This Vaughn VIP Thing…

As there are a few conflicting stories going around, could anybody who has purchased a VIP Sub on Vaughn, or any other of Marks sites, confirm that the subscriptions are recurring, and if so, if you cancel, you DO get banned from all Vaughnsoft websites?

If true, that is scandalous. But i don’t want to run a story until i know the full facts.


Talking of VIP subs, one of the funniest subs yet has to go to Ryderbak, who bought his VIP sub when the offer was on. Great you might think, well yeah, it might be, if he had a channel he could cast on lol.


Ryderbak now VIP

Ryderbak now VIP1

Ryderbak now VIP2

He’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but i like his ‘don’t give a f*ck’ look on life.

It’s not always a bad thing you know!

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13 Thoughts to “This Vaughn VIP Thing…”

  1. dave

    the $9.95 per month special was for the first 100 who would sign up for a YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTION at that price. Mark said so many times. I don’t understand this confusion. Anyhow, to set the record straight, ONLY people who have gone straight to paypal for a refund and claimed ‘fraudulent charges’ when they weren’t happy with what they bought got banned. Those who contacted Mark or Vaughnsoft directly and requested the charges NOT be recurring had their requests honored. All you have to do is show respect to get respect. Sneaky behind the scenes underhand tactics like trying to make Mark and his website look bad by claiming something is fraud when it isn’t is deserving of a site ban. I don’t see the problem here. Do you?

    1. Ryan, did you take out a VIP sub, and if so, did you cancel the recurring payments? Otherwise, this is just hearsay. I haven’t seen Mark say anything about you have to sign up for year? I have seen him say that once you cancel, then if you re-sub, you wont get it at the $9.95 price?

      Please don’t try and talk for people when you have no solid evidence that any of what you just posted even happened.


      1. SomeAnon

        But it happened in his mind, which is real enough for our resident nutter. XD

  2. dave

    I’ve spoken to Mark directly about this. This is not hearsay. This is the truth. People who are against him and his website want nothing more than to cause an uproar and cause other people to leave. If you can’t understand the social dynamics of that, I can’t help you. DaMisc and Bradders were never considered to be people who respected the Vaughns even before this VIP thing was rolled out. It doesn’t take much to put 2 and 2 together, especially when Mark confirms himself that he will issue refunds to those that contact directly, refunds for future services they’re no longer interested in. Note it’s not a refund for services already used, such as the current month.

  3. Roury_Poury

    Lol, Simon – the only VIP who couldn’t give a shit about the status XD

  4. Anonymous

    I DID contact mark directly Via Facebook, just so you know “David” Reglardless, talking out your ass wont get you anywhere. Shit’s a fucking scam, and suck my uncut cock!

  5. bradders

    I DID contact mark directly Via Facebook, just so you know “David” Reglardless, talking out your ass wont get you anywhere. Shit’s a fucking scam, and suck my uncut cock!

  6. bradders

    for the record, mark revoked all staus’s From my channel the following day. After I mentioned how I did NOT WANT the service, nor the REOCCURING charge. So bite me faggot David, thinking you know shit in which you know nothing. Resulted in me being permentantly banned, which is enough. Suck my dick again

  7. bradders

    I can confirm, it is a reoccuring charge, and if petitioned you are banned from VL for life.

    1. dave

      You can confirm you confronted Mark on Facebook and used nasty language like you’re using with me. This resulted in you getting banned. Also you contacted paypal BEFORE contacting Mark. Anything else is a lie….

      1. Hang on Ryan! Are you saying that if people cancel the recurring subscription BEFORE contacting Mark, that is ban worthy? Let me tell you, i’ve used Paypal for over 13 years for the same kind of subscription based streaming sites, and if a customer decides he doesn’t want his sub to renew, then cancelling the recurring payments does not in any way, affect Marks Paypal.

        This is why i need it confirmed, Bradders, did you simply cancel the recurring payments, or did you file a complaint to Paypal, as in what you paid for wasn’t what was described etc?

        If you could send us a Paypal screencap with all your info blacked out, that would help us settle this once an for all. If you don’t want to, that’s cool, don’t worry about it.

        1. dave

          I am confirming that if you go to paypal and claim ‘fraudulent charges’ which is what 2 people have done, one of which is Bradders…then you get banned from the site. Mark considers this to be a shady tactic, I tend to agree. Contacting the website itself, and saying something like “Mark, I tried VIP, I would like to cancel the renewal and only have it for this month. Can you help me?” they will gladly oblige. If you don’t contact Mark or the site and go first to paypal claiming fraud, then you are basically accusing Vaughnsoft of being fraudulent. That’s kind of a no no right?

  8. dave

    I will add – just to be 100% clear – that the reason these people got banned was NOT because they wanted a refund, or to cancel future recurring monthly payments. It is because they claimed the charges were FRAUDULENT, as if they never gave permission for the charge in the first place, or that it exceeded what they thought it would cost. Basically they tried to make Vaughnsoft/Mark look like he was charging people what they did not authorized to be charged.

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