VIP: The Downfall Of Vaughnlive?

For what you get for your $15 each month, the VIP was always going to be controversial. But as more and more people refuse to buy it, and notice i said buy it, not counting the ones Mark has given away, another argument erupted in Ayyone’s cast, where apparently, Mark financed the 24 hour recent cast from t-rucker.

Have you ever heard such bullsh*t? If Oma’s content breached the rules for the ‘people’ section, then surely it breached the rules for the whole site and she would of been banned? Since when is there different ToS for individual tabs?

Oh that’s right, there isn’t. So Daryl, it was you who was bullsh*tting!

But Ayyone wasn’t the only one who was picking up on the fact that things are not as they seem with Mark and Scruffy.

The sudden increase in ‘servers at full capacity, please buy VIP to view’ has not gone unnoticed. Which is strange, because according to Mark, he’s added even more servers…

Mark Vaughn - 3 more servers added

This is where Mark play’s on peoples ignorance. Now believe me, i know from running streaming sites years ago, that just a single 10Gbps server can handle a hell of a lot of traffic. Especially as most casters tend to cast at low bitrates. So another 3, on top of those he already has, should not be getting near capacity that quick unless literally thousands of new casters and viewers have appeared since VIP was introduced?

Then when somebody questions this, along with other queries about the running of VaughnLive, Mark responds in a mature, adult, business type manner…


Mark gets negative feedback from vip

Hmm, is it just me, or does that sound like ‘ f*ck adding more servers, you don’t want that message, PAY ME’ ?

Mark gets negative feedback from vip1

At the same time, if more and more people were coming, you would be making more revenue through adverts, no?

Also, another clever trick Mark does, is to try and convince people that he is doing YOU a huge favour, by letting you stream for free ( even though technically its not anymore)

Don’t be fooled by this bullsh*t.  Mark and Scruffy don’t give a flying f*ck about you, me, anybody that uses Vaughn. They are running it as a business, nothing more.

They need you , not the other way round. If traffic drops dramatically, so does their income.

And before Ryan jumps in and claims it’s all lies, lets take a look at what Mark had to say when asked his thought about having an NHS system where he is.

Mark and tax breaks

Mark, pissed that he might not be able to buy a new smart watch this month, or some new JBL subs?

Mark and tax breaks1

Perfectly put and true. Here, we do just that, so people who are living in poverty, will never have to worry about being sick.

Now Mark loves us all remember. Except, if you are broke and in need of hospital treatment that is..

Mark Vaughn - i don't care for anybody else

Ah right, so he IS all out for himself and his family. Nobody else, no matter how poor and sick they are, matter.

Not that that should comes as much of a shock to most of us anyway.

But it was another Dan, that not only owned Mark, but proved that when you know exactly what you are talking about and are being civil about it in a debate, the other person(s) always run scared and have to resort to personal insults.

Mark gets negative feedback from vip2

Wait! Didn’t Mark earlier claim that so many new people are joining/watching VL, that he added 3 more powerful servers and they couldn’t cope?

So with cheaper VIP and all the thousands of extra traffic, what he makes extra on ads and new VIP’s, wouldn’t pay the bills?

eerr, ok 😉

Mark gets negative feedback from vip3

2 points here. Mark says the ad revenue provides a decent amount. Now considering he claims VaughnLive alone costs him over $22k a month alone, to pay that, and be constantly boasting about what new monitors/graphics cards/car hifi/smart watches that he purchases, i think you could call that a little more than a ‘decent’ amount.

Secondly, what Dan is saying about the casters being the money makers, is correct. No casters, no viewers, no money, simple!

Mark gets negative feedback from vip4

Remember i was saying about when a person has valid points, the other tends to run scared and start with the insults?

Oh, also see why i have highlighted Scruffy talking about it as a business…because that’s what it is to them, remember that.

Mark gets negative feedback from vip5

Mark gets negative feedback from vip6

Again, he’s spot on. They are only DMCA compliant, because if they don’t take a channel down when requested, then they lose their site, servers, and a whole load of money in fines.

The Vaughns will not do anybody a favour, unless of course, it will benefit them.

Mark gets negative feedback from vip7

Sorry Mark, but he approached in an adult, respectful way. Because you knew you couldn’t realistically deny any of the valid points he made, YOU reacted like the 14 yr old immature punk!

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25 Thoughts to “VIP: The Downfall Of Vaughnlive?”

  1. dave

    I sure don’t find that an adult respectful way – it was in public and full of insults. Supposed to use EMAIL, not Facebook. And come on – OMA??? OMA?? You’re going to believe her? She’s got screws loose, first it was her cast was closed then she said she was moved to people, so which is it? She was moved from people to misc because she was not on cam interacting with her chatters. That’s been a rule for a long time, and they said they would begin enforcing it soon.

    1. Wally

      Hope they start with bot_ghettofinger. He was a complete joke on Instagib before he was handed his admin status. As there, and on VL, he just streams other people’s video content on his amateur radio channel to promote re-directions to his own site.

  2. dave

    Another thing – every once in a while a certain bunch of whiny crybabies who can’t get their own way voice their opinion and leave the site, but the amount of new people joining outweighs it. This happens on any website. You will find confusion and disenfranchised people who believe things are happening when they’re not in every social and professional situation in life. People like you Karl are always looking for things to validate an opinion you already have. You can’t independently look at facts here, because you’re jaded and have this low opinion of Mark, his family, and his website. You refuse to believe that the user base is steadily growing. THAT is the reason why the message comes on screen about servers at capacity. They ARE getting very close to capacity. Remember before when the site used to shut down video on all channels and crash because of overload? This new programming PREVENTS it. New servers have been added because of increased demand on the system, so it’s natural to see that message more even if VIP didn’t exist right now. I’m pulling a number out of a hat here but let’s say it’s 85-90% – when that message begins showing up (85-90% of total server capacity). It has to be in that range. That gives those who are VIP priority and allows them to view, bringing it up to about 95% of total capacity. All of this done WITHOUT ever crashing the entire video server system. Before, people like you would bitch when the site would crash, now you’re bitching when he puts measures in to PREVENT it from crashing. All you can see is a ‘money grab’ because in your mind that is what Mark already is/was doing. He can ‘do no right’ in your eyes. It’s not fair and it’s not logical.

    1. That there Ryan, is why NOBODY takes you serious. ‘he can do no right in your eyes,

      hmmm, maybe you forgot about the recent post thanking him for stopping the emote spammers?

      It’s ok, you carry on living in Ryans world, while the rest of us see life for what it really is.

      1. dave

        you only made that post so you could say to the world ‘look, I’m not 100% against Mark and his website’. Don’t think I can’t see right through your motivations for doing everything. You’re like a dirty politician.

  3. Ryan, sorry to burst your bubble, but can you show me where that guy was full of insults? Just one will do. If anything, it was Mark and Scruffy that were hurling insults around when they couldn’t answer the questions.

    Also, Daryl admitted she was moved to the Misc section. Now you say that was because she wasn’t interacting on cam. Ok, can you explain why when Frank Taylor goes to sleep at night, yet leaves his cast on, he’s not moved to Misc? Or are you saying that he interacts with his viewers while snoring his fucking head off?

    As for it should of been done in an email, not on Facebook, maybe you should explain to Mark what Facebook is about. If you post something on Facebook, the general idea is, that people in your friends list interact, ie reply.

  4. dave

    Frank Taylor is running a lifecast, he has been with Mark since the beginning and donated many times. That’s a different story. If someone is consistently casting 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years and is known for doing something, they develop an understanding with the website and its staff. Someone who casts for a few hours a week and then when they do so isn’t interacting on cam with their chatters – that’s when it should be moved. I’ll show you one spot where that guy was insulting – ‘don’t say it like you are doing any favors’. That is an insult meaning to suggest that the person thinks that a website being DMCA compliant somehow protects its chatters. That’s a fallacy. When Vaughn says ‘WE ARE DMCA COMPLIANT’ is in response to people trying to get channels taken down for their own personal agenda. I’m sorry you can’t see through the smokescreen. You’re too jaded by your negative opinion of Mark and his website that nothing will change. If suddenly he gave everyone free VIP you’d STILL find a reason to complain about something. This whole ‘same rules should apply to every single person or user’ is bullshit. Think about it. When you were at a job or in an office environment, was everyone treated the SAME? No. Those who work harder and do a better job get REWARDED, those who don’t get fired or written up. Those with dissenting opinions get eventually sacked. To me all this anti Mark and anti Vaughn logic holds NO water, it’s all just because people couldnt get their way. Why are you not casting there now? I’ll tell you why, you were pissed off at other people getting more views or attention – or your enemies were more popular and getting away with things you thought they should be banned for. It’s all spoiled brat entitlement complexes. People start to think ‘oh look how many views I have, I’m the ‘big dog’, I can do whatever I please now’…..

    I’ve been using Vaughnlive since 2011, and I’ve seen this time and time again. The earliest example I can think of is Lardo. Back when he was still using the site, all he would do is monitor other channels and bitch and moan about anyone who had lots of views – and try to find ways to get them banned. He had to be #1. He also demanded he get paid to cast. You see where this is going? False sense of entitlement, thinking a FREE website you cast on where you’re not paying any of the bills OWES YOU SOMETHING. Vaughnlive doesn’t owe anybody anything. Understand now?

    As a last comment, about the ‘it should be in email not public on facebook’ – I will say this. Mark allows those comments to be made so it’s transparent. If he started deleting them, it would look like some kind of cover up and make people even more in an uproar. Yes, they ARE SUPPOSED to use email, and most don’t. Of course people are going to add in their 2 cents, but notice how the overwhelming majority of commenters are those in SUPPORT of the site and Mark and Miss Scruffy. So, if you or someone else wants to go public and DEMAND answers or explanations to try to make them or the site look bad, YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME and be outnumbered.

    1. VaughnLive doesn’t owe anybody anything – Ryan 2016

      So i know, lets all boycott VL and see if it’s still here in a years time…

      You are mentally ill Ryan. Mark wouldn’t even have a site if it wasn’t for the casters. If everybody left, leaving Mark with his allegedly $22k+ bills a month, he’s in deep shit.

      Don’t kid yourself, Mark needs casters more than casters need VL.

      Why do you think they unban everybody time and time again? Because they are Christians?

      No. Because they know that despite the drama certain casters bring, they bring a big following and big followings mean higher audience figures for advertisers.

      1. dave

        I’m mentally ill because I don’t agree with your extremely narrow minded point of view? I see how it is. They unban everyone time and time again because they EXPECT the person will FOLLOW the RULES this time. If they don’t, that can’t be helped. They do it out of the goodness of their heart. And as has been explained MANY times, the people section that everyone is always talking about is less than 25% of their total traffic – so whether or not they have these drama casters you look up to or not it doesn’t matter, revenue hardly changes. Mark doesn’t NEED anything. People should stop bitching and change sites. Why keep using a site to use it as a platform to bitch against it and its staff? I’ll tell you why – for views. It’s the choreographed actions of these idiots you’re falling for. So, until these people actually stop using Vaughnlive when they are upset with policies – I will never take them seriously. You included. You load Vaughnlive in your web browser, you go there and support it. You enjoy watching the casts. It can’t be THAT BAD, if it was you’d BOYCOTT, right?

        1. No, you are mistaken. I used to support VL, we used to link back to them on here and often stuck up for them when they were being attacked. But just like with SexyChris, when you see them change and you don’t like what you see, you change opinion of them and tend not to support them any further.

          That’s what human beings do Ryan. Not everybody is like you, who can never see any wrong in people. No matter how much you like a person, if they are wrong, you should say it.

          By going to VL, i’m not supporting it. I have Adblock plus, so they earn no money from my visits. I have Ghostery, Disconnect,and Privacy Badger so they can’t sell any of my online activity to potential spammers. So no, i Dont support them.


          1. Wally

            How can I block the brute force banner ad that displays at the bottom of the video? Last year there was a tutorial, but that approach no longer works.

          2. dave

            God is the one who decides who’s right and wrong, not us. It’s not ‘our job’, and all it does is lead to negativity. You’re also contradicting your own opinion – when you write a story about how bad a certain caster or site is and still continue to use it or watch it. “Oh this is awful, I’m in an uproar!” – not enough of an uproar to walk away right? I mean if you went to a local sandwich shop and they kept fucking up your order, would you keep going back?

  5. Anonymous

    It will always be the same on Vaughn they have their favourites who can do what they want on screen while others are banned, the same fav’s will always get pushed to the No.1 spot and arse lick the Vaughns big time. I have no idea who Ashley Beckley and Andrew Kay are but they are stuck so far up the Vaughns arses that if Scruffy or Mark opened their mouths Ashley & Andrews tongues would be sticking out.

    Why dont they just be honest all this server is at capacity it crap and the more intelligent ones of us know it. It is just another way to con you into buying VIP status if you are not one of the chosen few who have been given it.

    Its funny how there was never any trouble getting on Vaughn before they wanted people to pay now all of a sudden if you dont pay you have a problem.

    Both Mark & Scruffy only know how to react with foul language and insults. I asked Scruffy why they allow some people to do what they like on cam with no consequences others only have to sneeze and they are banned. Her answer after the usual if you dont like if fuck off was oh and how is the weather in the UK do you want me to say where in the UK you are. I thought doxing was against the rules lol. Just for record I told everyone where I was which sort of took the wind out of her sails and in fact people started having a go at her for threatening to reveal my whereabouts. She then said I havent got time for this fucking shit (or maybe it was fucking crap cant remember) and left.

    Yes they really do act like adults NOT and well done Dan Wright spot on with every word of it.

    1. You have summed it up perfectly. Despite Ryan’s deluded thoughts, i only say what i see. If Mark and Scruffy do something which i think is a good thing, i will say so. At the same time, if they try and pull the stunts they are doing at the moment, i will say i think it’s wrong.

      Servers overloaded? I’ve been watching VL for years, and i can honestly say, hand on heart, i’ve NEVER even seen the ‘servers at capacity’ pop up.

      Believe me, i watch VL a lot more than i should do, so if i have never seen this server full message, it makes me wonder if they are targeting certain areas?

      I have always used a VPN when online, so perhaps my ‘fake’ geographic saves me from being targeted, who knows?

      One thing i do believe for sure, is that if he is adding more and more servers of that capacity, they would not become overloaded that quick, not with the amount of viewers you see in casts lately.

    2. The vaughnlive police dep't

      i agree with Karl! i’ve been on vaughnlive since it started,never seen servers full either. oh, wait… marketing strategies to buy VIP. we see how it is eh.

  6. Anonymous

    Dave you have now gone to the No.1 Vaughn arselickers position well done.

  7. The vaughnlive police dep't

    suggestion: mark, why dnt you kick any caster (falling asleep on cam – or being overly intoxicated, with no content) just log them out. that could save on bandwidth.

  8. Pikem4n

    I am not too sure what is more important, that Ryan is Truly Cementing himself as a off grid spoon whittler or the fact that Randall “baby” Stevens is alive and well!

    Ryan can i give you some real advice, please have a look at a dictionary and look up the word Paragraph and it’s meaning aswell, if you do Understand it’s meaning there might be some kind of hope that you will make a few comments that will feature Paragraph or two 😉

  9. Ben the Bastard

    Ohhh, right, so Vaughn only pays attention to emails when it suits him and any he deems that’s shit, he throws to Miss Scruffy. OOOOOK

  10. thisanon

    Would Mark have us believe he’s losing money on every new viewer? If so, why would he scale up and add three new servers as he claims?

    No, on average, every new viewer makes money for VL, and VIP is nothing more than an audacious cash grab.

  11. thisanon

    It’s also obvious Mark doesn’t understand the basics of marketing and business.

    His defense of VIP pricing is to claim “$4.99 doesn’t pay the bills”, which is entirely irrelevant. Cost-based pricing is irrelevant when the market dictates that under $5 is the standard for VIP-type features on other sites.

    If anything, that fat autistic slob needs to understand that his costs are way too high, and he should act accordingly.

  12. thisanon

    Can’t say I agree with Ayyone on most things, but he’s 100% right on t_rucker. That dude is never on VL except when he does his lame casts. He’s not a part of the community, and the fact that Mark supported him shows how little respect Mark has for the VL community.

    1. Frank

      It doesn’t take a genious. By clicking the “All” tab the top 20 casts are going to be movies and tv shows. Mark posted before on his facebook that streamers route the RTMP threads to services like RabbitTVGo, or other Kodi/XBMC streaming lists for tv media. The whole Misc section has no live chatters, traffic is all people who never even heard of VL in the first place, nor visit the site. 3rd parties are the ones making revenue off those streams, and slapping VIP penalties on the very small portion of people who DO use the site makes no sense. It’s kinda like that Cyberman guy who was in the news recently, his audience doesnt use the site, his videos are embedded on his own site.

  13. munch

    I recently tried to argue with Mark on one of his FB posts. I must’ve hit a nerve, because he blocked me and then restricted commenting on his posts to his friends only. Guess he can’t handle contrary opinions and criticism. Talk about insecurity! lol

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