Have A Girly Moment

As i’ve said many times about Mark and Scruffy, if you’re going to run a website, you have to have thick skin. If some stranger online say’s you are scumbag, so what? You can’t expect to put something in the public domain, and expect everybody to like/agree with you.

Although, Joe Walsh aside, Scruffy and Mark do seem to have learnt to let it go over their heads more these days. Just a pity don’t learn to do the same.

Banning for serious TOS breaches is one thing, but banning because somebody say’s they don’t like your site? ban Fox ban Fox1

Not exactly very adult or mature is it?

Especially when your site has this many casts and viewers. ban Fox2 ban Fox3

So 7 casts, and the highest viewing figures are at 3!

No doubt they will blame the blogs. Even Scruffy was suggesting today, that blogs are economical with the truth.

Scruffy  claims the blogs lie

Really? I honestly can’t see if you have video/audio or screencaps of something, that it can be ‘lies’

I would love Miss Scruffy or anybody else for that matter, to find me a story on here that is a ‘lie’

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3 Thoughts to “ Have A Girly Moment”

  1. AnotherAnon

    First, thanks for another good post. Your blog is my #1 source for highlights and posts on my favorite casters.

    Second, that CommunityOps person was either completely devoid of a sense of humor, or looking for any excuse to time out Foxman.

    Walsh was on Skype with Fox, and I get the impression Walsh could have said “ promised Foxman 3 free ponies” over and over and CommunityOps wouldn’t have picked up on the joke, and would have said “No we haven’t promised anyone ponies. Keep talking about ponies and you will be banned.”

    It was that sort of exchange.

  2. CrapMoStank

    Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you. Yes, I know about Scruffy alright, she has a cheek as well to hold up against me about what I had written about her on twitter in the way she treated me with the 2 bans of my accounts on vaughn, on top of the accusation from her about me supposingly broadcasting porn and the posting of porn links on vaughn chat without her coming up with concrete proof that it was me or not.. People like that will never learn from their cock ups, which is probably why vaughn is practically dead with seeing any decent people in casting on vaughn that most if not all are all headers, just like that of Chris, foxmanshawn, the patriot Ireland and so on and so on. One message from me to Scruffy, if you can’t take the slack, don’t be so good as to dish it out!

  3. Troll

    Scruffy accused me of being a liar the other afternoon in Vaughn because she said i have not contacted her or mark about my account being taken down. She also then said i was banned for being a malicious troll. Wrong on both accounts i have emailed mark and facebooked him with no answer and if you call disagreeing with scruffy malicious trolling then i must be.

    She then took guest chat off in another casters room and said cry over that. Scruffy just because you are too much of a coward to have a adult conversation you throw your toys out of the pram and go on a power trip. To be honest I couldnt give a shit about being banned from vaughn its a crap ass licking site now. Hold on Ive always wanted to be a malicious troll scruffy you now have your wish im usually a nice placid type of person but not anymore i think im gona troll the shit out of vaughn now.

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