Chris Gets Banned From Camup (again)

Thanks to the Anon who emailed us to let us know that MrAnalSock had some new vids of Chris on his Youtube channel.

Here’s one from last night, where Chris, running out of sites to cast on, tried to sneak back on with the username sexychriswhilee after already being banned a month or so back.

Watch as he claims people are being nasty to him, then goes on to give one of the Mods some vile abuse…


So that’s Ivlog, Vaughn, Camup all gone for him. Poor Chris, it never rains but it pours 😉

You can see the original and more HERE





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7 Thoughts to “Chris Gets Banned From Camup (again)”

  1. SocialCasterFan

    Eventually the mong will make his way to

  2. The Watchers

    Poor little pookums having yet another Tantrum he creates his own problems.
    Moderator…. Todayyyyyyy

  3. Priti_Patel

    Loving the commentary but its a bit loud, please balance the volume? 🙂

    Biting that hand that feeds you doesn’t even begin to sum this up. Poor old entitled Shitty Vile, King of the Casters, Oh HOW the mighty have fallen.

    Is he destined to be standing at a junction shouting at traffic, living off crumbs handed out by passers by?

    It’s currently looking a possibility.

    Attention Deficit Disorder when applied to Shitty is a lack of audience, and he is running out of platforms by the day.

    Open air public humiliation is fast approaching his only stage.

    How long did he sit in his silent hovel shouting ‘that’ll learn em!’? Possibly only Casper knows, the council having wisely moved every other human being away from those two most delightful of neighbours.

    My only fear in this whole sad, sorry affair is, the way things are going we may never see the final conclusion, although part of me thinks Shitty’s craving for attention will always find a way to reach out to the masses.

    Coming to a text based service soon. Shitty Vile – The Unpalatable Tour, Its Not My Fault.

  4. Stormin' Norman

    Chris is now casting on as PoundlandDJ

    1. Yep, i’ve embedded the cast with chat here Chris Live Cast

  5. BossHog NY

    Shitty is back on iVlog. His new name is Christopherwhiledj

    1. Anonymous

      I’m glad he dropped the Sexy, cause we all know he’s not sexy!

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