VL Changes – The Natives Are Restless Already

Since the introduction of VIP packages, and a new layout being rolled out, there have been the expected complaints, and the usual ‘why fix something that’s not broke’ comments. Some of them will just be from people who hate the Vaughns and would dislike it no matter what the change was. But others do seem to have genuine dislike at the new features.

Nedrauk doesn't like new VL layout

Nedrauk doesn't like new VL layout1

Nedrauk doesn't like new VL layout2

Wow, Ned is pissed! I know that the IM’s aren’t working, and i can’t comment on the pop out chat because i never use it, but i’ve read others comments about not being able to see the full menu bar, or the chat won’t work etc.

Surely though, if you adjust your screen display and ratio, unless you are nearly blind, it will still appear ok?

I am running a 4 monitor setup and this is how VL appears to me:

* Ignore the slow loading times, i’m still not back on Fibre yet. Don’t know why they can’t set up a Fibre connection when i’m only 3 streets from where i was?

I should of used the fullscreen when recording it doh! I’ll do another vid later, but i don’t have any of the problems regarding layout that i can see?



John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

4 Thoughts to “VL Changes – The Natives Are Restless Already”

  1. dave

    anyone still using a 4:3 monitor in 2015 is an idiot.

  2. Anon

    Ned is hanging on to that 4:3 monitor with a white-knuckle death grip. Chris also has a few 4:3 monitors lying about.

  3. PikemaNs Aid

    So then it’s not only the scuttles lot that make him angry (and trolls too lol) but now the vaughns are at it too aswell, that’s brilliant! 😀

    I agree it is a bit strange in this day and age to use a 4×3 monitor, but I’m sure that they used to have a pseudo 16×9 setting on them,anyway neddy is the sort who will hang onto something if it’s still working- I reckon he must measure in feet and inches,have old copies of wireless weekly and have an old valve music system and a old mono sw/lw/mw/fm transistor that he still uses,he looks the sort to tbh!

    Mark vaughn you better be careful, the weirdy-beardy types are coming for you 😀

  4. Anonymous

    LOL imagine Ned reading his chat with a binocular. http://www.imgur.com/hhnI9dH.gif

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