Highlights Of The Week Ending 20-12-2015

We’ve not done one of these for a while, so lets take a look back at some of clips from the week just gone.

SexyChris Sits On His Sexy Peas:


Irelands Patriot: My Chest Has Eyes:

IP topless (edit)

Ryan HiFi: I’m An Anti-Bullying Activist:

Ryan Hifi - bullying activist

Then comes out with another Ryan special 😉

Ryan Hifi - bullying activist4


Welshguy Protests Against Immigration:

Welshguy with hitler tash

And last but not least…

Cristals Brings Some Eye Candy For The Lads:



John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

17 Thoughts to “Highlights Of The Week Ending 20-12-2015”

  1. dave

    so predictable, some woman you haven’t seen before – you always make a post about them. Either it’s to say they’re hot, or to say they’re ugly. It’s like you’re obsessed with watching women online.

    1. thisanon

      BREAKING: An autistic homosexual struggles to understand why straight men like females.

      1. dave

        BREAKING – an autistic asexual who is not turned on at all by physical appearance wonders why others go ga ga over looks. That’s what happened.

  2. Dusty Bin

    Demand everyone respect each other lol, Come on Ryan/Dave whatever you want to be called, you “demand” sigh,,, not right in the head you lad.

    1. dave

      When you are at a school, or in an office environment, or anywhere professional or public in life, it is assumed that you’re supposed to be respectful of others at all times Dusty Bin. Why is it that people like you or others feel that you can be abusive and hurtful when it’s online? Words on a screen can be very harmful and cause people to self-harm. If only you understood what it can do to a person, maybe then you’d take it more seriously. Yes, in every room I’m in, I demand people respect eachother – because it’s human dignity and common sense. I don’t however demand someone find a job, or stop begging for money online, or demand someone explain themselves for why they are casting or drinking or anything else.

      1. Was your human dignity on holiday when you threatened to cut Michellestacy (Theresa’s) throat Ryan?

        1. dave

          I was waiting for this. This event DID NOT HAPPEN as she describes. You know as well as I do everything she says is a lie. She was never threatened by me, the person threatened was ‘MontanaSprings’ because he was harassing DJCaroline and bullying her for being disabled.

        2. dave

          I must also add – it’s very unlike you to believe a rumour without any kind of proof, but I suppose if it’s me your rules are different.

          1. Hence the question marks. But if you need proof, here it is from the horses mouth http://prntscr.com/9gziqv

  3. thisanon


    1. Seriously? I’ve been out all day and have only been back home 15 mins so not had chance to watch anything. Why has he done that? Is he having a breakdown?

      1. thisanon

        Try guest chat and find out for yourself, sir. It’s legit.

  4. dave

    Karl when I was referring to you believing something without proof, I meant you believing I supposedly threatening MichelleStacy, not the Mark 70 characters guest thing….

  5. dave

    Karl, how convenient that you make an accusation about me threatening someone then when I explain it’s not at all what you said, you refuse to comment further.

    1. Refuse to comment? You’ve even admitted it in the past that you did threaten her. I just can’t be arsed going back through thousands of screenshots, just to show you, then you turn round and say something like ” oh, that was Ryan, i’m Dave” or some other insane comment that you will respond with just to keep arguing. You know you did it, i know you did it, and i’m sure plenty of other people know you did it.

      1. dave

        No sir, I never have threatened her or said I did. Show these screenshots. It never happened Karl. So stop making false accusations against me. I know I didn’t do it, you think I did it because you have this image of me being someone I’m not. The only people that THINK I did it believed MichelleStacy’s lies. So I’d appreciate it if you can show me where it was done, or where I admitted it. Let’s do this. No more games.

  6. dave

    Well, it’s been over 12 hours and no response from you. I assume and hope this can be now laid to rest. You have seen MichelleStacy lie time and time again, so why would she be actually telling the truth this time.

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