Vapers Is Dead: The Vaughns Finally Realise

After weeks of trying to put on a brave face and claim the Vaughnsoft empire is growing, it’s got to the stage where even Scruffy has to admit, it’s in a dire situation at the moment.

Talking about (you know, the one with about 3 casters) Mark has a bit of a Facebook rant, obviously, blaming others for the site’s demise.

Mark crying about vapers tv

Mark crying about vapers tv1

Mark crying about vapers tv2

Hang on. Did my eyes just deceive me, or did Scruffy just try to say that people should cast on for the ’cause’ and not the money?

How ironic, when she later claimed this:

Mark crying about vapers tv7

Mark crying about vapers tv8

So lets get this straight. People should cast on Vapers for free, for the cause, not for the money, but they should still pay money to the Vaughn’s, for the privilege.

But it’s the statement that ‘from a cost perspective, this site is killing us’ that puzzled me. uses the exact same video servers that uses, the same video servers that VaughnLive uses and the same video servers that Instagib uses.

The actual template is hosted on the same server as VL and all the others, so i’m confused as to how Vapers can be costing them so much money, that the cost is ‘killing them’

Now the cynics in you may suggest her request for more VIP subscribers or Vapers may have to close, is nothing more than a way to make more cash in Mark and Scruffys bank account. But for Legal reasons, i’m willing to think she’s just confused, and is not intentionally manipulating monies from those who Vape.

Because, i mean, it’s not only that the Vaughns seem to be confused about. Mark is often complaining how VL alone costs him approx $25k a Month.

Now back to the point above, that all four VaughnSoft websites all share the same video servers, means that the cost of running VL, is the same cost as running them all.

But it’s the price that puzzles me. VaughnLive and Breakers/Instagib/Vapers are all hosted on one server from HERE.

Now lets assume that Mark pays for the top server, that’s $347 a Month. Ok, lets get to the video servers. After spending the last 4 days scanning the 4 websites belonging to VaughnSoft, there is only 9 video servers that appear to be in use.

7 in Chicago:

1 in New York:

1 in Los Angeles:

So going by the site that Mark uses for his video servers, and the 72GB RAM he say’s he always orders, the top server is prices at $749 a Month. That’s assuming Mark is telling us the truth, and he orders the top Dedicated server on offer.

Marks video server

So we have 9 x $749 = £6741 a Month maximum, as every server hosts i’ve been with, give you discounts for the more servers you order. Throw in the webhosting server and you are looking at 8k a Month for websites and video servers.

I’ve not checked the chat servers yet, but i’m presuming they will be hosted on the same servers. If not, they must be costing Mark $17k a Month, or of course, the Vaughns have got a little confused over the figures 😉

It’s horrible getting old isn’t it 🙂

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4 Thoughts to “Vapers Is Dead: The Vaughns Finally Realise”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    Perhaps if Miss Scruffy treated people with more respect herself than the way she has done, not only with myself but to others as well from what I have been reading, the site wouldn’t be at the current state it is now,

    1. Yep. They could of had some good money making sites, but they are control freaks and got involved in business that owners shouldn’t of. You don’t see Cr3am or any of the Mods on Ivlog lurking in casts and banning people, even though the caster didn’t want the viewer banned.

      That is what has drove a large percentage of casters away from all their sites. But their ego won’t allow their minds to accept that they are ever in the wrong.

  2. IP

    I’ll re-read through this again when my headache is gone, but I took a quick glance and Miss Scruffy said one channel belonging to a minor, was being attacked by adults. They allow minors now? Also this attacking shit is nonsense because nobody goes there. It’s just a way to save face when they merge it into vaughnlive

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Of course not, just like Chris, they’re never in the wrong, everyone else is being in the wrong. Even when an issue was explained 3 times, we are still in the wrong. Isn’t that right Miss Scruffy? Should she be reading this at some point or another..

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