Chris Gets Council Visit And Another Bill

It never rains but it pours, as they say here in the UK. After receiving a £775 bill from Pennine Gardens recently, he gets a visit from the Council with another bill to add on. And it all gets too much for Christopher as he realises that from now on, he’s not going to be able to spend every penny on booze!

*All Credit Goes To The Anon Who Sent This In, Thank You:


I find it hard to watch Chris cast these days. Not because of him, but the way his Mods run his channel. AngelStormee isn’t too bad, unless you call her names. But Ruby, and Rach33 are destroying his casts.

They moan when people don’t chat, then if you do chat, they kick off with you and ban you anyway. Ruby, it’s expected from these days sadly, but i’m surprised at Rach. She was always a chilled fun loving girl on VL, but the last few times i’ve seen her Mod Chris’ channel, she’s worse than Scruffy for dictatorship.

So i find it’s easier top just stay away unless those two are not around and looking at his viewing figures lately, i’m not the only one.





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25 Thoughts to “Chris Gets Council Visit And Another Bill”

  1. Anonymous

    I saw pearlnecklace ban someone because she didnt like their name she said with a name like that you should be banned and kicked them out and laughed no wonder Chris doesnt get that many in his room any more the mods are out of control. I’m surprised at Rach33 as well I always remember her as being a good laugh but as you said now all she seems to pick fights and bans everyone.

  2. VIP=ripoff

    I’ve just watched Chris for about 5 minutes, and in that time not one person typed a message in chat. Not one! That’s a dead chat alright.

    His ban-happy mods and his private shows have killed his cast! Well done, Chris!

  3. SuicideInbound

    It never ceases to amaze me how he is surprised at how much cleaning up after him costs. The little cunt was lucky he was rehoused, fuckign sod.

  4. Anonymous

    And the Oscar for best overacting with crococile tears goes to Chris While.

    1. jstevieo

      vote for the Party!! to ensure ameteur drama lessons come wih his DLA !

  5. jstevieo

    Long live the Party …the Party Must go on!! …….must,nt it !! {wimper wimper hhhuummmmfffpppf } ….this is but the start of the perfect storm old bogginBoxers has looming on his horizon [wimper wimper mmmmmhpppf ]…but ive no doubt the scamming begging manipulating Sexy shall get most of it paid by his adoring fans ….its good to be the KING eh !!

  6. SideSHowBob

    I logged into Chris room got Banned and next time I went in (few weeks later) I noticed I was not banned any more and asked why i was banned when I had not typed anything. The reply by one of his mods including Angelstormee was they were trying to get rid of trolls, now remember I had typed nothing in the chat the first time and not sure how you troll someone by not typing.

    I went in again later thinking all was cool and I got Ban+ this time and as ivlog is so fast at kicking you out I have no idea who did it. All I have to say is that if they are kicking people they don’t know as they suspect they are either trolls or people recording the shows then this is a stupid way to go forward as chris will be asking for donations from a hand full of people rather than the 100+ he had before.

    People as shown are recording him anyway, his antics are still making the blogs and soon reality will crash down on him and he will have nobody around to pick up the pieces. R.I.P. Chris Vile.

  7. Crap mo Stank

    I got banned because I called Chris a twat, like I mean, he calls us a twat and everything else, so I spoke the way he speaks and I still get treated like shit.Like WTF man??? Still, good to see this cunt suffer.. Welcome to the real life Chris!

  8. Willow The Wisp

    Steven pays his probation bill he’s even said this,
    Chris always starts with the i’m trying my best line…
    When steven said get electric instead of cigs, as electric was running out he said no,
    then had to use the emergency.
    His Mods wrap him up in cotton wool, he switched again on Ruby,
    I was in there the other night all was going ok until a certain 2 mods took over and ruined it.
    as for being in debt, pay your bills and don’t start complaining with about it with a load of booze in front of you Chris.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      The bloke deserves what he gets anyway, he ignores decent people’s advice and pay’s alot more attention to the very people that are literally taking the piss out of him by letting him carrying on with mouthing off, acting the cunt in banning people, buying more booze, scrounging money, holding the sympathy card, need I say more?

  9. Anonymous

    Of course he was going to get charged ‘That Fucking Much’.
    Those costs will include new carpet, a new paint job and hours spent trying to eliminate the smell of whatever liquids had seeped into the floorboards.

  10. Anonymous

    While he cons people out of money he will always get away with it. I can’t understand people parting with their hard earned cash to help this lazy scrounger. Rach33 & Willsmac are right up his ass they buy him stuff from Asda they got him a shit load of stuff the other day and from I hear it’s not a one off it’s all the time. Even Ruby aint that stupid to part with money for him now. On the subject of Rach all she does is cause shit in all channels these days she were doing it in Mac Music the other night

  11. justaviewer

    I don’t have an account so I can’t go into his room most of the time now since it’s private but like I’ve said before, the eyes always tell the story. The eyes always flicker to the chat, every whimper, every movement he looks to see what the reaction is in the room, nothing is ever straight forward with Chris, nothing is ever innocent, it’s all part of the game. A real man who is really depressed and on the brink and is driven to tears, doesn’t broadcast himself online and if they do they certainly don’t give a damn what the chatroom is saying because if you’re really at rock bottom, people at rock bottom tend to be self loathing, they are not in that mind state of knowing what’s going on around them, they tend to focus on themselves and there’s no shame in that, we’ve all had low points, we’ve all felt down and been a bit selfish and we’ve all been hard up, we all know what it’s like to sit with no money or maybe you can’t pay all the bills at once. No shame in it even though we do feel bad when it happens but Chris is the master manipulator. And the whimpering isn’t sadness. That’s the drink wore off him and he’s all jittery because he’s not had his morning drink.

    And like you guys said, so many will donate but many now will not. This is one bit I can’t figure out. Chris used to get well over 100 viewers and obviously those people are not watching anymore and I don’t think they are watching anyone else either, I think they just moved on to something else more entertaining but for Chris this was always a big thing. I thought Chris took pride in being the King Of Vaughn Live and the King of Ivlog and isn’t part of being a KING having people watch you? Isn’t that why most people go on cam sites? There’s a part of them that wants the attention. How does Chris feel when it’s 12 viewers or 8 viewers or on a good day 20 viewers? And like someone said, the less people in the room means the less donaters. The less money he gets and you can’t tell me, anon mentioned Ruby there, you can’t tell me that they all sit in there and Rach and Willsmac buy him stuff and others are sitting there agreeing with it. They must be shaking their heads but of course i bet they would never say that openly.

    And then the whole thing with Rach and Willsmac buying stuff, buying anyone stuff online to me is something i can’t wrap my head around. I don’t know if it’s genuine sympathy and wanting to help. I don’t know if it’s trolling, if it is you’re losing money doing it and since his casts are still being recorded it makes you realise just how sneaky and snidy and bitchy they all are because you will have people in there that wont donate money, you have people that will donate money but they wont talk about it, you will have ones that will record it and ones that will ban you just because they feel like it.

    It’s all these different vibes and attitudes and none of them are good and I don’t think it’s dawned on Chris yet that most of his casts are private and i don’t think it’s quite dawned on him that the tiny niche audience he has isn’t stupid. They’re not ops because they’re stupid, they are people he knows. He must know which ones will give him money and which ones wont, he must know he can’t get as much money now and maybe some of the fake crying was real because that bill isn’t gonna go away. And the I HATE IT HERE could be true. He probably does hate living there but he put himself there and Steven can pay his probation all he wants but I’m pretty sure Steven doesn’t have over £800 to pay his cleaning bill. It’s not going away, it’s going up and up and up. I don’t know if his family can protect him from that. He’s in his 20’s. He’s gonna have to function on his own at some point in life.

  12. The vaughnlive Police dep't

    5.50 SEC’S into video chris states (i’m trying my best). well, chris , I seen you move into to pennie gardens and it was beautiful, I also seen you trash it within two weeks. life has rules, it was nothing to keep it clean. sadly you occurred unwanted consequences! your best bet would be day hospital, and sheltered accommondation. pay up! for your anti social behaviour, not to mention the danger you were to yourself and others in that flat. Syrian’s, would LOVE to live there, AND keep it spottles.

  13. Ruby

    Just so you know i dont agree with all the banning in the room , and im also no longer in the room because i told chris not too take his shit out on us , i also told him he needs too stop drinking and get help from a dr because he,s always crying about being depressed and anxiety , i suggested he should cut down the booze and get medication , needless too say it didnt go down well , i cant be friend with someone i cant speak openly too , im certainly not going too censor what i think about a situation just because were friends and i dont want too upset them , chris is on a one way ticket too illness and i for one arent going too sit there watching it anymore.

    1. Anonymous

      Lol Ruby I was so wrong it didnt take a couple of weeks just a couple of days and there you are back in the room fawning over Chris. Did he say “Im trying Ruby please forgive me”. Yep he got away with it again as always so much for I cant be friends with him lol lol. Yeah right you mean you missed being a big fish in a very very small pond.

  14. Anonymous

    Ruby you have let Chris treat you like shit for far too long and just said there there he cant help it. I remember when he wished you and your children were dead and you still came back forgiving him something I could never have done. I would love to think you had finally woken up but I give it a couple of weeks, he will call you saying how sorry he is and you will be back like last time and the time before and the time before etc etc et. This is what happens when there is no consequences for actions because you and other enablers tell him he can do no wrong and ban anyone who dares to try and talk sensibly to him. As said above he pretend cries and has these temper tantrums all the while looking at chat to see what effect it is having. Its not the guests Chris needs to worry about its his so called circle of close friends they are the ones killing him.

  15. Rach

    yes we bought him a food parcel once and once only because drinking on an empty stomach is not good yes drinking everyday isnt good either but a lot better drinking with something in your stomach i do not go into peoples channels to cause shit i just stand up for myself why should anyone put up with shit from other people when you can give as much back i dont intentionally go into a room to cause drama i just stand up for myself i have banned people once as chris was getting pizzas again and there were about 5 people sat in that chat what had not spoke a single letter never mind a word why would you go into a room to just sit there?? so as for me been ban happy if that makes you happy then on ya go thinking it i do not agree with a LOT of stuff chris does as ruby has said he needs to cut down on the drink and seek professional help like the cleaning bill it will not just go away but whoever sent in the video didnt record chat where i was telling him he needs to get stuff sorted ie his life bills and get a routine

    1. To be fair Rach, you’ve even kicked me twice as a guest in Chris’ cast and all i said was something like’ Chris you need to chill buddy’ the first time, and the 2nd one was for saying that he should be thankful for what he has.

      That’s why people don’t chat in there, they are scared to say anything, even nice things because you just never know when one of the Mods will kick you.

      I can’t comment on other rooms as i only usually watch Chris over there, but it is bad in his room. I was watching the other night when all the Mods went batshit crazy and were banning people for having fun. Even Chris got pissed with it and threatened to ban the next Mod who banned anybody lol.

      It’s killing his casts. You are lucky if if he has 15-20 in his casts these days, whereas not long ago, it would be 100+

      We go way back with Rach and Vizzy from VaughnLive, and it would be nice if we could have the chilled, party loving Rach back, rather than the Mod Rach 🙂 x

    2. Ben the Bastard

      I go into the room and sit there and say nothing as a guest because I am afraid to speak as a member being logged in and getting banned which has been the case and to entertain myself by watching someone making a complete dick out of themselves in following orders such as yourself in making him act even more of a dick. Come on Rach, you can come up with something better than that lame excuse!

    3. SideShowBob

      Rach, Are you seriously trying to Justify your action as you think that every single person should be typing or by your rules be kick or banned? Let break that down shall we, if you enter a room and say nothing you will get banned, if you ask why you got banned, you then get banned for asking. I think all the mods and chris need to take a break from the internet and come back when you release how silly you all sound.

      I created a name call SideShowBob, its a char from the simpsons, of course it s a made up name and no my real name but so far across Vaughn & ivlog I have been as I am either a troll with such a silly name, its a fake name (well yeah – it is) and I am a whole list of other people ranging from Rizzo to MeNellie and everyone inbetween.

      I have been banned for saying nothing, I have been banned for saying hello and so forth, not a single drop of trolling was done and in all reality, it’s killing the sites. Why would anyone stream if they did not want people to watch them? BlackDragonRadio is a good example, he kicks everyone that enters his room on ivlog, meaning he is casting to watch himself? I think some people need a good doctor !!

      1. Anonymous

        I laughed when I saw your name and it instantly made me think of the character from the Simpsons I love it. It is getting stupid in so many casts with the power of being a mod going to some of their heads. Say hello your banned, dont say hello your banned, have a name they dont like your banned chris’ room is a prime example of all of the above. I’m currently banned and tbh I just can’t be bothered the reset my router and everything, I try now and again but I’m still banned thing is I have no idea why chris wasnt even in the room maybe it was bacause I dared to say chris would be better off getting out more instead of spending 24/7 casting because that is when the ban hammer came down

      2. Ben the Bastard

        Couldn’t put that alot better myself, well said!

  16. Anonymous

    Vizzy thats the person I was trying to think of Karl, you hardly ever see her now but on the odd occassion she is still as funny as ever, now that is how a mod should be engaging with the guests rather then at odds with them well most of the time. I remember the days of Rach33 & Vizzy and it was a joy to have them in the cast they were great fun. Come on Rach bring back the old you and drag Vizzy back into casts wit ya.

  17. justaviewer

    I think one of the things some of you have to consider is that most of the mods in his room are in the same kind of position as him and at the very least, have nothing to do also. It’s a very British thing to hold others down. Hold people down in life and that will be a mentality for some, some will want him there casting 24/7 because they too have nothing to do 24/7, they wont want him doing better in life or getting a life even.

    That’s how it is in there now.20 people, maybe on a good day 25 or 30 at the most, most of them playing head games but the main end game will always be to keep Chris where he is, don’t let him better himself or his living situation and it’s sad. The only justice that might come of it is Chris will slowly realise what is happening by making his shows private, realise those in his room as mods aren’t really doing anything for him and then he may turn on them but people like Rach and Ruby, they’ve nothing going on. They don’t work. They’re in the house all day aswell so they wont want someone online like them doing better than them so they’ll throw him a bone, a message on Facebook, a couple quid in his Paypal but they’ll be the first ones to clamp down on him the minute he shows signs of getting a life.

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