SexyChris v Stephen: The New Years Day Rumble (Updated)

It was only a matter of time before these two came to blows again. Anna and Stephen have let Chris stay since before Christmas, and all he’s done is take the piss again.

And with Chris drinking shots and Cider since at least 9am (that’s when i first watched him) it was a case of when, not if, his Mum and Stephen reached the end of their tether.

* The whole show was choppy and full of buffering for me, so i’ve put together the best bits i can. If anybody has the first 30 seconds or so of Stephen grabbing Chris, then i would more than appreciate it if you could pop a copy to our email.






He really is a piece of trash. Although no doubt Rubes and Cheryl will continue to say Stephen started it. None of it was Chris’ fault. Stephen made him talk to his Mum like she was something he trod in blah blah blah.

I was watching all morning and Chris was drunk by 10am. Stephen and his Mum stayed upstairs till after midday to let Chris do his thing and have fun. Then when Stephen simply wanted the tv back, Chris accuses him of having a go!

I have a feeling that Mr Whiles luck is just about to run out.

Chris and Stephen fight

All hail Stephen!!!

He should of buried that vile creature when he had the chance.


*Update: Menellie has kindly sent the clip in to our Facebook page. He has also posted better quality video of the cast on to Mega. You can catch the links HERE




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31 Thoughts to “SexyChris v Stephen: The New Years Day Rumble (Updated)”

  1. gaz

    1:40 in part 2 he strangles his mum!!! fucking little scumbag

    1. He really is scum. I don’t think he will be able to cast much longer. Apart from Rubes and a couple of others, nobody is going to want to associate with a wanker like that.

      1. gaz

        yep i hardly go to his casts anymore he just annoys me, just scrounging and treating people like shit. on the plus side people are saying he has been hacked again and was posting pics that are meant to be angels tits

          1. gaz

            confirmed that its angel, chris was nearly in tears earlier in menellies room, i was trolling him hard but he couldnt ban me lol. he said he “dnt know how people got them” and “im gonna stop casting i wanna hurt myself” we got angels tits boys!

        1. Crap mo Stank

          holy good fuck, that is really nasty to look at at 6am in the morning.

        2. So it is Angel then. I feel a bit bad for her really. Yes she kicks people for no reason and she can act stupid at times, but she’s nowhere near the level of Chris.

          She’s going to get trolled to death over these now. But how can he say he doesn’t know how they got out there? If it was from when Mark took over his pc a couple of weeks back, surely he would of released them before now?

          I reckon Chris has been sending them to people and now he’s been sussed, he’s playing dumb again.

          1. Ben the Bastard

            No I wouldn’t go as far as feeling any sympathy for Angel, she put it onto herself, she know what Chris was like and she took a risk which as of now has backfired. Only herself to blame for what has come out that she shared to Chris, she will never learn along with Chris’s attitude, she still kicks people for so much as having a laugh instead of taking it with a pinch of salt.

  2. Dusty bin

    chris you nasty vile piece of shit, you deserve everything you get, you cocky little runt.
    Getting in your mams face like that and all the threats you made your a abusive bully to your mam. One day your say something wrong to the wrong person and there put you flat on your arse.

  3. Anon

    Off course Ruby etc will stick up for him he can do no wrong according to them. I couldnt believe the comments these idiots were making saying it was all stephens fault. New creeps in the room julie-steve & jackanory well idiots it is also recorded that vile threatened his mum & stephen more then once but of course morons like you think that is ok. I would love to bury this excuse for a human being so i think this tape is going to be sent to the probation service see what they think.

    1. Sadly, i think you are right. If Ruby defends him after watching all that, then i’m done with her. I respected her no nonsense attitude but if that no nonsense doesn’t apply for everyone, then she’s fake.

      His attitude of ” phone the Police, do i look like i care” is all bravado. If he thought he was going to jail, he would shit himself. There will be nobody to help him in there, especially with his utter contempt for other human beings.

  4. raoul duke

    all i can say is he was spoiling for a fight and he got one, steven broke out the big guns.

    1. gaz

      he spoiled something alright

  5. Justaviewer

    Did you notice while it was going on he still had time to have a quick look at the chat to see the reactions? Was funny seeing him bounce up and down lol. Steven with his Jack Torrence jacket on aswell, how long before it all kicks off again? lol

    1. Yep. He always does, then if people have a go at him, he blames his Mum, saying she’s turned everybody against him. If people are trolling and egging him on, then he blames Stephen.

      So basically, it’s always other people that are wrong, no matter what the case is, and he’s the ‘victim’

  6. Random

    Chris is a monster. It’s beyond me how anyone can see anything redeeming about him.

  7. Anonymous

    His Mums dox is in the 3rd video 🙁

    1. Yeah, i was considering blanking that out, but in the end left it because it’s been posted all over the casting sites for weeks, so it seemed pointless removing it.

      It’s Chris everybody hates though. That’s why all the pizza’s and taxi’s only ever get sent to Anna’s when he is there.

      Once he goes back to his flat, nobody will care what him Mam’s address is.

  8. Guest01

    this is so wrong of chris to do this to his mum. he sure be locked up . it is so wrong how to he speakes to people demands money from people and uses people to get his own way … if u give money to this fool well u give him money to drink and this is what happens .u think it is worth it i dont think so

  9. Ben the Bastard

    What makes it worse is that certain viewers in the chat there are siding with Chris and Chris is reading and taking heed of these ass holes, for all they are doing is encouraging him to keep the attitude going..

  10. Anonymous

    why doesn’t he just go to his flat?! he’s been there since xmas I have no idea why they put up with his shit!

    1. Justaviewer

      That’s the big question and in some ways it is his Mum and Stephen enabling him to be this way. They should be able to live in their own home, they shouldn’t need to have him there. If he’s not going to live in his flat then someone else should get it, someone else that wants to have a roof over their head. I get that it’s maybe not the best place to live nor the best neighbours but what is the alternative? Chris living in his late 20s, 30s,40s,50s,60s and someone always looking out for him? At some point in his life he’s gonna have to get on with things on his own. His bank account would be interesting to see because there must be some amount of money going in and out of it due to Paypal donations. Maybe he does know how lucky he is and he’s just milking it, I dunno but with his viewers dwindling and the same count on one hand number of people defending him, time is running out for him and the fact of the matter is they can defend him all they want, they can donate all they want but they’re not in Barrow In Furness, they’re not there in person with him and in the real world he needs to get through life alone. Even all that casting at his Mums, surely Stephen and his Mum must look at that, all those wires and cameras and think……….this isn’t normal. If anyone else walked in that house and seen that going on for hours and hours everyday the first thing they would think is, it’s not normal. It’s like kids locking themselves in their rooms playing Call of Duty and GTA and having no friends. It’s not right. It’s not healthy either. He has to at some point accept this and move on in life and get rid of this life of social casting and living life in public. It’s his ultimate downfall.

      1. Ben the Bastard

        Couldn’t put it better myself, he needs a cut in benefits, not that much but just enough that he couldn’t afford booze everytime he gets paid. It’s like Nellie said one time, the amount of booze he spent so far, he could have had a big screen telly, new cooking appliances, ect, ect but all Chris is doing is wasting what he is entitled too by the decision of the DHSS on alcohol. I am actually surprised no one from the benefits office in Burrow n Furness hasn’t even come across the dozens of videos of him that have been plastered by countless viewers for if they catch on what he is like and what he is actually spending his benefits on, he’s truly going to be up shit street, and put on Jobseekers at this rate..

        1. Justaviewer

          It surprises me too and to be honest maybe those that would grass him up to the DSS are holding this footage and other footage hostage as a way of holding it over his head. Kind of like we’ll be responsible for his downfall when WE decide kind of thing. Or maybe it’s a case of Chris is too entertaining for them to try and get him kicked off his benefits.

          I don’t live anywhere near Barrow in Furness but there must be people locally that have seen some of those clips and as far as people from the benefits office seeing them, I think you would need someone to do that in person, I don’t think it’s something you could do anonymously and to be honest i think most would dismiss it as someone on the dole doing what they like in their spare time, making an arse of themself on camera but what would sway it is the fact that Chris isn’t just on the dole, Chris is getting money for other things, supposedly because he can’t work for medical reasons when Chris is on cam daily moving around just fine and I know he has depression and suicidal tendencies but I don’t know if people who really have those symptoms go on and on about it. Chris on a daily basis goes to extremes, Chris can be so happy when there’s drink there and the women in the room are chatting away to him and when there’s no money left and it’s all males in the room he can be very down, he can also beg for money, he can gloat on camera about the money he gets, he can switch it on and off at a moments notice which tells me that whats really going on is someone who is used to getting his own way and knows how to play the system and the people around him into getting his own way, the only thing i dont think is fake is the drinking. I really do think he has a serious alcohol addiction, but he’s no sad lonely drunk, if you see those videos and the one during the strangling, the eyes always tell the story. The eyes watch everything, even when Steven had him there was time for the eyes to take a look at the screen to see the reaction and no doubt he seen the trolls telling him to headbutt Steven and if you notice at that point, Steven isn’t holding Chris………it’s Chris holding Steven and Chris is still shouting as if he’s under threat because it plays into the show, it’s part of the show and the legs are in the air, it’s like pantomime. Now no one knows what happened after that. I’m assuming Steven tried to move some of the bottles of beer Chris had on the floor and Chris didn’t want him touching it, obviously there was a scuffle and the famous BRING IT ON BITCH! line lol.

          I could go on all night but I do think the only thing that isn’t fake is the drinking, he definately is an alcoholic, probably a self medicating alcoholic, in other words, an alcoholic that you can have a conversation with, an alcoholic that even with a drink in them is fully aware of what’s going on around them, by all intents and purposes they need a drink to get through the day but are by no means pissed out their face everyday and don’t know what’s going on. He is a self medicating alcoholic, his family clearly are not stopping him. He shouldn’t be there anyway, that again, that’s something the council could come down hard on his Mum for, she should be paying extra rent on that house if he’s living there, he’s not supposed to be there and I understand his flat isn’t in the best location but at the end of the day there are plenty of people on all council lists waiting for a roof over their heads and he put himself there. If he’s living next to all the scum then you know what, he put himself there next to them and he should have known they weren’t gonna take shit from him.

          And Nellie is a taker aswell, he’s got every benefit going aswell and it boggles my mind how this blog and the others haven’t looked into him and found out what his game is, he’s just as dodgy. Another man that sits and gloats on camera about his benefits.

          The one thing that did bother me was him grabbing his Mum to SEE HOW SHE LIKED IT! and if you notice not long after that he says something along the lines of I’m Angry, you’ve made me angry and he sits there with this angry look on his face and he’s huffing and puffing because he’s out of breath but when i watch that back, i see someone that is angry and it’s like an angry child and it might be funny for a lot of people and i’ve laughed loads myself, trust me i can have a good laugh at all this but when you see that in someone’s face and voice it makes you think, what are they capable of? And then to think before the strangling he’s talking about how there’s a hammer in the drawer next to him and he’s gonna smash the TV? This is the talk of using a hammer again? We can all sit here and laugh and have a giggle and it can be funny to watch but i’m telling you, i wouldn’t sleep in the same house as him because you get people like that and it’s like a light switch in their mind and i know Chris can’t fight and it’s all talk and bravado but when you get people like that in life, they could go mental and think of using things like hammers cause thats how they think. Dodgy dodgy stuff and he’s not joking when he says it, thats how his mind works.

          As you said, the Job Centre might not know the full details but i dont believe for a minute someone somewhere hasn’t seen video of him, it might actually take someone in his local Job Centre office to sit there and see it for themselves and say wait a minute…….this guy is local, he’s got all these benefits because of illness and hes doing this every day? Sitting drinking it all? Begging? Gloating? Threatening? Who knows if anyone will do it though eh? Monday morning tomorrow. Im not in a position to do it but it will be interesting to see if someone does do it, i certainly wouldnt want anything happening to his Mam or Steven.

  11. The vaughnlive Police dep't

    in Vino Veritas – in wine is truth

  12. Anon

    Just been looking on ivlog and vile only has 13 viewers and is 6th on the bar maybe just maybe people have finally after what he did to his mum and steven woken up to the fact that this so called man is nothing more than a piece of shit in fact shit is worth more

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Or it could be that people are constantly being kicked from the channel and that most likely AngelStormee puts it on to private without him realizing it. I am betting that’s it’s mostly the kicking that’s taking place, people are so just fed up and they’re just not bothered with him now, since he is just beyond talking too.

      1. Anonymous

        Thats possible Ben I have been banned since before Christmas usually the ban is lifted in a day or two but not this time and a lot of people are saying the same thing. I tried it just before I typed this and I am still banned but I wont bother any more now can’t be asked. The Muppetblog keep me informed with all what is going on in there anyway and with the idiots he has now lickin his arse not sure I would be going in even if I wasnt banned

      2. Justaviewer

        I don’t have an account there but can anyone confirm what is going on? Is he just sitting sleeping or chatting? Has he moved home yet? Surely being the attention seeker he is he would want more viewers? He used to sit and snigger at Cameron Texas having 12 viewers and I wouldnt bother fucking casting with 12 viewers well Chris…………youre not doing much better yourself now are you.

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