Steelie’s Dine And Dash

I must be going soft in my old age. I think i’m the only one who feels sorry for Steelie. We know he spins lie after lie, but so what, as long as it’s not harming anybody.

But for me, personally, i wouldn’t wish having to sleep rough on anyone. I just don’t dislike anybody enough to want that for them, not even the pig!

So knowing that Steelie is literally living out of his backpack, sleeping out in minus 10 temperatures, and hungry, i can’t help but feel empathy and understanding with him doing this.

We join Cam, short for Cameron, as he plots his big dine and dash on some bar he’s been in all day:



Apparently, the waitresses have to make up the shortfall in some places when people do a runner. That is wrong, and yes it’s wrong to do a runner without paying. But i’ve personally been where Steelie is. Not dine and dash or anything, but i’ve had money, lost it, had it again, lost it etc. And when you are down, hungry and desperate, you’re natural survival instincts take over, and you do whatever you need to do to survive.

I’ve been so poor i’ve gone days without food. I’ve had so much money i honestly didn’t know what to do with it. I’m doing ok again now, but i know only too well, that just one bit of bad luck, and you can be right down there again.

So yes, it goes without saying that Steelie shouldn’t of done that, but i also know what it’s like to feel how he is at this moment. If you haven’t been there, count your blessings and think before you judge.

Nobody knows what’s around the corner.








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2 Thoughts to “Steelie’s Dine And Dash”

  1. Ruby

    This makes me so sad too see someone in tht position , i’m not a big fan of steelie , there is something off with him and i wouldnt like too be in a room alone with him , but we dont know the real story behind his woes and no one deserves too be homeless 🙁 poor guy

  2. Angie2013

    Oooops poor steelie, if he did get caught on the plus side he may have got a roof over his head even if it was a police cell, but then theres always the outstanding bill to pay.

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