It Gets Worse For Mark Vaughn

Not only is his money making idea of VIP’s turning VL into a shadow of what it once was, but now he’s had his ass slapped for being too tight to host his own sites images. For 25k a month that he claims he’s paying just for Vaughnlive to stay online, you would assume that his servers would have plenty of disk space to hold images ffs.

But no, he was using Imgur’s disk space and bandwidth, Well, i say was…


imgur blocks vl

imgur blocks vl1

So, seeing as some people did, lets see what Imgur had to say on the matter.

imgur blocks vl4

Hmm, so that didn’t work. Ok Mark, what would a professional do in a situation like this?

imgur blocks vl2

That’s right. They would be deluded enough to think they can just start a new company that will directly compete with a site that’s bigger and better than anything they had ever made!

Staying with Mark’s delusional mind, here he is discussing a person who is claiming to DdoS VaughnLive.

Mark Vaughn ddos email

Mark Vaughn ddos email1

He’s cracked hasn’t he? For a start, anybody with half a brain is going to use identification protection like Tails through a VPN or at least install Tor in a Virtual Drive over a VPN before initiating a DdoS attack. So what makes Mark think he has this guy’s real IP address?

And secondly, does Mark know how much it would cost him in Legal fees to trace this guy, send letters to his ISP and serve him with a Lawsuit? This is from somebody that lives at home with his Mother and moans about having to pay a few extra $ in healthcare.

But this next part really did make me LOL

Mark Vaughn ddos email2

This dude’s brain must be fried or something. He genuinely thinks that the reason people have so much hate for them, is because they can’t control them…wtf?

Would this be the same kind of control like forcing ads on people, whether they like it or not?

Calling your customers “assholes” because they don’t want your dangerous, malware infected ads splashed all over their screens?

Or perhaps the same control that comes with banning all VPN’s (well, trying to) and claiming it cuts down on trolls, even though all most people have to do is reboot their router, to come back from an IP ban?

You don’t see either of those practices on any other streaming site do you?

It’s because Mark and Scruffy are so controlling, that it annoys them not being able to know whereabouts you really live and what ISP you use. They hate the fact that you would be able to decide if you wanted the risk of ads being on your screen.

Just like the childish punishments they dish out. Get to the bottom of the top bar (or shuffled as they called it) if you said anything negative towards or about them. That’s like you would be sent to the back of the class by your teacher for being cheeky in lessons.

The same way they will ban you, then publicly say things like “well if you email us and say sorry, we’ll look at letting you back”

It’s all about them feeling the need to control YOU!

So yes Mark, there is so much irony, it’s just a shame you don’t see where 🙂

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12 Thoughts to “It Gets Worse For Mark Vaughn”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    Aha, so he thinks he can sue at will, I wonder, would I stand a better chance of getting some legal action going over how Miss Scruffy has accused me of doing something that I had no part off? It’s called umm slander and false accusations that could damage my rep, after all, genuinely my name is infact Ben and with Miss Scruffy firstly kicking up about my username to begin with, followed by coming out with such accusations as that as I mention in a different post and also clearly noted on my blog over at Tumblr as well. I rekon I would have a brilliant chance of claiming some £££ out of that, it would probably put Vaughnlive under at the same time. Jes, Mark, thanks for putting idea’s in my head, you dumb fuck!

  2. IP

    No joke, I am loling so badly that I think I am going to have to read this post again later. The hypocrisy about control is uncanny.
    Mark the Beggar King, lol. Begging people to email our disgust, hahahahahahahaha.
    Fucking hell, this fella needs some serious introspection. He’s angry at his own practises.

  3. Mallets Mallet

    Why do the Vaughns keep bringing up the threats of Lawyers and Lawsuits.
    Empty Threats are just making them look more and more mad at themselves, just put things back to how it was admit defeat 🙂

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Because they’re idiots, they think it’s alright to fuck everyone else over by getting on in the way they are doing but can’t heat back so they make up these empty threats just to shit you up. Him and Miss Scruffy haven’t a clue how to run a decent site. Didn’t see your man Justin from JTV getting on like the way them both are behaving. Because the man Justin had more decency than them..

      1. Ben the Bastard

        Just for the record, if anyone particularly Mark is thinking why I am bringing JTV into it in comparison to Vaughn, well, Mark Vaughn is after all a former employee of JTV. He must have learnt a few technical stuff in going about hosting a social streaming site but it’s just the pity he didn’t pick up on the intelligent mind of Justin of keeping things fair and square without the need to have your favorites stay on and giving special privileges to those he likes most and dumping the one’s he deems no good..

  4. UKMuppetsGuy

    Mark couldn’t get multi-cams to work even though he promised the feature for years.

    Mark couldn’t get subscriptions to work even though he has talked about the feature for years.

    Mark couldn’t get a donation system to work even though he has said it’s coming for years.

    In short, he’s delusional. Nobody but Mark, his mommy and Daryl thinks he’ll code up an image hosting site to compete with imgur.

  5. UKMuppetsGuy

    Vaughn Live is managed unlike any other streaming web site I’ve seen. The whole site is cliquish and petty; Heaven help you if you’re not in the circle of Vaughn favourites.

    I’d describe Lynn and VL staff as unprofessional, but that would be generous. Lynn makes decisions based solely on personal grudges, and Daryl follows along because he’s a lifelong loser, and becoming staff on VL is his greatest accomplishment.

    In reality, Vaughn Live is a pirate video site, and we all hope the American Feds bring Mark’s lame site crashing down on him.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      In my opinion, it’s Lynn’s fault for the backlash coming from people who she holds a grudge against, for starters, I hadn’t been nasty until the moment she started on me about apparently streaming porn. For her to have the ignorance let alone arrogance to be kicking up about me in speaking of my experience of how she treated me is an insult and a half to say the least. I can’t get talking to Mark Vaughn, because even if I tried, it’s Lynn that gets to EVERYTHING first before/if Mark even has that opportunity to even see it! I even hinted at Mark Vaughn in saying “that I suggest he has a row with Miss Scruffy” but if he’s willing to laugh that off like I am some sort of a twat myself, that speak volumes of how they wish to currently run the site. That is deemed extremely unprofessional and well yes, word of mouth sure is getting around, its just a pity it’s only getting around now instead of alot earlier, suppose no one believed it then but then again, there you go. Vaughn is going to go under one day, I am working on that, and when that day comes, “GOOD RIDDENS”

  6. UKMuppetsGuy

    Another thought on Lynn Vaughn. I don’t Lynn in real life, but I think if we knew her only in real life, we’d think she was a nice person.

    I feel that Lynn was thrust into the role of community manager because Mark (of course) trusted her. However, I don’t think she was or is qualified for the role. I’m sure she’s doing the best she can, but she also has health issues on top of trying to be the community manager.

    If Mark was the CEO he pretends to be, he’d recognize his ailing mother is struggling with here role, and he’d ask her to depart from that role.

    Of course, then we’d enter the era of Daryl as the community manager, which would present a whole other set of problems.

  7. Anonymous

    Mark is every bit as delusional as Steelie, he isn’t a fucking coder and he can’t code for shit.

    If he really was a coder a subscription or donation feature wouldn’t have been hard to do and would have been here ages ago.

    Mark’s site is amateur at best and it looks like it was designed in the late 90’s. If he thinks he has any chance of success with Vaughnlive the way it is at the moment then he really is a Retard and I feel quite sorry for him.

  8. markvaughnsunderwear

    It’s only a matter of time until Mark and Lynn end up looking like Nicolae and Elena Ceauescu, pleading for forgiveness saying how sorry they are for the shit they pulled.

    Hey, Vaughns, your site is not growing, people are leaving because of your fucked up way of doing things, you cunts need to wise up and get with the times.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      If that time comes for them to say “sorry” they can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Been sitting here now for over a year and a half after the last email I got from Scruffy waiting for an apology from that, that never came as it should have. Which is why I class her as being beyond words of talking to a dumb person, that she takes dumb to another level..

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