Highlights Of The Week Ending 24-01-2016

SexyChris features in a lot of this weeks highlights. Whether he makes you laugh or drives you round the bend, he’s never far away from the gossip.

Chris And Ruby Fall Out Again:



Staying with Chris. All the stress of falling out with his soulmate seems to have made Chris take his health seriously.

SexyChris Promotes Stroke Awareness:


Staying with Chris, he decides to take a shower, which instantly sets alarm bells ringing.

SexyChris Gets Hot And Steamy:


Away from Chris, IamSonchild has taken up a new hobby 😉

IamSonchild Can’t Find Her Spirits:



Sonchild runs out of ghosts

Mark Blames VIP On Not Wanting Investors:

Mark avoids investors

So that will be why he goes to these conventions every year, to avoid investors?

Ryan HiFi Attacks Ivlog:

Ryan hifi attacks Ivlog

And finally, we finish off the week with Chris, and his butter fetish.

SexyChris: Penis, Butter and Aunties Knickers:








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10 Thoughts to “Highlights Of The Week Ending 24-01-2016”

  1. Anonymous

    Only read the Chris & Ruby fall out again part. Ruby said was never coming back I gave it a couple of weeks but I was so wrong she could’nt even last a couple of days before she returned as we all knew she would. She would rather be a big fish in a very very small pond then be forgotten about and with the internet thats doesnt take more than a day or two. So once again Chris treats her like shit and she lets him. This guy has no respect for women he treats them all the same like crap on his shoes with the occasional oh I’m sorry and they all come crawling back get some self-respect women ffs.

  2. Anonymous

    Ruby is always in the room when they fall out, she’s JackieKnoff

    1. Anonymous

      Would explain why JackieKnoff is always saying where’s Ruby and mentioning Ruby’s name every 5 minutes. I often think she is some of the guests on the odd occasion they are allowed in now as it’s amazing how many guests say I love you Ruby, where is Ruby, oh Ruby you are the person on Ivlog/Vaughn. Always thought she was saying that about herself so people didnt forget her.

  3. Ruby

    lol you guys do make me giggle , i assure you i dont log in as others 1 i cant be arsed , 2 i dont give a fuck who loves me n who doesnt it,s the internet , but i have been lucky enough too have made a few friends who ive known for 5 yrs so …

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah yeah yeah Ruby keep telling yourself that lol

    2. justaviewer

      Come on Ruby, you know the real reason you are there is you have nothing going on in your real life. Nothing. Going. On. You’re just as much a part of the show as Chris is, that’s the whole point. And btw you sucked on BlogTV aswell but at least Pastwit and Pmees show wasn’t as vulgar as Chris While. You’ve done nothing for 5 years and you’ll do nothing for the next 5.

      In some ways it shows how smart Chris is. Some say it in the room, watch the master at work. So clever how he chooses his Super Ops. Very clever how he keeps his ops in line. That’s why so many used to watch his shows, of course only about 20-25 watch now but man, for so many women, and Amy is lets face it much the same as Ruby and Angel, shes no job, no man, no real life to account for, Chris just keeps them there. In many ways it shows how needy many of the women in Chris’s room are. It’s fascinating for me to watch and I can only assume all the others that watch. Luckily there are several ops always recording his shows and he will never know who they are. It’s reality TV at it’s finest except it’s real people, real middle aged women sitting behind the keyboards, real men, Chris is real, it’s all real. Fasincating stuff.

  4. Anonymous

    Ruby don’t come here and give it all the “I’m finished with him shit and I’ll never be back” to just go back two days later. It just shows you as being needy and quite pathetic. Chris only likes you for what you can give him, whether that is money (which you have given him in the past) or some sort of attention. If you dropped down dead tomorrow Chris couldn’t give a fuck, he might use your death to try and get some donations, but that would be it.

    Why anyone still goes to that horrible, vile little Retards show is beyond me. It is hosted by a Retard and watched by Retards and Social Misfits. He throws his little Retarded Diva strop and kicks everyone and puts it on private, but there are still people out there just waiting to get straight in there when it opens up again. Fuck him, leave him to his 10+ Retards and lonely women that watch him.

    P.S. Here’s a pic of Nutty Angel…


    1. Anonymous

      Ewwwwwww I was just about to eat put me right off me dinner. These must be the pics that ryderbak paid a fiver for lol

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