RIP Bradders

There have been rumours for the last couple of days of Bradders passing away, but on Vaughn, you really shouldn’t believe something till there is proof, i think we’ve all learned that the hard way.

Now though, it seems to be confirmed by too many people to be just some sick gossip. It seems he passed away on New Years Day. Once again, there are several rumours as to how, but as far as i know, that’s all they are at the moment, so i don’t want to speculate.

He was obviously a young man who had demons, demons that it appears got the better of him just in to 2016.

Such a tragic end to a young life! Some people didn’t like him, for whatever reason, but every time he visited here (mostly as an anon) he was always respectful and polite.

But even if he wasn’t, it would make no difference to the fact that a 27yr old has lost their life, a Mother has lost her son, family have lost their sibling and close friends have lost a loved one.

So, so sad.

RIP Bradders


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23 Thoughts to “RIP Bradders”

  1. Anonymous

    I was in the cast with Zoe/Cherry before she got the news of Bradley. We spoke and had a few laughs the day before and in the morning before she received the news. She was so so worried about him she called the police and asked them to go and check on him. A short time later it was confirmed and she broke down. The trolls in the room were relentless and although to some degree I could understand the people who wanted to make sure it was true but the others were downright sick and evil.

    What also surprised me was the reaction of some of the other casters when they heard the news like Y3slha or whatever the stupid cows name is on Vaughn. Her comment was I dont give a fuck, i didnt know him so I couldnt care less that he is dead. Nate the no so great was as bad saying good im glad i didnt like him, i’m glad he’s dead. I just hope that if either of you lose anyone close to you that people show you more compassion than you showed, ok if you didnt like him fair enough but if you were half way decent human beings you would of just kept your fucking nasty vile mouths firmly shut. RIP Bradley

    1. I agree 100% with you. Even if you didn’t like a person, you don’t have to be so hateful towards their death (unless they are a child killer/abuser,rapist or animal abuser).

      I’m not saying you should be fake and pretend to like them, but as you said, simply say nothing.

      Nate the Great conman, i wouldn’t be surprised at all. Ever since i watched him ‘rip’ and i mean ‘rip’ vulnerable viewers off with his fake and utterly embarrassing card readings, i’ve never been able to like that idiot.

      He comes across as all ‘oh hello lovely, so nice to see you’ when in actual fact, what he really means is ‘oh hello, give me your money, quick’

      Unfortunately, there are plenty of gullible, even desperate, people out there, who with nothing else left, find comfort in believing that deceased loves ones are looking out for them.

      Yet Nate, while giving it all the ‘ oh sweetie, i’m so sorry’ to begin with, suddenly turns to ‘ok, you have had your time now, unless you can send more money to Paypal’ when he’s desperate to fleece some other poor, grieving soul out of there $.

      I mean, he doesn’t make a living out of it (wonder why) so surely it’s just a hobby to him. Yet i have twice watched him call somebody out and refuse to do a reading, because he’s constantly checking his Paypal account and their funds haven’t cleared.

      He claims he charges for his ‘time’ What time will that be then Nathan? Time that you would already be sat on Vaughnlive anyway, asking Ryderbak for nude selfies perhaps, or?

      He’s a fraud, a scammer, and a nasty piece of shit.

  2. Baboultr

    I was so shocked when I heard because of I Knew Bradley I would never think he would pass, Yes he may have drunk but in my eyes he was a good young man and a good friend to be me. He always had my back and was loyal couldn’t ask for anything else He was too young to pass and had plently more years ahead of him, I will miss our talks and when we use to play Counterstrike R.I.P Bradley ?

    1. BabsTheJihadi

      And Babs was recruiting Brad for ISIS, so there’s that.

  3. Angie2013

    I’ve only seen him a few times in casts and he seemed ok to me, i never understood the mind set of people when they say i.m glad there dead because i dont like them,,, or when they make sick jokes about it. RIP Bradley

  4. nob ed

    rip wanker <3

  5. dave

    he’s not dead, this was a way to hide from hacking and James Anderson…..his Facebook was actively posting on January 2nd and 3rd….

    1. Seriously? That’s some pretty fucked up shit to do just to get away from James Anderson lol?

      1. dave

        well cherrybreeze was asked 2-3 days before new year’s day if bradley’s family knew about her or if she had any way to contact him or them in person or by phone, she said no. Then when he ‘dies’, she gets contacted by his family, in their supposed time of grief? “Hey let’s not make funeral arrangements and deal with this, let’s notify some whore on the internet.” I’m calling 100% BS on all of this.

        1. Anonymous

          Dave get your facts right before spouting shit out of it. The police passed on Cherry number at her request and that is how Bradley’s brother contacted her and before you say crap they wouldn’t do that yes they would. As for the funeral arrangements they can not do anything until the autopsy results have come back and they release the body. What a nasty piece of work you are.

          1. dave

            my facts are right, it’s a troll – he’s not dead, he’s “internet dead”

    2. freedom of thought

      no one needs to hide from chris the hater aka James Fruit bowl anderson , due to him being locked up in a rubber room for +- 6 months of the year , when his impoverished Jewish Mother can pay his health insurance that is , otherwise she locks him in his Amber trogladyte room aka sous terrain /cellar for “his own protection “…..anderson couldnt hack his way outta a wet paper bag with his sisters borrowed i phone 2 due to being barred from owning a PC by his mental-health overseer& Mother ;after lardos exposure of his black Majik incantations YT vids and spells upon his detractors [consisting of his sisters stolen Barbie dolls with huge plastecine penises attached being garroted or suspened in some perverted BDSM manner ! ] ,let alone enter into the atmosphere due to his angst of humanity beating his crappy opinions into dust [which he claims is agrophobia amongst his other personality disorders ,either percieved or present ].
      Factually some of fruit bowls most dramatic feats , rise to the heights of kicking over his neighbours trash cans after they discovered him peeking at their daughters bedroom with a dumpster recovered telescope . Even though Anderson has claimed to have taken out coloured muggers by ripping out their throats with his bare killer hands ….
      Bradley was unwise enough to share certain passwords, to those disingenious and untrustworthy cads he considered friends ; which then were passed on to fruity bowels by one of his main ass lickers, fan/ sycophant ,deformed head/cranium college drop out types .period , just as shitty Vile claims being hacked regularly or angels tits leak ,all boils down to his naieve trust of his baldy jockstrubater buddy types and sharing passwords and his screen capped wank sessions .

  6. me

    y3lisha is a fucking bulldog yeti dyke and nate is an aids ridden liberal trendy chickenhawk donkey nosher that needs castrating. I’d love to stamp on that cunts head while I make him bite the curb.

  7. applecuntyfruity

    That piece of dog shit applecandyfruity on vaughn and numberone on ivlog.

    said some alwful things i recorded it ill submit it later to the blog contact also chris while the same.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes i heard that ugly bitch say some really nasty things just because he didnt want anything to do with he (hell hath no fury etc etc). Yes and the ever unsexy Chris Dung Drawers Vile also said some disgusting things. I think Chris should dump Angel (again) and get together with Apple they make a perfect couple.

      I really cant understand how people can be so nasty as i said if you dont like someone fine we have people we dont like but to be so hateful when they die is beyond me.

    2. dave

      I’ll say some awful things too, namely Brad isn’t dead and he’s a hurtful vile troll who used a mentally challenged woman in order to get nude photos.

      1. *sits back and waits for the drama Ryan begs for each day 😉

        1. dave

          call it drama, I call it exposing the truth. Go fuck yourself.

          1. Anonymous

            Karl you are so right when people are losing an argument out comes the foul language. Poor Dave not even a legend in his own mind. I could say the exact same word for you Dave your not dead, your a vile troll and you are very seriously mentally challenged but Im not losing any argument.

  8. dave

    Well Mr. Anonymous, when the stupid english moron with a low IQ (by the way I hate brits because they can’t debate)won’t even intellectually debate issues and calls me mentally ill, I can tell him to fuck himself or better yet, hope he dies so I can dance on his fucking grave.

    1. Anonymous

      Looks whose talking about not debating when all you do is swear i dont surpose you are any good at any debate not even a masturbate.

  9. Pikem4n

    Firstly i did not know Bradders, only knew of him but i do know people who knew him- my thoughts are with them and more importantly his family too.

    As i said on my cast on the weekend, it’s times like this not to dwell on the negatives and sad times, but focus on the positives and the good times and celebrate someone’s life. 🙂

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