Johnny Cardinal: I’m Here To Save Vaughn

We’ve seen him bounce his moobs, we’ve seen him dance to Michael Jackson. Now, we are about to see him save VaughnLive.

Johnny Cardinal will save vaughn

Wow! Has Johnny found the key to save the flagging VL?

Johnny Cardinal will save vaughn1

So it appears we have a new King of Vaughn. Step aside SexyChris, bob along Bubba, walk away Warrrbuck and f*ck off Foxman, the new ruler has successfully completed his coup.

But i’m with theapplesarecoming, in wondering how you managed to to topple such powerful, albeit drunken predecessors?

Johnny Cardinal will save vaughn2

Girl being sick

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

2 Thoughts to “Johnny Cardinal: I’m Here To Save Vaughn”

  1. Rusty Nail

    New King ?…. This guy has got this king thing all wrong, kings dont eat there own shit.

  2. dave

    this is why I believe in eugenics

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