Alvaro Sweeps Paradice Off Her Feet

The loved up pair finally met the other day, staying for a few days at some undisclosed Hotel/Motel. And what better way to make an impression on the love of your life, than literally sweeping her off her feet.


Ok, he might not have swept her off her feet, in fact, he might not have even lifted her off her feet at all, but the thought was there.

So two things we learned today.

1-)  Alvaro makes Angie laugh, and not many people can do that. So maybe they should get together?

2-) Alvaro, before you propose, make sure you hit that gym dude. Carrying your newly wed over the threshold 2mm a time can  have dire consequences for your back, and future love life.




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One Thought to “Alvaro Sweeps Paradice Off Her Feet”

  1. Dusty Bin

    Ouch.. Either Alvaro is small for a guy, or paradice is tall, Either way the odds were against him lifting her.

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