Jsteveo And Electrojed Destroy BillyBobCesspoolHe

I think it’s fair to say, that since his vile, rude outburst at Anna that time, any respect i had for Billybob well and truly went out the window. Here is a man, that’s always preaching morales and respect, then talks to a woman, who by the way, had never done or said a bad word about him, like she’s trash, calling her a c*nt!

So since then, i’ve quietly been watching Billybob, both in his casts, and in Scuttles chat, and from what i’ve seen, this is a person who likes to control people. I think he see’s himself as the ‘alpha male’ and expects that others will just follow what he says. Should you fail to do so, and you get a very angry, child like tantrum thrown in, and be called every offensive name under the sun.

And to his credit, i think jSteveo is now realising that certain people are not what he thought they were. A few hate jSteveo for whatever their reasons, but i have to say, he’s never been anything but 100% respectful to me, and apart from his mild (compared to Billy’s) attack on Anna that call, which he did phone her and apologise for by the way, i can’t say he’s done anything bad.

For some reason, Scuttles blog turned on him. Why? I don’t know, maybe it was because he defied their self imposed ban on casting at Vaughn? Maybe because he started to mention us in his casts a lot (we all know what they think of us lol) or maybe something went on behind the scenes that only they know about. If so, then that’s their private business and nothing to do with us.

But they definitely turned on him. He said himself they banned him from the chat, which is their right if he has said something bad, but to also ban his IP from the blog altogether?

Here is a screencap i picked up a few days ago, clearly showing their sudden dislike for their former friend.

Scuttles chat turn on jsteveo

So when Billybob tried to do his usual trick of over talking people who he can’t win an argument with, he got put back in his place a few times.



See what i mean if people don’t follow the line, he then attempts to shout all over them, then when he’s told to let the other person speak, he starts getting angry and rage quits.

No matter what your thoughts are on jSteveo, he made sure that the call wasn’t all one sided, as poor Billy had hoped it would be.



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4 Thoughts to “Jsteveo And Electrojed Destroy BillyBobCesspoolHe”

  1. Sean

    im also banned from scuttles,. oh well

  2. dave

    I was there and Billybob ignored every common sense argument against what he stands for. Providing no proof about his accusations against Warren, refusing to speak to Mark, refusing to acknowledge my comments about knowing where he originally came from and how he came to be lured into bullshit by Lardo. The guy claimed a long time ago that an online station he used to DJ for were full of themselves, and had huge egos (the 2 guys than ran it) – this was back in the Stickam days. So, he started GoodTimeRadio, and meanwhile he was let go from the other station, he didn’t leave. They let him go because of HIS ego. What does this have to do with anything you might ask? It’s showing you a person’s character. While pretending to be Mr. Nice Guy / the face of GoodTimeRadio, he was making fun of people behind their backs and thinking casters should be paid to cast and worshipped and exempt from rules. He also thought he could get his enemies banned on vaughn. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Warren is the first person he’s tried to get kicked off the site. There’s way more to this story, and I’ve known him since 2010 – we used to be friends.

  3. IP

    lol you gotta love vaughnblive man this is worse than corrie. werent they all best mates 3 days ago? this is like david knocking nick out in the car and then being friends a year later lol im living in ther fucking twilight zone man my current best friend will probs be my biggest enemy next week haha fuckin hell man this site

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