Chris Finds His Soulmate And Gollum Strikes Again

When i first saw Chris with a dog, my thoughts were ‘oh ffs, that poor dog’ but credit where it’s due, Chris was brilliant with it. Though pining for it’s owner, Chris didn’t shout at it (for once) and was actually calm, loving, and dare i say it, just like the old Chris.

Welcome to Storm.


It’s been a long time since i’ve seen Chris so chilled and happy. I mean, he even shared his tea with Storm. Yes, Chris actually giving something, rather than taking.


Storm’s owner, Steve-o, later arrived with Gollum in tow, and surprise surprise, he had itchy fingers again once he spotted Chris’ haul of alcohol.


You only have to take a look at those two to realise they are just scum. I wouldn’t let either of those two within 10ft of my gate, nevermind the house.




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6 Thoughts to “Chris Finds His Soulmate And Gollum Strikes Again”

  1. Anon

    Chris started off ok with Storm but he was shouting at the poor dog before the owner came back, he also pushed it off the settee on more than one occasion i only hope the broken glass had been cleaned up. Chris i hope will never ever have a pet because i can see it being flung across the room when he get in one of his endless stops.

    1. Yeah, he did clean up the glass. I wouldn’t like to see him own a dog full time, not yet anyway, because he blows his money too quick, and that’s no good when you have a pet to feed. But i have to call it how i see it, and for me, he was a completely different person when he was alone with Storm. He looked, and acted like he was truly happy for once. I think a few hours a week with a dog, and we would see a whole new Chris. A better one at that. Just my opinion though.

      1. Anon

        Maybe he should volunteer in his local dogs home, animals can make a great difference to peoples lives but that is all i would like to see chris do just have limited access to them but then again it would mean getting off his arse and doing something so thats probably out the window

  2. Dave

    Chris knows they steal from him, unfortunately he’s that desperate for other human contact and friendship that he lets it go. It’s sad. He needs to get off the booze and into community programs for those with special needs / mental health issues. It would do him wonders to have a regular routine and to spend time with people who have similar anxiety and other issues.

  3. Angie2013

    Them two dirt bags on his sofa would rob chris of everything given the chance, re storm he was calm with it at first and even shared his food gave him hugs but when people started having a go saying it needed to go out, he started shouting and saying he hates dogs and hates cats.

  4. jizz_mopper

    lol couple of greasy booze stealing chavs. As for the dog, I wouldn’t trust Chris with my pet rock. He’s thoroughly incapable of looking after himself, why trust him with anything else? I can see it now, Chris While, daycare center. Let’s bring him some babies. No problem, I can’t wipe my own ass, I’m surely not going to wipe yours, you cunt!

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