How To Gain Sympathy When Your Site Is Dying

I said a few posts back that Mark is a desperate man. Despite his hilarious claims that more and more people are joining VaughnLive than ever, you only need a pair of eyes to see it’s a sinking ship, as Thundersnarf correctly described it.

His utter arrogance, and Scruffy’s Nazi style running of the site have killed what was once a great casting site. So with nobody wanting to buy VIP anymore (and correctly so) what other way can the Vaughn’s claw back some support?

That’s right, a good old pity party!

Mark vs IP

Hang on Mark! If it’s not a TOS Violation, then why would you tell people not to do it?

Or is another of your TOS that depends on how much you like/dislike the caster?

Mark vs IP1

I can’t be 100% sure until either one of them confirm it, but is this screencap not from IP’s personal Facebook page?

Don’t get me wrong here, IP was being stupid in wishing death on anybody, and he knows that, i’ve told him before.

But it looks like, from here, that Mark has gone and copied/pasted that from IP’s Facebook to his.

So what ever happened to, as Scruffy would always put it ” we can’t punish people for what they do on other sites”

Hmm, you see the pattern now?

Mark vs IP2

Mark vs IP3

Mark vs IP4

Mark vs IP5

Mark vs IP6

Mark vs IP7

Once again, i’m not condoning what IP said. It was bang out of order and when he wakes up sober, he’ll know that too. But the point of this post is, to expose the pure hypocrisy of VL and some of it’s casters.

Lets take Nic. This is a woman that used to shove Dildo’s up herself on cam and Shawnio recorded it and posted it on his blog.

Then a few days later, oops, the post has disappeared. Then funnily enough, Niclrc was in Shawnio’s VL channel virtually everyday, claiming her love for him, and telling the whole world how much she loved him etc.

Then, as she realised she had him wrapped around her finger, and the post of her masturbating on cam was gone, she spent less and less time in his casts. Even to the point where she didn’t bother at all.


Ok, not convinced? Lets move on to Niclrc’s ‘breast cancer’ debacle. Now i fell for it too, as many others did at the time. Here was a woman, in her prime and telling us all on Facebook she’s got breast cancer.

Then 2 weeks later the miracle of all miracles happened, and she was home, completely recovered from breast cancer.

Oh please!

Now talking of pity parties. Has Mark deliberately posted a screenshot from IP’s Facebook to gain sympathy?

Could it be because he knows he’s fucked up with his ridiculous VIP catastrophe?

Or to deflect the attention away from lots of the conflict that happening over his botched idea?

Either way, it’s just as well that a lot of your Facebook friends don’t have the same attitude towards other peoples health as you do eh Mark?

Mark Vaughn - i don't care for anybody else

While most of us wish Scruffy a healthy recovery, Mark needs to remember that there will be other people that quote ” care about themselves and their family, nobody else”

Mark gets owned on Facebook

For me, IP was wrong to say what he did. But Mark was wrong to play the sympathy card over something that wasn’t even written on his sites or his own Facebook page.

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4 Thoughts to “How To Gain Sympathy When Your Site Is Dying”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    So let me get this straight, it is ok for Miss Scruffy to act all malicious on ordinary viewers of the site by throwing random accusations at people but a different matter for anyone else doing likewise. I don’t see a problem in what he was saying with IP being from southern Ireland, it’s not like he’s going to catch the next available flight to the United States just to do someone in like is he? ffs Mark go get your head looked at and while he’s at it, Take Miss Scruffy to see a psychiatrist!

  2. gaz

    Just been on that site for the 1st time in ages, the highlight is realman rocking back and forth playing soppy v-coin games. fuck that site. sexychris cast has been killed by rach and angel, i dont even watch anymore just come here for the highlights. rach and willsmac are buying his friendship, but paying for booze the whole situation is pathetic like.

  3. Willow the Wisp

    The Vaughns will come up with any excuse to say you broke the TOS.
    Do they have real proof the asked IP to stop the alleged broadcast.
    Bad choice of words though Sean what you said.
    But i don’t understand why Mark would post something so personnel re his Mother, knowing that there’s a lot of trolls out there.
    People will sympathise with him and Lynn, but knowing how bad Vaughn is for its trolls i don’t think everyone will be rushing to buy VIP.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      As far as I have read and seen, VIP’s have been mostly given away to the favorites anyway. It would be complete dumb now to fall in even falling into purchasing VIP, unless of course, they haven’t bothered in reading up on blogs such as this in finding out what is really going on and why certain many people are so far showing as VIP because it was giving away to them. It’s a trap into encouraging others to buy VIP, and Mark Vaughn can lmao, lol, pmsl and WTF all he wants, even I as a viewer and a viewer only mind can see clearly what is really taking place behind the scenes. than them ass lickers who are nothing but belligerent that fail spectacularly to even see the full perspective as to what is really going on with the Vaughns. Last laugh is on us as the saying goes!

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