Ryan HiFi: Clinically Insane?

If this doesn’t prove that Ryan is mentally damaged, it definitely shows he’s a two faced hypocrite.

Lets go back to 3rd December 2015, where Ryan offers to pay SexyChris a visit.

Ryan  -i will come to uk and kill chris

The IP is shown because it’s only a Proxy/VPN.

But the point is, even before that, Ryan was saying Chris is a nasty, vile tw*t, which to be fair, he is.

But then lets jump forward ten days, and this is what Ryan has to say about Chris..

Ryan going to donate to Chris1

Ryan going to donate to Chris2

Then when questioned on his change of heart, he comes out with this blinder…

Ryan going to donate to Chris3

Hmm, don’t they say that’s a sign of a paranoid Psychopath, when they believe they are living as two different entities?

Oh, and just before he comes in claiming that Ryan and Dave are two different people, here’s him admitting it.

Ryan confirms he's David

  • *The IP shown is a Proxy/VPN again

But it’s not just Chris who he changed his opinion of recently.

Ryan - Vaughn is crap

So after years of attacking anybody who questioned, or disliked Vaughn, the mighty Ryan comes out and say’s it’s crap LOL.

Now you see why i tell people in the posts that he’s a troll, and trying to debate with him is like trying to teach Stephen Hawking’s how to do the triple jump!

He’s an idiot, always has been, always will be. js.

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14 Thoughts to “Ryan HiFi: Clinically Insane?”

  1. dave

    BAITING you into writing a post = mission accomplished 🙂

  2. dave

    Messing with you is incredibly easy – did you know the entire point of me hanging around in sexychriswhile’s room, going on cam with his photo and that message, etc was all to get you going because I knew you always watch rooms as a guest?? I’m just shocked it took you this long to write about it, as it was days ago.

  3. Pikem4n

    You know what Ryan/david/dave/dick, here is the thing, karl Makes a post/posts about the stuff you say and do-which are very valid points and observations about you too (like most people btw), some of the stuff you come out with is either, fucking stupid, out of order or you want to appear to be the good guy, when you are obviously come across as the bad guy.
    In your Defence you come across as a “Itwasntmeguv” and ALWAYS proclaim something along the lines of ” I am only doing it because ________*” or “i want to rile up Karl,people and troll them and make it look like i am not doing that,but i am” and ” i am better than everyone else because ____* ”
    Well Ryan , i have to say either way what ever you say,do and proclaim and whether it is reported on, or not, you will always appear to be a Dick on how you come across !

    Merry Christmas**

    Pikey 🙂

    * Please fill in your own blanks folks of what you might think ryan might say

    ** He is the first person i’ve wished a Merry Christmas too, oh shit!

    1. dave

      I realized a long time ago people who aren’t on your Facebook friends list are just playthings to fuck with. I learned this after closing down my blog.

      1. Anon

        Wow Davie boy or Ryan Hi-fi you really believe your own hype. To me you will always be Richard Cranium a legend in his own mind.

        1. dave

          There is no hype, there is no such thing as a legend, people obsessed with online notoriety have inadequacy issues, I could go on forever….

          The point is that it’s fun to mess about with people who make it their day’s work to observe and report on the personal lives of casters and chatters….this can’t be denied….

          1. Anon

            But Dave that is exactly what you do report on people and their lives on here poor boy you are easily confused

        2. I see what you did there 😉

          1. dave

            To Mr. Anon at 6:54pm -> I don’t report on people and their lives. If I did, I would be saying things like “does Karl have a job?” “why is so and so drinking so much?” or “this website owner is an autistic fuck”. All I do is comment on someone’s online activities. I could not care less about someone’s personal life or family, or where or how they earn their money or do with their money. Same goes for their hobbies in their spare time – unless of course that hobby involves blogging about people getting government money, or their drinking, or how they run their room or how clean their house is.

  4. Dusty Bin

    Thanks Karl for also confirming this, when i told RyanHiFi in Chris’s room the other night he was two faced and a Troll, he would not even reply, he later claimed he was there to stick up for disabled people, think he just wanted a bit of attention

    1. dave

      I fail to see a contradiction. I stick up for disabled people and fuck with people I consider assholes. Different people get treated different ways. Nice people see my best side.

      1. Anon

        Thank you for answering a question now i know why people fuck with you

        1. dave

          Nobody fucks with me, they used to until I wised up and started doing the same things they do.

          1. Anon

            You didnt get the irony of that did you!!!!

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