SexyChris Wants To Date 15yr Tiffany

Now while i’m pretty certain that this was a ‘sting’ so to speak, it doesn’t take away the fact that Chris, a 27yr old man, is more than eager to meet and date Tiffany (whether they are real or not) despite clearly twice confirming her age as 15.


Sexychris - tiffany 15

Sexychris - tiffany 15 pt 2

Despite what Ryan say’s, this is serious shit! What makes this even worse, in my opinion, is as far as Chris knows, this is a 15yr old girl, who is scared of meeting an older man, and not ONCE does he say ‘ you know what, this isn’t a good idea, you are far too young for me, go and get yourself a boyfriend around your own age, one you will feel more comfortable around’

No! all he’s concerned about is he’s about to get sex off a scared, 15yr girl.

This could well be the end for Chris. If the Police see shit like that, he will be arrested, taken in for questioning, then depending on what the CPS think, possibly taken to Court.

Inb4 Ryan turns up with more insane arguments, saying it wouldn’t stand in Court, it’s entrapment blah blah;

Police sting with Paedophiles

The Police in the UK do this every single day, and yes Ryan, they do get arrested and sent to jail.

Simply because, this is not somebody saying ‘ hey, you wanna drive me some drugs 10 miles up the road and earn some good money’

This is a grown man, who is willing to meet and we can only assume, have sex with a frightened 15yr old girl!

Oh, and you know Ryan’s going to say that the last screencap is fake, so here is the original link;

Like i say, this could be the beginning of the end for Christopher.

Chris with long beard






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34 Thoughts to “SexyChris Wants To Date 15yr Tiffany”

  1. dave

    It’s not ‘despite what I say’ – you’re making it seem like I’m in support of someone if they were 27 interested in a 15 year old and then went and physically met them for sex or a relationship. Let me explain that #1 – I don’t think Chris can be of sound mind with good judgement when pissed out of his tree every night of the week and #2, he hasn’t actually made plans to go and meet up with anyone. I would point out #3, it’s illegal to even use Ivlog if you’re under 18, but that should be obvious in itself. If someone who is an adult goes to have sex with a minor or engages in perverse sexual discussion that’s one thing, but this here to me is just someone baiting him with a fake account and him being drunk as shit flirting with anything that moves because he’s lonely. So, to finalize – I do NOT support anyone who has actual interests in young girls and acts on them – and you can’t for example arrest a burglar for ‘thinking’ about doing a crime and not actually committing one.

    1. Here we go again. I don’t even know why i still bite, but here goes. Chris isn’t drunk, he’s at his mums for Christmas and has conveniently left his booze at home, so is begging for people to buy him some more

  2. dave

    Forgot to mention – if a police officer is on a legal assignment to do this sort of thing fine, but this is some random troll from the internet just trying to make someone look bad in screencaps to a blog. You are able to spot the difference. If this were a true police sting, it would not be public knowledge and no screens would be passed out, they could jeopardize an investigation. The only people who would be allowed to see it would be the accused as well as the authorities and courts – not the public at large.

    1. gaz

      do you live on this website? you autistic little twat,no wonder your mates ditched you, you cannot fathom the idea of being wrong. you are an annoying twat online god knows how anone puts up with you in real life.

    2. Ryan, there are groups of the public that do the exact same thing and then pass all the info on to the Police, who then arrest the person doing just what Chris has done. Google UK paedophile vigilantes and you will see it’s perfectly legal AND does stand in Court.

  3. random

    There’s a US group called Perverted Justice that does the exact same thing, Karl.

    But I’m sure the voices in Ryan’s head know better. XD

  4. random

    Also Karl, if you’re taking input on Ryan, I for one would like to see him gone, for the following reasons:

    1. Large quantities of spammy, often unrelated comments
    2. Falsely claiming facts without any sources or citations
    3. Incessant gainsaying/contradiction of you and most commentors for no productive purpose

    In other words, he’s a troll, and a quite transparent one at that.

    Of course it’s up to you, but I for one feel the blog would be much better off without him.

    1. I know what you’re saying, he annoys lots of people. I had loads of complaints about him last time so stopped his posts going through.

      But i am so anti- censorship that in my eyes, banning people is just wrong. Even if it is retarded bullshit that always comes out of his mouth, he’s still entitled to have his opinion.

      I will see if i can add an ‘ignore’ button, so if he really does your head in, you can just hit ignore and you’ll never read anything from him again lol.

  5. dave

    I’ve had it – I’m not respected and always bullied. Last time coming here. Cheerio. Same reason I’ve stopped going to all online casts except one and unfriended over 50 in the last 48 hours. Done with all this bullshit. Go ahead bully who you please, I won’t stand in your way – you won’t listen anyhow.

    1. Anon

      Oh dear another trantrum is it dave no wonder you get on so well with chris vile you are both very similar. You like to dish it out but can’t take it, funny how it is ok for you to the very same thing you accuse other people of then throw your toys out of the pram when it comes back at you. Of course you wont see this reply because you are not coming here anymore oh my there goes another flying pig.

  6. Anonymous

    chris would shag anyone and anything, he doesn’t care about age or anything else for that matter, he’s a creep.

  7. Stephen

    Well Well well …………..who,d a thunk it eh Karl, wether it was indeed a sting entrapment ‘set-up’or no i agree with Karl , this occurs on a daily basis around the world , law enforcement often behind as indeed perverted justice decoys expose deviant predators; or even as mentioned by private citizens efforts also on a daily basis outting scumbags and their perverted proclivities and risk they truly are to kids ! im sure if law enforcement are provided with factual evidence of someones illegal and concious efforts to lure underage kids they will take it seriously and they and CPS will investigate it further , ultimately deciding to prosecute or not .
    im quite suprised CW hasnt been looked at by DWP and law enforcement by now considering his almost weekly supply of disgusting and confronting lifestyle and deviant , dispicable actions and antics .i dont think anyone who has gotten to know this guy recently is really suprised by these revelations & no doubt his staunch supporters shall make up whatever conclusions necessary to deem CW innocent of such activity . i found Amys sharing of how CW attempted to seduce her 12/3 yo cousin after things failed with them and the fact CW actually bought this little girl an underwear set , ….that turned out not to fit by being too big !! being very very telling -CWs dreams apparently being a lil larger than reality a disturbing and confronting fact , ive no doubt Amy told the truth as why on earth would anyone lie about such antics .the apologists coming with , well CW has the mind of a child , semi excusing him in some way is just plain WRONG !!
    Lock up your daughters comes to mind . Any well brought up and savy young lady wouldnt want anything to do with old ‘Dung-Drawers’ but it is the younger and vunerable kids pervs like him target –
    …… that hes still online after MarkGs recent FB chat exposee shows his blatant thick skinned idgaf mindset and of course , of ultimate import to him is his steady and regular money supply he recieves ,due to his constant daily shameless BEGGING his recent claims of more than 1K in 3 months probably close to the truth and shamefull , when one considers UK elderly needing fuel benefits just to stay warm and alive over the winter ,or lifelong workers recieving substantially less to live on than old scamalamaSingAlong-Vile . MeanWhile his blatant bragging of his scammed Begged Ca$h and DLA benefits now have his pervert antics as {underage} cherry {he,d love to Bust} …. on top

    1. I agree about Amy. She is a straight up as you will probably ever find on Social Broadcasting sites. Even if it humiliates her, she will still be honest.

      There is just so much of this to be a coincidence now. The fact that he has admitted on video, that he searched for Child Porn but couldn’t find it, the stories from Amy, the Facebook messages released by Mark Gronan revealing his argument with a girl about harassing her younger sister, and now this!

      I know his die hard fans will refuse to believe any of it’s true, but i’m sorry, this is a grown man, who on several occasions, has been known to be interested in Children and sex.

  8. Dusty Bin

    Whether this was a sting or not, Chris knows full well what he is doing is wrong, soon as she said she was fifteen he should of banned her,but no the dirty piece of scum carried on the conversation, but along comes Dave/Ryan on here with the same old crap, chris does not know what he is doing because of this and that, making excuses for him.

  9. Willsmac

    Photoshopped pish in fairness, chris does not use full stops or question marks…Just another trolls shot at chris, He has his bad points but dont we all.

    1. Do i think it’s a sting? YES.
      Do i think it’s Photoshopped? 100% NO

      I have watched Chris for god knows how many hours over the years, and when you watch people and see them in every kind of emotion, you pick up on how they react to certain situations.

      When Chris is either annoyed or excited, he does tend to type in caps. He also keeps his typed conversations very short as well. I may be wrong, but i would bet my life on those screencaps being legit.

      1. Anon

        His followers will never believe a bad thing about chris as i said earlier in his room and was kicked for it lol he could commit murder in from of them and they would still say he didnt do it. Saying it is photoshopped is a desperate attempt by his sheep to cover up for him. He has openly said he would date a 12 year old and he has said the younger the better but his sycophants have selective memories.

  10. anna

    entrapment-who’s to say this person is not 16 soon? (legal). sorry to burst your bubble!

    1. I assume you are trying to make people think you are Chris’ Mum right? Even though you are hundreds of miles away, or maybe you are called Anna?

      Either way, until she is 16 and legal, are you suggesting that Chris is right in what he’s said?

      Just interested.

    2. anna

      hey, logic would suggest i’m clearly “NOT” chris’s > mother, (the fact you stated: “I live 100’s miles away” you assume too much! perhaps you also feel I’m menellie like Rizzo’s paranoia? who knows… but my name is anna.

      1. Not assume to much, just know that you are nowhere near Cumbria 😉

    3. Anon

      Anna it doesnt matter if the person is 1 day off of being 16 they are still under age and that is breaking the law so sorry to burst your protective bubble of chris.

  11. Ringo Starr

    Absolutely nothing wrong with fucking 15 year olds, even 12 year olds. I fully support him in his sexual deeds, I’d even film them if I could!

    1. And the trolls be trolling….

    2. Anon

      I’d love to film you being castrated fuck I’d offer to do it free of charge I have an old rusty saw I’d chop your 2 inch dick off as well while I was at it.

    3. anna

      nah, ringo. out of order there.

  12. Stephen

    sexual offences law of 2003 states 2-!! TWO !!, posts , “communications “from an adult conciously to an underage person { fictive or not } constitutes GROOMING ! punishable with custodial sentence up to 10 years !! Sexy needs to be very aware of his next moves down this sleazy path , his proclivities have lead him down .

  13. Further proof that you don’t have to even touch an underage girl to be arrested and sent to prison. This guy got 16 months in a sting set up by a couple of the public.

    1. RandomAnon

      Good post, Karl.

      Chris is playing with fire.

  14. CreepyChris

    Let’s not forget that Chris loves to play that disturbing “Sexy Kids” song, a song which defends Jimmy Savile’s despicable child rape crimes, and blames the child victims instead.

    It’s obvious what Chris is. The evidence is everywhere.

    1. Anonymous

      First love the name @ CreepyChris, second yes the evidence is everywhere to the normal person unfortunately it seems not to the idiots who continually defend him. I must admit I do want to see who is in his room still saying he is totally innocent it is all everyone elses fault but i have been perma banned. Ive said some pretty strong stuff in there i admit but what do i actually get this ban for I said he was playing a boring song and banned i was lol.

  15. raoul duke

    creepy chris, i just thought id point out to you some lyrics from the song that you say condones savilles evil crimes, and mocks his innocent victims.
    But the lyrics arent available, and im too lazy, needless to say it is a work of satire told from the perspective of savilles ghost.
    The narrator Kunt worrys about being guilty by ascociation for conversing with saville.Who is thoroughly mocked.
    Do you think Stings song everystep you take is a love song? I advise you to check again.
    Needless to say I would not blast this from my micra as i bombed down the one way system

    1. CreepyChris

      You’re completely missing the point, so you’re likely a Chris apologist.

      Most people in his room will hear a song with the lyric “sexy kids made Jimmy Savile do what he did” and draw the obvious conclusion that the song is blaming the children for Savile’s child rape crimes.

      Dullard Chris has no concept of satire, of that I’m certain. He plays the song whilst subscribing to its most obvious simplistic meaning, which is that children are to blame when they are raped.

      Embrace your hero, Chris fans.

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