Mark Makes Changes – The Trolls Be Mad

I’ll be honest and say that when i was first told of the latest changes Mark had made, my instant thought was ‘ is this a way of forcing you to have to pay now grrr’


Mark Vaughn -  70 characters

Mark Vaughn -  guests can't use emoticons

But it’s a great thing. Ok, maybe not so much the use of only basic emotes, as this will take away a lot of the humour from the ‘real’ trolls.

But it will (thankfully) stop the retards that just post a fuckin flag over and over again. That’s not trolling, that’s just being a dick!

So for me, this is ideal . The only people who are going to be put out by these new changes, are the tards that hijack the chat with the Confederate flag or similar.

Either learn to be an entertaining troll, or stop crying.

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18 Thoughts to “Mark Makes Changes – The Trolls Be Mad”

  1. dave

    Not a way to force people to pay, just to force people to sign up and sign in. Guest chat has been being abused for a long time by many hurtful trolls who spam the same insults and disrespect of disabilities over and over again, mostly people like Lardo (you can tell it’s him when it’s all in caps) and Scuttlebutt’s blog minions. I support anything that makes it harder to trolls to harass anyone. Hooray for Mark!

    1. Anon

      I am all for stopping people (not always the guests either) from attacking people with disabilities and by that i mean real disabilities not fake put on ones by a certain caster who fraudently claims a substantial amount from the government to spend on booze and is just too lazy to get off of their backside and work

      1. dave

        See now you’re taking a dig at sexychris. You used your comment as a platform to further your agenda of discounting someone’s disability. If you were to hang out with me in person, spend a day or two with me – you would say ‘oh he’s not disabled either’. But there is such a thing as a hidden disability. This is why I defend him. If only you knew how much anxiety and other things can affect a person. He’s afraid of the world, and would probably be singled out and made fun of for being different in a work environment even if he carried his weight. Don’t judge anyone until you walked in their shoes. Who’s to say if someone can work or not, there are hidden disabilities concerning mental health that affect millions of people. You’ve just proven there’s still a stigma. As for me, I cannot work. Physically yes, but emotionally and mentally no. I suppose now I’ll get judged for it by you.

        1. Anon

          Excuse me Dave/Ryan or whatever your name where did i mention a name of a caster so i assume you must have doubts that Chris is disabled in any way shape or form to mention him by name.

          1. dave

            Chris is the only one people talk about when they mention ‘real disabilities not fake’

          2. Anon

            Dont cry Dave you have been rumbled you think Chris is a fake

  2. dave

    Forgot to add – I’m glad for once you agree something Mark is doing is a great thing.

    1. If you’ll remember, this site was one of Vaughns biggest supporters, until Scruffy and Mark went a bit loopy. I just tell things as i see it. If i think somebody’s being great, i’ll say it. Same if i think they are lying or being stupid, then i will say it. I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times that Mark and Scruffy have been a lot better in regards to letting insults go over their head lately.

      I also said i thought they were right when they got rid of that ridiculous ‘shuffling’ that was used as like some school form of punishment.

      Of course, these are just my opinions, and obviously people will disagree, but that’s what the comments section is all about.

      1. dave

        Well – sometimes you believe facts, sometimes you believe rumours – so how am I to ever know what you’re going to say on a subject.

  3. CrapMoStank

    Mark has a valid point, I been on certain channels in which guests have been complete dicks, in flooding the chat with them user created useless emotes. It’s people like them that ruin it completely for other guest who are legitimate. Seems them dicks don’t know the difference between trolling from being a complete annoying ass.

    1. I 100% agree. VaughnLive has some of the best trolls i’ve seen in years. I’m talking proper trolls, the sarcastic ones, the ones that make you literally LOL. Calling somebody a paedo 300 times a cast, or filling the chat with emoticons is just lame.

  4. random

    Oh yes, Chris is burying himself.

    1. dave

      I hardly think that making a fake account and baiting someone is a decent thing to do. This is shallow, and if it were a legal case this evidence would be thrown out of court because it’s called entrapment.

      1. Actually Ryan, it wouldn’t. There are people in the UK who DO this exact thing and the Police then go on to arrest them and they are then to appear before court.

        Wanting to have sex with a 15yr old (whether they are real or not) when you are 27 yrs old is serious shit. If he had gone on to arrange a meeting, together with those screenshots, then the Police would arrest him for grooming.

        1. dave

          Oh, in Canada and the United States, baiting a criminal like this is called entrapment. It’s legal in certain circumstances such as a police sting where they have undercover female officers posing as prostitutes, because in that case it’s a public affair and anyone who tries hiring them can be arrested. It’s illegal in specific circumstances that target one individual.

  5. dave

    Sorry ‘Anon’ at December 23, 9:21pm – you’re trying to troll me, I won’t partake in it. You made a suggestion yourself that certain people should be working and you feel like you can judge if they can or cannot. One of the people who gets mentioned many times is Chris, not by myself but by Karl and other blog trolls and guest trolls in general on ivlog. I feel he is completely legitimately disabled, and unable to work. I have defended him. So either you just want to mess about and try to find holes in my statements, or you don’t understand them.

    1. Anon

      I find that offensive that you of all people call me a troll. The problem is dave is do understand your ramblings sorry statements and you cannot remember what you say from one to the next. If i am honest i find the oh i suffer from anxiety & depression a cop out for a lot of people (not all) who cant be bothered to work and expect the taxpayers to keep their lazy arses.

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