SexyChris Loses Everything!

Poor Christopher! It appears to be Mark Gronan, who has taken his Facebook, his Ivlog account, his VaughnLive account, and what looks to be, his IM messages from his FB.

I have been really busy the last day or two, with Christmas coming up, and kids and family to sort out, so all the following video’s are what people have sent in.

All credit for the following vids goes to the various Anons who have kindly sent them to us. Thank you!

I’ll start with what looks like the beginning.

*Warning: The following video contains acts of a sexual nature, which is not suitable for under 18’s.

Come on, admit it, even if you are Chris’ most ardent fan, you must of laughed at those 🙂

On a more serious note, the ‘hacker’ released an alleged Facebook conversation between Chris and a young girl. We can’t definitely say if this is real, or simply made up to attack Chris, but if it is genuine, then it’s disgusting to be honest.

Even if he saying it just to troll, that’s just wrong.

Is the ‘hacker’ right to do this to Chris? Or is he out of order?

That’s a decision that i’ll leave up to you, as i don’t want to be accused of swaying people one way or the other. But this stuff does happen all the time, so i will make a quick ‘newbie’s guide to online safety and upload it.

For now though, just be careful, and NEVER EVER install Teamviewer 😉

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10 Thoughts to “SexyChris Loses Everything!”

  1. Dusty Bin

    Something like this was eventually going to happen to chris, if he did not have such a cocky arrogant attitude, speak to people like shit Mainly his poor mam, and think about himself all the time i’d maybe have a bit of sympathy, as for the conversation with the young girl it would not surprise me if it was genuine, but could be made up.

  2. Dave

    Anyone willing to believe what looks like a copy and paste and not actual screenshots of Facebook is an idiot….and Teamviewer is a useful tool, I’ve used it countless times to help people who are clueless with computers – fixing their virus and malware infested machines. If you don’t have it run at startup and you don’t ever connect to someone who would take advantage of you, it’s perfectly fine.

    1. Ryan, do you even understand what Pastebin is? A clue is in the name. Chris has already confirmed it was genuine, so that’s that done.

      Teamviewer? Only a retard would give somebody they only know online, full access to their computer.

      But lets be honest here, you once claimed that you could find a persons real IP, even though they were using a VPN, by doing a Traceroute (LOL)
      You also claimed that people using Adblock Plus doesn’t affect a Websites Ad revenue (LMFAO) so for anybody to trust your IT advice needs their head testing 🙂

      1. Dave

        You’re an asshole who keeps hurting my feelings! FUck you!

      2. Dave

        I’m supposed to be right about everything, you’re supposed to be wrong. Why? Because you spend your time online being hurtful to others, laughing at them, making mean comments, etc. The evil people are NOT supposed to win. I can however not keep fighting this, you’re just too hurtful and always go for things that you know is going to cause someone else pain, rather than having a true debate.

        1. gaz

          wow you sound like a total faggot

  3. Ben the Bastard

    He doesn’t seem to be computer literate, there is a setting within Windows to disable remote access, by the looks of it as well, he isn’t taking security seriously on his PC, I wonder has he ever heard of a security suit to protect incoming viruses and such? He always craves for lots of attention, he sure got it and yet it still pisses him off! He will never learn from these thing as far as I can tell when looking at these videos, all he just seemed to want to do is keep on casting… What was his purpose in installing this Teamviewr in the first place? has no one ever bothered to tell him “if it’s not broke, leave it alone” So after all that with his Vaughn, ivlog and facebook accounts broken into, has he took the steps to change his passwords for his online banking, eBay and paypal accounts? Has he even fixed the problem at all of getting rid of that unwanted pest that has took over his entire PC?

  4. I think you will find this proves, without a shadow of doubt that the Facebook messages are indeed real.

  5. stephen

    TY , showed me , what we suspected ……………. and now know .

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