VaughnLive: VIP Is Here

Together with a new layout, VL is now ready for VIP Subscriptions, with the first 100 (umm) people getting their Monthly Subs for a discounted $9.95.

Let’s take a look, then we’ll review the new look and the Subscriptions package.

New Vaughn layout with VIP

New Vaughn layout with VIP1

New Vaughn layout with VIP2

New Vaughn layout with VIP4

New Vaughn layout with VIP5

New Vaughn layout with VIP6

New Vaughn layout with VIP7

Ok, here’s my view. The Homepage is ok. Not sure we need two Menu’s with the same thing though, but apart from that, it’s pretty clean, and easy to navigate your way around.

One thing you can’t help but notice, is how dark the pages seem to be when you enter a cast, especially thejedshed. That’s not a criticism as such, as plenty people like the darker templates, but as you’ll have probably gathered, i prefer a white/lighter background. That’s just my opinion though.

Another new feature i like is the little avatar thumbnail in the top ‘info’ header.

New Vaughn layout with VIP8

Overall though, i quite like it. I’m sure there will be little tweaks done in the coming weeks, but as with any change, you will always get people moaning, saying they won’t use the site ever again, as the new look is shite etc.

Now, let’s take a look at the more controversial update, the VIP Subscription!

I may well be wrong, but i think Mark is being overly optimistic if he thinks it’s going to be that popular, that the first 100 subscribers are going to get the package at a reduced rate.

What do you get for your money?

No Ads: Does anybody really not use Adblock in this day and age? That’s a feature that most people get already.

Priority Viewing: This could well end up killing his sites. Lets look at it from a viewer’s prospective. You want to catch your favourite caster when he/she goes live, but you keep getting the ‘video servers at capacity’ message, unless you pay, then you get to watch a problem free cast. But what are the chances that you are really going to get a problem free cast anyway? The caster themselves might have Internet issues, or they might decide to move to another broadcasting website, or even get banned.

Mark has cleverly protected himself from keeping these kind of promises, by stating it all in the what don’t i get section.

New Vaughn layout with VIP9

So for instance, you want to get in to say SexyChris’ cast, but as usual, his channel is busy and you get the video’s at capacity message. Damn, i’ll fork out $15 then, go VIP, and be able to get in.

Great! until either:

a) Chris bans you for no reason (happens at least twice a day)

b) Chris get’s banned ( highly likely)

c) Vaughn comes under another DDoS attack (highly probable)

and there you are, VIP, but still can’t get to watch your favourite caster. I know, i can always go and watch another of my favourite channels with my VIP sub, which would work great, except for the fact that all the most popular casters are banned, or get banned repeatedly.

Then again, i suppose for $15 a month, you are guaranteed to get to watch Cyberman sleep, or Frank Taylor eat his dinner.

And if all else fails, there is always the illegally streamed Movie/Tv channels 😉

VIP, will it work for what you get at the moment?

Maybe, but i wouldn’t bet any of my own money on it.

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9 Thoughts to “VaughnLive: VIP Is Here”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    I wouldn’t trust in making a new account on Vaughnlive again let alone pay a subscription to it, If Miss Scruffy would remove herself as so called director of the site, I may consider making a new account, until then, vaughn can kiss my ars as being a registered user!

  2. Anon

    1) Bubbaganoosh and electrojed were gifted VIP almost immediately by Mark. How many more favored casters will get a free VIP from Mark?

    2) Mark stated in electrojed’s cast that VIP streamers would get “enhanced video quality.” Translation: Mark will reduce the video quality for non-VIP streamers to save bandwdith expenses.

    3) I’ve been in touch with 3 different people who have said they saw Mark in electrojed’s stating that some or all emoticons might not be available to non-VIP users.

    4) Many observers have stated that Foxman and Joe Walsh were specifically banned in advance of the VIP rollout because the Vaughns didn’t want any criticism.

    5) Mark will never disclose real VIP purchases. I sense most VIPs will end up being given away.

    1. I couldn’t dispute any of that. Considering the only difference you see for being VIP is no video ads, which anybody can get rid off after a few seconds, i find it hard to believe that the first 100 were ‘sold’ within 24 hours.

      And it’s not like Mark hasn’t been caught lying before is it? Remember his ‘it’s the servers faults’ and ‘it’s peoples dinosaur computers’ whenever the channels were lagging and running like shit, only to then admit that it WAS his coding that was the problem LOL.

  3. Ben the Bastard

    I notice that guests are unable to view VIP streams, which is fucked up to say the least. Still, it won’t make me want to make a new account, Miss Scruffy needs to get straight and admit she is wrong in accusing me of supposing posting links and broadcasting porn on the vaughn website and I demand an apology too for how she handled my conversation with me trying to explain to her that it had nothing to do with me!

    1. Oh dear. Of course, he’ll deny all this and claim that they paid 🙂

    1. Hahahaha. Obviously, he will claim that the non-VIP access hit max and isn’t deliberately tampered with… a bit like the Top Bar was genuine, until they admitted ‘shuffling’ casters 🙂

    2. Ben the Bastard

      ivlog for the win from here on out!

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