When You Just Can’t Say It!

First off, happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a good one, and i imagine that a fair few of you are feeling like death warmed up 🙂

That’s the downside to drinking. It’s great at the time, but the most evil thing the following morning. Well, for some.

For others, even the being drunk time can have it’s downsides. Especially when you are trying to have a conversation online 😉


Poor Rizzo, Neanderthal just wouldn’t come out would it.

But it wasn’t just Rizzo who was trying hard to get his words out but failing.

Here’s Chris attempting to ask Pikem4m if he’s got any spare RAM.


Oh well. So the alcohol is affecting their speech, happens to us all. But it’s New Years Eve and with the beers flowing, it’s time to be merry and wish everybody a happy 2016….isn’t it?


You can’t beat a bit of festive spirit and goodwill to your fellow casters.

Happy 2016 🙂

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5 Thoughts to “When You Just Can’t Say It!”

  1. raoul duke

    the situation is this ladies and gentlemen …..i just want to say ….i just want to say …. i love my girlfriend angel stormeee …. to peeeces …. honk honk honk and honk …. sorry mam love you we onda boooze.

  2. gaz

    karl please tell me u have the vid of stephen and chris fight? here a screencap prntscr.com/9kwk6q

    1. I was recording it all, but it was cutting out like fuck during the actual fight grrr. I’m gonna go through it now and see what bits i can salvage. Hopefully somebody will have got a better recording.

      1. gaz

        you the man! im dying to see it, keep up the good work and happy new year!

  3. The vaughnlive Police dep't

    we should like to speak to this man!

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