SexyChris: I Won’t Go On Cam Because…

..apparently people are making fun of him.

 Chris sulks about being called names

Miss-Giggles, we haven’t called him a Paedo. We questioned why a 27yr old man would be wanting to have a 15yr girlfriend?

But anyway, we all know names don’t really bother Christopher. So just why is he doing this..

Chris demands £20 to go on cam

Couldn’t have anything to do with him wanting you all to buy his booze for the night could it?

Chris demands £21 to go on cam

Ah yes, of course.

The real reason he wanted another £20 of the mugs viewers, was because he was down to his last 14 beers.

As it turned out, nobody gave him a penny, so just like a spoilt kid who realises his tantrums aren’t working, he did eventually give in and cammed up, with his booze…naturally 🙂

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9 Thoughts to “SexyChris: I Won’t Go On Cam Because…”

  1. Anon

    Well done Karl that was the real reason he wouldnt go on cam because he wanted beer money. Steven gave into him and gave him £12 to get booze. The way Chris treats Steven I wouldnt give him a penny expecially after he deliberatly smashed the TV. Sorry no way do i believe that was yet another “accident”. On the plus side I am so pleased that his viewers did not cave in and he didnt get a penny from them.

  2. Dusty Bin

    I’ve noticed he says that when he breaks things, i accidently did it, it was not on purpose, he accidently breaks a lot of things, and as for his little tantrums glad people are slowly realising when chris says no money need booze, he already has these, or no cam you have to pay, he will eventually put the camera on
    His tantrums and demands have been seen so many times What is Weird though he is casting with Stevens pyjamas on.

    1. Oh god, i take it Stephen doesn’t want them back lol?

  3. he was just ranting about us all calling him a pedo, like its us who are in the wrong! he truly is something else! similar to rant when his facebook was hacked, just 20 minutes of shouting fuckoff, and calling us bastids etc, he is a pathetic drunk loser, where do i report him online? if the cops see the messages they will look into him. i dont want to call them surely there is a way to report it anonymously online?

    1. It’s because in his head, he can do no wrong. With living at his Mam’s, then Pennine, he always got his way, no matter how serious the matter was.

      Still to this day, he’s never paid a penny off his fine, the one he got for attacking his Mum and Stephen. The irony is, Stephen has to pay it. So once again, he’s got away with it. The victim, having to pay the offenders fine. You couldn’t make this shit up lol.

      Similar with this 15yr old. He genuinely thinks WE are in the wrong, for not letting him get away with it, and turn a blind eye, which is what he has been used to.

      Sorry Chris, while i’m not here to say what should happen about it all, i’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen, just because that’s how you’ve always lived!

  4. CrapMoStank

    The fella gets £800 a month ffs, he has to learn to pace himself with the booze, rather than going all out on the binge so that he won’t have to scrounge extra money from his viewers. It’s high time people started to realize that, took them long enough too to catch on!

  5. Anon

    Don’t forget he also spends an obscene amount on the fruit machines as well one time he spent £500 usually it is around the £200 mark. My blood boils when i think of all the elderly who cannot get any help and are too afraid to turn on the heating and someone like him squandering the money its obscene and he should have it stopped. Also i get sick of people like ruby saying its his money he can spend it how he likes or are you jealous because he gets money for nothing. Im not jealous im fucking annoyed he gets any money and as for it being his money NO IT IS NOT is it the taxpayers money. I have no objection to money going to anyone who needs it and he gets a lot more than £800 a month as the dwp pay his rent, his council tax and a shit load of other things. I start a new job in January at the DWP not in his area but maybe a word or two to the wise to the council where he lives might just shake things up a bit,

    1. CrapMoStank

      Fair play to you, he certainly needs a good rattle into facing the reality of life.

  6. raoul duke

    all hail king dung drawers ,the sexy baby of the interwebs

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