundreds of views isn’t a success…and…who the fuck is Ryan?

    1. lol, ok Ryan, we’ll pretend your are called Dave now, or should we use another of your aliases, David Antler perhaps? Nah, we’ll stick with your real name, it’s a lot easier for others to understand then 🙂

      1. Dave

        I have no idea who davidantler is either. Seems like everyone is accusing people of being who they’re not.

  6. Anonymous

    calm the FUCK down DAVE. That FAT woman was casting on ivlog. end of story.

    1. Lucas Aid

      People are allowed to say & think how the hell they like in what they see and view.

      If you want to have a go at someone,why don’t you point your angst towards people who run a (not that) popular streaming site as there are a lot of casters who spiel off hate speeches and who are racist,sexist and bullies but they get supported and are allowed to get away with it!

      Anyway Ryan, errr I mean Dave- the thing is you have got to remember is that whatever name you use your ip address use (whether it’s real in behind a VPN) will get associated when you make a post on here, and because of that Karl will really know whom you are and even knows whom I am!
      But just incase that is not correct and true, my name is Liam from supernova heights 😉

      1. Dave

        So your excuse is that because a website doesn’t ban anyone who says they hate something, it’s free reign to attack anybody you please even if the people are good souls who don’t participate in this back and forth trolling that you and the people you complain about on vaughn/ivlog do?

        1. Lucas Aid

          Hold on a second there Ryan whilst we remove your head from your own anus..

          There is a MASSIVE difference from what is reported and said on this blog compaired to what is seen and said on vaughn and ivlog too (99% more vaughn though) Karl give us or whomever it is that reads this blog a social commentary as it were, if a caster does or says something wrong you can expect to appear on here and rightly so aswell, if a new caster appears or a funny moment rises it will get a mention also,but that’s it.

          It’s not trolling or bullying (because if it were, KD would have to do it time and time again on the same person!) it just making a social comment about it,and that’s it.

          Where as casters and viewers on vl or ivlog have said some pretty borderline stuff about racism,sexism,xenophobia,bulling,trolling,so on and do forth,and they have been seen saying such things and what happens to them?

          Well either nothing at all or they are given slight little tap across the knuckles and that’s it!
          Ryan if you think what Karl reports on and says is exactly the same as these people who do the above things that I have said,well you might aswell keep your head firmly between your arsecheeks!

          1. Ryan is a troll. The more you try and debate with him, the more absurd he will become. He thrives on causing an argument, even willing to contradict himself, just to get a response.

            Here is his view on Steve Swetmans reason for lying about owning YouLiveNow: http://prntscr.com/99nqxj

            So he’s basically saying that Steve shouldn’t be lying, as it will probably stop people trusting him.

            What a difference 24 hours makes lol: http://prntscr.com/99nvak

            So as you see, he’s best just ignored 🙂

          2. Dave

            I’m saying anyone who spouts off shit on you personally, you are allowed to fight back against and write stories about, and make fun of them. Anyone who has NOT DONE SO should be protected and not fair game for bullying. As for anyone saying I’m a troll, a troll is someone who goes somewhere and bullies a person, hurling insults, making threats, trying to be hurtful. Someone who enjoys debating is not a troll.

  7. Dave

    Those comments are made by me, not some dude named Ryan. Nothing is contradictory in them either. People get treated differently, one of them is a moron from the south of the UK who swindles people, lies, and scams online and keeps opening and closing websites. The other one lives in the USA and has been running a successful website since 2011.

  8. Dave

    Awwh looks like Karl is butthurt he keeps blocking the IP’s I use, I guess I’m not welcome here. Debate isn’t encouraged, it’s a nazi camp like Scuttlebutt’s….

  9. Ryan, i have never blocked ANY IP’s from here you fruitcake. I was making a post, so sorry i didn’t answer to your beck and call. Ryan, you can change IP’s as often as you want. You can change your user-agent as often as you want, but even after all that, it will still show up as ‘original user = Ryan’

    Now stop trying to cause retarded arguments on here, or i will simply block all ‘Dave’ posts going through, just like i did with your Ryan name.

    Go and bug Scuttle, or Shawnio, or count sheep, whatever, but don’t be trying to stir up bullshit here, coz it wont work 🙂

    Tally ho

  10. Dave

    The point is my name NEVER WAS RYAN it’s an internet alias. DAVID is my real name. I thought you would have figured all of that out by now. And yes, when I get error code ‘403 forbidden’ it means my IP is currently blocked from accessing a web link.

    1. You would only get 403 message if you are trying to access the site through a VPN or Proxy that is known to be suspicious/infamous to Cloudflare. If you were IP banned, you would get the ‘ your IP is banned from this website’

      1. Dave

        Please explain why I get that when using no proxy or VPN. I don’t have any VPN. Right now I’m accessing through a site http://www.proxysite.com….

        When using no proxy or vpn, I get the 403 message…forbidden….

        I’d love to solve it, as using proxy websites are a pain in the ass…

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