Happy New Year From UKM

To each and everyone out there, all the best for 2016 and we wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy New Year.

If you are going out, be careful and be good. If you are staying in, get your favourite beer/spirits out, get smashed and enjoy your evening.

Hopefully have some hilarious drunken shenanigans from VL, Ivlog etc for tomorrow 😉

Take care and i’ll see you all next year 🙂

13 Thoughts to “Happy New Year From UKM”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    That cunt Chris kicked me for nothing again, what am I to watch now?

    1. Anon

      I keep getting banned as well been banned for days now oh well

  2. Angie2013

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2016 🙂 to all

  3. dave

    he banned me the day before I was set to donate to him. Who knows why…his loss though! It’s a ban+ too so I can’t even ever watch his room as a guest now or anything.

  4. If he bans you, just switch IP address and go in to your Browser settings and you will find 5 cookies from Ivlog. Delete them, the restart your Browser and you are back in. This even works with a ban+ 100%, as he’s banned me more times than i can remember but i always get straight back in.

    1. Anon

      i cant seem to switch ip address i used to be able to with sky but i dont seem able to with bt

      1. Even if you reboot the router?

        1. Anon

          seems to be so with sky if i rebooted the router i could get back in but with bt nothing changes even with clearing the cookies as well im still banned

        2. dave

          some people have what’s called a ‘static IP’ meaning it’s pre-assigned by their ISP and never changes no matter what. Only someone with a dynamic / rotating IP can do that.

          1. Anon

            That must be it then oh well maybe in time i will be let back in but no great loss thanks for the info Dave

          2. Ben the Bastard

            That’s exactly what I have, a static IP, can’t change it if you wanted to other than ordering a new modem to be able to change it. Well, what’s the point in changing it anyway if Rider 176 or Angelstormee are that much of a wanker that ban you for speaking to the complete truth about them that they are in fact wankers of all wankers!

  5. Rory_Poury

    Happy new year to ye and cheers for the lulz, lets see what 2016 brings (hopefully no VL deaths).

  6. DiscoDave1888

    All the best for 2016….and they said it wouldn’t last,Hmm.

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