Christmas Trees And Monthly Fees

Whether he makes you mad as hell, or brings a laugh or two to your life, Chris always provides some form of entertainment.

First, we’ll have the bad. Although he has said worse things, bragging about how much benefit money he receives each Month is not a great idea, especially when there are people who are working full time who can’t afford the luxuries he boasts about.

But here, we get to learn why he does boast!

Credit to this video goes to the person who posted it on our Facebook page:


So there you have it. Because he drops his alcohol (that usually somebody else has donated for) then he deserves  his £200 a week, plus free rent, plus free Council Tax 😉

Though one thing you have to admit. He is entertainment. When he’s bad, he’s bad. But when he’s funny, he’s brilliant!

I think these next two video’s are at least on par with, if not funnier, than his legendary “it’s a hoax” takeaway performance.

Watch and enjoy, as he goes through the mental, and physical pain, of erecting a Christmas tree.






Although he did get it working…. eventually!

Chris gets xmas tree working






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24 Thoughts to “Christmas Trees And Monthly Fees”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    He’s begging to get his door kicked in every fortnight and robbed with what I watched last night, splashing the money on the camera, to be insulted too when I came off with saying “payed for by the tax payer” to be kicked over that, whoever did the kicking in kicking me out of the room, is just as daft as Chris himself!

  2. cerebralbore

    what site is chriss casting on now his address dont work

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Not that it’s worth going there in watching him because he isn’t allowing guests to enter and even if you do get in there, you can’t open your mouth for anything for the mods who are by the way, are encouraging him and egging him on in keeping him acting stupid and doing alot less if any of trying to talk sense to the guy, I don’t know who’s too far gone here, his mods or him! Thanks for the IP ban by the way. Hope that makes you feel like you get big balls..

    1. GAZ

      clear history and refresh modem, and i agree but i always give him shit when he deserves it. i have about 20 accounts that he has banned

  4. Santa's Elf

    The effort with the tree was comedy at its best, he just dismantles the box.
    Re his i’m entitled to the money he breaks things mainly because he’s always pissed, I broke a finger nail doing some printing can i have some money for that.

  5. Anon

    Steveo Whitecap and Chris2 watch his broadcast. He’s an idiot to flash large amounts of cash on screen. I have no doubt they’re waiting for a chance to break in and loot the place.

  6. Anon

    He deserves nothing there is nothing wrong with his man and i use the term man loosely, he didnt even know what cp was until some idiot it chat suggested he had it. Im going to suggest he has hansons disease im sure within a couple of shows he will have that to but whether he could claim for that one is another matter.

  7. Dave

    I’ll settle this bullshit once and for all. How about I go to the UK and put a bullet in Chris’s fucking head, then you’ll have nothing to be pissed off about anymore.

      1. Dave

        Suggesting I help you out by doing what you want done is not a threat. It’s an offer to get you to stop your fucking whining.

        1. Anon

          I would be happy if he just got off of his fat lazy arse and got a job that would stop me whining

          1. Lucas Aid

            Yes Ryan errr I mean Dave that’s a bit too much isn’t it? I have never seen anyone in this site that they want to kill someone!

            People get pissed with Chris because he does flash the cash about and brag about his booze collection when he says gets paid,sorry I mean when he is given his benefits compaired to the typical working man or woman who struggle to live,pay bills ,ect,ect .

            Although from what I witness, most the people who bitch and moan about this are the ones who sit on their arses allday too 😉

  8. Daved

    I was under the impression that anyone a blog writes a story about is someone they want gone from the face of the earth and all casting sites.

  9. Anon

    I can assure i do not sit on my arse all day i work all week/weekend depending on my shifts at the hospital. I bitch and moan about Chris because he is more than capable of working but as he proudly states over and over again he will never work because the taxpayer keeps him with his £800 plus a month to spend on booze and waste on the slot machines. What also really pisses me off are the morons and idiots who send him money when he begs and those who make excuses for him e.g. ruby and her ilk. I want my taxes to go to people who deserve it like the eldery who are to scared to turn their heating on because they cant afford it not on some fat lazy drunken benefit cheating slob like Chris Vile.

    1. Dave

      exactly! This means you want him DEAD.

      1. Anon

        Dave i would never wish anyone dead not even chris although the way he is carrying on he will be soon. I said he was a fat lazy benefit cheating slob but nowhere i have i said i wanted him dead. In fact you seem to be the one who has this fixation with wanting him dead!!!!

        1. Dave

          If you make fun of someone, it means you don’t like them, which in turn means you would be happier if they weren’t around to cause you annoyance, right? I don’t understand, for me this is a black and white issue. It’s obvious anyone who puts someone else down wants to see that person dead and gone.

          1. Anon

            Dave you must be a sad individual to have that outlook on life. Just because someone does not agree with what someone else is doing e.g. Benefit Fraud does not I REPEAT NOT MEAN THEY WANT THEM DEAD. I can only assume that you are really a 5 year old boy with that attitude whose mummy leaves him alone to play with the computer, I would suggest in future that she puts the side of your playpen up when she next goes out.

    2. Lucas Aid

      Anon, don’t get me wrong I am also like you, I too work for a living start early and finish late but there are a lot of people who don’t like Chris much who do go to town about what he does,those types are people just like Chris,the ones whom troll him with hoax take always and the like.

      I think he plays on it though,he knows that and because of this he does tend to wind people up-surely he can’t be that stupid to not think that,can he?
      And there are a lot of people who do talk sense to him but you can see that it goes in one ear,floats around a vast space and goes through the other! 😀

  10. gaz

    i have a 40min video of mark gronan onwing chris and saying he is UKMuppets if want me to upload let me know i will do it tomorrow if ya dont want i wont bother

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Upload it anyway, I’m sure it will come in handy at some point in the future.

  11. Anon December 6th, what you have to realise is, Ryan is a troll. What i’ve found is, either ignore him, or agree with him, then he’s fucked. So he will then contradict himself and turn 180 degrees and argue that you are in the wrong, for agreeing with him.

    Troll > needs argument > agree with them > will go back on what they said to cause new argument > repeat.

    1. Dave

      No, a troll is someone who wants to cause emotional pain and hurt in someone else.

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