Could These Two Be The Saviour Of VaughnLive?

I’m probably going to get shot down for this, but i don’t care. It was a cast that had me in tears of laughter, literally, and it’s been a long time since i’ve enjoyed one of those.

Thanks to Jackson69 for replaying the video on VL, and even more so, to the trolls who made this cast hilarious.

When you first start watching, you’ll just think ‘ oh, two strange looking women, and….’ but it’s the chat that makes this one gold!

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There were some hilarious comments in there, and like i’ve always said, VL has the best trolls anywhere online. But this one had me creased ๐Ÿ™‚


Fat girl look like a Shar Pei

Fat girl look like a Shar Pei1


Shar Pei

Jackson said he has contacted them and is trying to get them over to VL. If he’s successful, they will have hundreds of viewers a time, that is guaranteed ๐Ÿ˜‰

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11 Thoughts to “Could These Two Be The Saviour Of VaughnLive?”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    Would they afford purchasing Vaughn’s VIP though? Judging by the look of them, the food they buy from the supermarket doesn’t get as far as the fridge, let alone from the fridge to cooker to the table.

  2. Ruby

    Was a brilliant cast , and the un suspecting stars of it 1st time in a long time ive had a good laugh on vaughn.

  3. IP

    inb4 Mark offers them free VIP and a years supply of twinkies for them to cast on VL.
    Sure, I’d love them to cast. Anywhere other than VL ;o

  4. anon

    I have never in my life seen anyone gain weight in their forehead

  5. ukmuppetsreader

    Angel has a proper death grip on Chris’ chat right now. You dare not sing a note out of tune lest you be banned.

    And then Chris asks, “Why is chat dead?” XD

    1. gaz

      they have split up chris is saying

      1. gaz

        Now she is superop again lol, they was broke up a whole 39minutes

        1. Anonymous

          gaz those two are on and off more times then ive had hot dinners and ive had thousands. Have to laugh at their facebook status’ which says they are married lol. Not sure who is more mental of the two probably angel who believes all this crap. Tbf to her she doesnt ban as much as some of the other mods in his room well not when ive been there anyway and ivlog kicks you so fast you cant see who did it. Lots have come back in blaming angel but it has been rach33, isparkle or some other ban happy mod but any woman who fancies this guy needs help he is repulsive not only in looks but every other way too.

  6. ukmuppetsreader

    Bloody Hell, Angel is a proper nutter.

  7. gaz

    also these things used to do google hangouts until /b/ got wind of it.

  8. Anonymous

    Actually it was BlackKitteh who played these 2 wonderful ladies from YouTube first on her cast on Saturday.

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