FoxmanShawn Does The Dirty On Joe Dutch

Fox is a loose cannon. When he’s sober he’s a great person, but when he’s drunk, he’s an ass (literally)

Since his perma ban from VL, he’s been stuck on YouLiveNow (the only casting site he’s allowed on now lol) and although he gets the highest amount of viewers there, it’s nowhere near what he would get if he was still at Vaughn.

So, predictably, he’s pissed with the Vaughns, and the site itself, which is up to him. But to deliberately get his mate banned too, is naughty, very naughty.

I’ve never see Joe Dutch deliberately break any ToS’ on VL, in fact, he’s always been very respectful when i have been watching. But his big mistake was to allow Fox to come over while he was casting, especially with Fox’s current bitterness towards the site.

This was never going to end well…

You only have to clock Fox’s face when he keeps shouting niggers to realise this was deliberate. He keeps looking at Joe, expecting to be told to stop.

Then his blatant lie, telling Joe  ” i wouldn’t do that to you” knowing damn well he had, proves that Joe needs to get rid of Fox, and the sooner the better.

So Joe Dutch loses his channel. Even though he couldn’t possibly stop what happened. As you can see, Fox waited till he left the room before dropping his boxer shorts.

Fox shows ass in Joe Dutch cast

With friends like Foxman, who needs enemies?



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2 Thoughts to “FoxmanShawn Does The Dirty On Joe Dutch”

  1. ur mom

    joe, is a good geezer! vaughnlive is now getting rid of all the dead wood! @foxman. gonna be a great site indeed @ respect to the vaughns! foxman is history now along with joe jew hating walsh. they won’t be missed.

  2. Clam_Powder

    I really want to see Foxman be driven off every social site, the time is now. Sure he was somewhat entertaining about a year ago, getting shit delivered to his house, the chats with Eskimo Johnny, etc. but he is well and truly a burnt out unfunny, unentertaining faggot.

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