YouLiveNow: We Don’t Like Rules

I was watching the Q&A’s with Steve Swetman last night, and for once, i actually agreed with him. He was saying how he hates rules, and thinks people should be able to have fun, and not be constantly watching what they say *cough (VaughnLive)

Now for somebody who has been a freedom of speech activist for several years, this was music to my ears 🙂


Which all sounds great in theory. But wait till Fox and Joe Walsh push them to the extreme, only then will we see if this is genuine or all talk.

I hope he sticks to his promises. I remember Mark Vaughn saying the exact same thing when he left JTV to start up VaughnLive. Then as soon as somebody called him or Scruffy a name, it all went tits up.

* ps: Steve, when you start losing your hair, as we all do, accept it gracefully. Doing a Bobby Charlton was good in the 60’s, not so much now 🙂

Steve Swetman funny hair





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35 Thoughts to “YouLiveNow: We Don’t Like Rules”

  1. dave

    how about I go live on there and start issuing death threats – we’ll see how well that goes over

  2. lol yer ty i stand by what i say on that cast

  3. jstevieo

    i liked everything he said UNTIL he mentioned some of his great casts , pox and walsh seriously , MVs rejects are anothers greats , was thinking even of maybe casting there but …..have re thought about it …..

    1. dave

      nobody cares what you have to say you child molester.

      1. This is where if i said anything like that to a person, Ryan would be straight in here with his usual “show me proof of your accusations” and his other favourite “you are bullying people by fabricating false allegations against them without a shred of evidence”

        Shall we wait for some Ryan?

        Nah, thought not.

        1. Anon

          And I thought he was leaving forever. XD

          1. If Ryan left all the blogs, his head would implode. Where would he be able to cause arguments with people if we didn’t put up with him?

        2. dave

          I have proof Karl. The proof is that yrteethinmyneck told me, and further evidence is provided by him banning me from his room when I opposed his point of view. At any rate, it doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not – because when you ban someone from a room you begin a fucking war. He could have had an ally, now he has an enemy. You see how that works? So now, everywhere I fucking go, I’m telling the world he’s a pedo.

      2. Anon

        Dave are you back to bullying people you are so hypercritical so much for never coming back to these sites lol

        1. dave

          that was a troll – it worked too, I just had to wait a few days for someone to say ‘wow, I wonder if he really is gone for good?’

          1. Anon

            Yes dave of course it was lol lol lol lol lol lol we all knew you would never leave

  4. Anon

    @jstevieo try it out. We need to build an alternative to VL. I’d think you can oppose drunkman shawn and the tubular tubby and still be welcome on Youlivenow.

    Also, Youlivenow needs to work on security. Fox and Walsh are being spammed regularly by losers trying to promote their dead site — understandably, because Fox and Joe get more people in their rooms than all channels on combined. Youlivenow needs flood control in their chat at a minimum.

    Great blog Karl, and if I don’t get a chance to comment again before 2016, Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and all your friends and family.

  5. dave

    Another further comment – you see I learned something these past few months. It’s called how to properly troll. You don’t need proof of anything, all you have to do is slander people you don’t like. Guess what – it works too!!

    1. Anon

      And a further comment you attempt at trying to save face FAILED BIG TIME. It was a troll hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      1. dave

        Save face? Trying to save face would mean I gave two shits what any of you fucks have to say or think about me or anyone else. You all just need bullets in the head, then the world can be done with you bullies.

        1. lolololololololololollolololol, you mad bro? 😉

          1. dave

            Yes, very mad. Completely bonkers. Playing a role you suggested for me. Same as Sexychriswhile.

        2. Anon

          Now isnt that what a bully would say you all need bullets in the head. You obviously give more than two shits about what anyone says about you because you keep on responding in anger and only angry people give a fuck. Chill dave dont burst a blood vessel as you whack the keys in rage lol lol lol lol lol

          1. dave

            I sit here calmly, not in rage – but envisioning ways to kill all of you.

  6. Anon

    Sexy Chris shows all.

    Warning: NSFW!!!!!!

    1. Anon

      oh and

  7. oh lord that was something i did not want to click and see

  8. jstevieo

    erm dave / ryan Hi Fi , up yer meds man !!, seriously do you realise just how pathetic and stupid you appear , i just checked Hippers banned YOU not i- if u had brought it up with me i would have UN banned you [although i do that usually only ONCE ] as you do have to behave in an unusually STUPID PETTY and NAIEVE way to get banned from my room , alas by just some of your comments above you tick ALL these boxes and your ban shall remain UNTIL you behave like a SANE ADULT …..i wont hold my breath on that occuring anytime soon . proof the only thing you truly prove Ryan is the interwebs is not for everyone , you childish butthurt baby .

    1. dave

      Okay daughter diddler. I don’t believe you man, I can tell by how you handled shit that you ARE what they say.

  9. Well seeing as Ryan is calmly working out how to kill me, i might as well throw in an idea or two. Ryan, could it be possible for me to die by being forced to have sex with a 100 Iranian housewives, while tied up and wearing nothing but my yellow pair of Marigolds?

    It’s a thought i’ve often had.


    1. Anon

      Karl the mind boggles but if i have to go dave can i have the same as karl but make it 100 chippendales or similar (not the furniture although hard wood does come to mind), ill try the marigolds though anything for a laugh.

      Dave try and get a grip on reality you say you dont give a shit but you are sitting thinking up ways to kill us all lol of course silly me you will say that is just another troll oh well troll la la la la away.

    2. dave

      Not you Karl, the idiot commenters.

      1. Anon

        The idiot commenter would be you then dave glad you realised that

    3. Pikeman

      I think Karl wants to be an Iranian gynaecologist in some sort of perverse kinky way 😉

      And I think aswell that Ryan needs to take a massive chill pill and calm the fuck down -you’re going to blow a blood vessel at this rate!
      Anyways have a happy New Years folks 😀

  10. Anon

    Happy New Year to you all and may 2016 bring happiness and good health

  11. Jade

    Steve Swetman is a tramp, hes just moved in to our road, thinks hes a big man- he aint!!!! Anyone got any info on this bloke, i want him evicted, weirdo!!! Any Karl Davies- you are brilliant, funny as hell, keep going!

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