Mark Vaughn: VL Is Busier Than Ever

He really is losing the plot now. VaughnLive is going down the pan quicker than you can say Amanda, yet according to Mark, the site is thriving….LOL

Lets take a look at some of his bizarre comments from over the weekend.


Vaughn doesn't need foxman1

Now while Billybob is not one of my favourite people around, for Mark to claim that Free Speech only exists for the Government….

sarcasric roll eyes

Then we come to the subject of Foxman being banned for life.

Vaughn doesn't need foxman

Ok, lets take a look at the top bar:

Vaughn dead top bar1

Vaughn doesn't need foxman3

Vaughn doesn't need foxman4

Yeah, unfortunately for Mark, to other sites:

Vaughn dead top bar1

Vaughn doesn't need foxman7

Vaughn dead top bar1

Now this one made me literally spit my tea out.

Vaughn doesn't need foxman11

Really! What are they doing Mark, playing hide and f*cking seek?

Vaughn dead top bar1

You are killing your site and you know it. The Ad revenue is dying on it’s ass, so you are now needing to fleece people out of their money just to keep going.

Bet you wish you had took that $10M now eh lmfao!

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

One Thought to “Mark Vaughn: VL Is Busier Than Ever”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    Don’t look thriving to me either, all I see is boring cunts sitting there saying fuck all and playing music that today’s citizens don’t even listen too “country and western” and other shit! JTV was more thriving at off peak times than this joke of a site. Hell if you ask me, all the good and decent people have literally walked away, leaving behind all the trash.

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