Undisputed Proof Of Chris And The 13Yr Old

Those of you who have been with us from day one, will know that we never accuse somebody of something without solid evidence, ie a screencap, or video etc. Which is why we clearly stated that we couldn’t be sure if the Pastebin document that was allegedly taken from Chris’ Facebook account, was genuine.

But not only did i hear him admit himself last night, the ‘hacker’ has even sent us the video in, which proves beyond any doubt, that it is real.


I thought the abuse he gives poor Anna was bad enough, but to openly admit he was going with a girl of 13, when he was 19, then at 25yr’s old, to brag about liking ‘young’ girls, well…

It takes me back to that time when Chris first said he went out a 13yr old girl, when he was 19yr old. Then if you recall, he got such a backlash from his viewers, he changed his story, claiming he only said it, to ‘wind’ people up. He even went as far as phoning his Mum, live on his cast, to get her to confirm it was a lie.

Now i’m not for one minute saying Anna was lying, i genuinely believe Chris never told her about this girl, because if there’s one thing about Anna, she’s honest. You only need to ask jSteveo.

This gives me no pleasure posting this, because i always hoped that Chris would somehow change, and be back to the fun loving, caring guy he was until a few months ago.

But how on earth does he come back from this?




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16 Thoughts to “Undisputed Proof Of Chris And The 13Yr Old”

  1. dave

    And how do we know that conversation was had by chris and not by someone who hacked into his account to try to make him look bad? Also how do we know the other side of the conversation is legitimate and not someone trolling him? So quick to believe anything scandalous aren’t you…

    1. Ryan, if you can’t be bothered to watch the video, you really shouldn’t try and make accusations like that.

      1. dave

        I did watch the video Karl. It’s not making accusations, it’s a scientific hypothesis. Proof has not been provided, I’ve never seen Chris admit it, and I can’t understand his accent when he speaks. All I saw was stuff onscreen, which can be easily faked. All you have to do is create another profile to interact with, and then change your computer’s date to reflect the date and time supposed messages are sent.

      2. dave

        Suggestion for the future for those of us in north america – SUBTITLES for Chris’s videos so we can make out what he’s saying….

  2. Dusty bin

    Try explaining this then Chris. saying it was years ago makes no difference.

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Yes and that hacker is MeNellie and his chump. MeNellie and chump is being a bully toward Chris, they sound on this video that they are trying to help Chris and I have been in MeNellie’s room for about an hour last night, in relaying his broadcast from ivlog on MeNellies vaughn’s channel and all they talked about was Chris, in criticizing and basically taking the piss out of the guy. In the early hours of this morning, they have been on skype for over 2 hours to Chris on ivlog, letting on they are the good guys but come time, they will be ripping the ars out of him. Just so happens since MeNellie broken into Chris’s Facebook account I get some mail out of the blue, someone claiming to be female, trying to seek a conversation out of me called Pendalin Diaane, the Pendalin Diaane account is unverified and has been temporally closed by facebook or something. Now considering I have my facebook account on complete lockdown, no one can look me up on google nor find me on facebook search, I find this message out of the blue quite odd indeed. If this is Menellie going round sniffing for things to throw up at Chris, he is going the wrong way about it, anyway If I get anything else like it, I be publishing it all out on my own blogg over at Tumblr for all to read. Whatever is going on, I am in no way in a playful mood to receive messages out of the blue from random strangers. In otherwards, what I am trying to throw out is that, fuck with me, prepare to be fucked.

    1. Menellie is creepy if i’m being honest. He’s very bitter about something in his life, i just don’t know what yet. He despises Chris, something i pointed out a while ago, yet will still talk to him as though he’s a friend, and trying to help him, and Chris falls for it every time lol.

      I wouldn’t trust Nellie as far as i could throw him. This is a guy who records more people than i do, yet claims he doesn’t blog or anything, so why record and keep peoples casts if you are not going to do anything with them?

      Maybe he does blog, maybe he uses an alias somewhere, i don’t know. But as you said, since Nellie gave out Chris’ passwords, you suddenly start getting spammers trying to add you?

      Add that to the fact that he has numerous hard drives of everybody’s casts, just ‘sitting’ there as he claims, then it doesn’t look like it’s only Chris he’s trying to find stuff on.

      He’s annoying quite a few people recently if from what i’ve seen posted in different casts about him are anything to go by, so i don’t think you’ll have to worry about Nellie for too much longer.

      Just carry on as you are, add nobody, speak to nobody that you don’t know in person, and there’s f*ck all he/they can do.

  4. jstevio

    thankyou for this i will be forwarding these videos to the barrow police tomorrow, he is a danger to society. this with the videos of him admitting to looking for child porn and living around children and within 1000 metres of a school will warrant an investigation. I saved thee videos so no need to erase.

  5. ^^^^^ NOT the real jSteveo btw. Nice try though 🙂

  6. Lucas Aid

    As Karl said that is not jstevieo all because anyone in the right mind (and was in the UK too) would say the Cumbrian police and not barrow police…..

    Anyway moving on if these allegations are indeed true Chris can’t come back from this,of it was any other caster and it was true they would hide away and disconnect themselves from anyone,everyone and anything to do with social casting,I know I would anyway!

    Also if Chris did not re-install teamviewer it could be a case of either he never changed his passwords OR Nellie &Co have somehow done some phishing to get into all of the accounts Chris has-but they did!
    Iam not too sure if doing any of that breaks any of the sites t&c’s and also breaks the law but either way we have cast iron proof of Chris getting hacked.
    And as ben said,Chris is very gullible and he does like,maybe even trust Nellie but surely someone should of told him to cut ties with him and change every password he had- it all smells really bad,for Nellie,mark and Nathan for doing what they have done (even though it was a bit funny) BUT IF IT IS true about Chris (and a lot of us have heard rumours) the phrase for him is up shit creek without a paddle comes to mind!

    1. Anon

      The trouble with Chris is that he really does think he is made of teflon and that nothing will stick so he just says or does whatever he likes The sheep in his room e.g. Ruby, Angel, Sparkle etc wouldnt believe it anyway even if they had undoubtable evidence they will still say “oh well it wasnt Chris’ fault he had such a bad childhood” you know the one Ruby always spouts when things go wrong for Chris that and blaming Anna and now of course Steven only has to be heard and Ruby is telling Chris to tell Steven to leave him alone. I hope Chris is arrested and his benefit money stopped but i doubt it the police do fuck all in this country about real crimes anyway.

      1. Lucas Aid

        Anon, I know what you mean -Chris does seem to be made like a Teflon frying pan,but I wonder if there will be something more serious made out of it?

        There was something in the press the other day about a guy in wales who was meant to of been grooming a young (14 year old) girl on the net, there was a lot of suggestive messages sent back and forth and they agreed to meet,but unknown to the guy in question,it was not a girl but a group of masked vigilantes who met him and then they apprehended the guy,and frog marched him down to the local police station with evidence of his crime and told the police what happened.

        This guy is now serving time at a HM prison somewhere 🙂

        Now from what I have seen,that FB message between Chris and that girl isn’t bad (it’s almost like putting words into the mouth of Chris to get him to say stuff) and I don’t think it would warrant any kind of action by the boys in blue from what we have seen-unless there were circumstances which would make the police check other messages on Facebook or Skype that would truly screw Chris up for a long time.
        I know it’s happened but I think someone is really trying to fuck Chris over!

  7. The REAL -jStevieO

    shows you just HOW DESPERATE some people are , tisk tisk yet more PhaIls

  8. rhodilia

    I’m sorry but Chris was solely raised by, Anna she taught him every deviant way he has in him .. inlcuding, lying and cheating the system and nada hygiene

  9. Dusty Bin

    The other thing is, Chris is besotted by that creep Menellie , he idolises him, yet when i was listening the other night in Menellies whilst Chris was casting, Menellie and Mr Blue Sky And his Son were all taking the piss out of chris, then after about 20mins were all on skype pretending to be his friend and helping him sort the situation with his computer being Hacked/cracked by them. and Menellies trying to get people to phone in on Skype,,,,, Don’t trust any of them and wont add any of them as for Chris there is no excuses that could be given for him if definetly did chat up a 13yr old.

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