SteelieHead: This Town Aint Big Enough For Me And Foxman

I’ve always said, never ever threaten somebody, unless you are capable of carrying it through. Otherwise, you just look a d*ck!

The latest lame threats came from Steelie, who heard that Fox was going to visit his ex, Loveleigh.

Just before you watch the video, remember that Loveleigh had him arrested and sent to jail for Christmas. So you’d think Cameron would want to steer clear eh…

Was literally laughing out loud when he was told to shut it, only to wimper ‘sorry’ straight after he was acting the gangster of Orillia 🙂








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2 Thoughts to “SteelieHead: This Town Aint Big Enough For Me And Foxman”

  1. SteeliesHangingBody

    Oh my god, He even lied to the dude who told him off, lol , this guy is unbelievable it never fucking ends.

  2. CreepyChris

    Steelie might be a clown to most of us, but his hard man act scared Foxman, that’s for certain.

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