Irelands Patriot And His Pipe

As an ex-smoker, it still makes me giggle when you see people who don’t usually smoke, getting as high as a kite, especially when it’s live 🙂

Watch and enjoy as IP takes a few hits, then believes there is a Country called you’r-a-gay, and tells us about the local Garda knocking on his door, asking him what his address is.

Just brilliant.


IP, you should smoke more often mate, that was classic 🙂





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3 Thoughts to “Irelands Patriot And His Pipe”

  1. CrapMoStank

    Ohhhh, the Patriot from Irelanda, he’s a blagger, I came into his channel one early morning and he appeared to have bruises on his face, when asked what happened, he claimed 20 UVF personnel jumped him and gave him a hiding, A few hours later after leaving in browsing to see who else was about, I came into his channel again and WTF! His bruises mysteriously disappeared

  2. Sean

    haha epic man. i wish you got the dance off between me and chris on ivlog, that was legendary.
    CrapmoStank, that was army paint lol, tried to wash it off and it blurred about like bruises

  3. Dusty Bin

    Brings back memories this from when i also smoked, i never got paranoid just giggles and munchies. Going Amsterdam was a experience.

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