Christopherwhiledj Bullies Menellie And Mark Gronan

As per usual with Chris, it’s always ‘poor me’ ‘i’m the victim’ and ‘people bully me’ blah blah. But if there is one thing that is consistent with him, is he’s always hypocritical about everything he complains about.

He cries about Mark grassing him up to the DWP, yet go and flags jSteveo’s channel, 4 times in one show…. he claims nobody cares about him, then proceeds to aggressively verbally attack all those nearest to him.

Then of course, the bullying. Poor old Christopher. Forever being ‘bullied’ as he calls it, when Mark or jSteveo play clips from him, or talk about him in their casts.

We’ve all heard the pathetic, whimpering, of the the regular ” Moderaytor…Moderaytor, can you hurry please, i’m being bullied here” then if no Mod comes to his beck and call after 12 seconds, we get the “fu saaaaaake, TODAAAAYY”

But, as i said, if there’s one thing he’s consistent with, it’s the good old sheer hypocrisy.


Don’t mention this to him though, or you will be banned+ and the subject will be silently removed from history, like it never happened.

Just another day in the life of Christopher While!





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19 Thoughts to “Christopherwhiledj Bullies Menellie And Mark Gronan”

  1. lucyp

    he just dosent get it he posted this on his facebook

  2. raoul duke

    what is spikes house number 47? 50? i think it wil be amusing to send him pizza as 6 of my delicious hot pies were blocked this weekend

  3. Ben the Bastard

    The victim of being a bully is a bully himself.

    Not being funny when I come off with this but he is a


  4. Crap mo Stank

    Chris while bullies me all the time, along with AngelStormee, I get kicked all the time just for speaking my mind and most of all, for not speaking a single word.

  5. justaviewer

    Mark Gronan was accused of raping his own sister, making him the paedophile not Chris.

    With Mark Gronan it’s a funny old thing, his dad being exposed online since 2014. With Mark Gronan it goes back to him and Forrest Jamison sending Breana Greathouse to commit suicide. Mark Gronan’s constant paedophilia accusations towards Vonhelton, the abuse of Montagraph, him being joined by the likes of SecularOpinion and GeorgeBushPimps on Youtube once again…………talking about child abuse and paedophilia and now in 2015 and 2016 his target is Christopher While and what are the accusations again? The same thing he’s been obsessed with since 2009, paedophiles and child abuse. So many other names I could mention but I wont because I would be here all night writing about it.

    Now i know for a fact that the address for MeNellie is real, many know where Nathan Gronan is located, Mark has many enemies online and of course who can forget the multiple Youtube videos Mark made when the police removed him from his Mother’s home, the courts got involved and he was begging for help. Mark Gronan is the paedophile, MeNellie’s name and address are known and people know where Nathan is.

    And let me tell you something, a lot of people that might have issues with Chris While are getting behind Chris While because the Gronan’s, especially Mark are a prime target for many, many people want to see their downfall. For Nellie, it’s a bit more pathetic. Nellie is one person that just wants attention although I absolutely believe he does record the Primary School across from his high rise flats and with him admitting to having 70 hard drives, I think he should be looked into also but like i said, the thing with Nellie is he’s a bit pathetic, he looks and acts like a pathetic middle aged man and everyone knows where he is anyway, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    But of course typical Mark Gronan, once again obsessed with paeodphiles and child abuse, projecting, cause that’s what these people do, they project what they are in their real life onto innocent people and they accuse and point the fingers and threaten and guess what? Chris never had the police at his door, you did Mark, Chris never raped anyone, you did Mark, Chris never had sex with anyone under age, you DID Mark.

    And as far as sending DVDS of him to the DWP. Send all the videos you want Mark. Do you want to know what the truth is people? All you Americans that don’t know any better and what the Brits will hide from you? Chris While is on the sick, only a Doctor can do that for you. His Doctor said he cannot work. He has mental issues. Anyone that spends time with Chris and I don’t mean this in a bad way towards him, they will know within 10 minutes…..there’s something not quite right with him, that’s because he isn’t all there in the head. His Doctor will know that. I know people personally who have had sickness benefits for a long period of time and they were taken off them because they were deemed fit for work and when they got their Doctor’s appointment, they got their money back infact in one case the Doctor phoned the Job Centre there and then and read the riot act to one of the managers in it about why that person had their money stopped and they got the money reinstated there and then on the phone and it was done. It caused a lot of upset and stress and he said go and get your money and if there’s any problems you put them on the phone to me and i’ll take this the full road, within the hour every penny was backdated do you know why? Because sickness benefits are not like regular benefits.

    What Mark thinks this is, is like someone claiming JSA but they work a second job so a DVD being sent in will stop their money. Or even someone on the sick claiming they are too poorly to work but they’re out cutting the grass, out lifting furniture, out doing loads of stuff showing their not hurt. A DVD in proves that and gets the money stopped.

    What do you think Mark sent it? Chris drunk? lol. Chris singing? Chris arguing? Do you really think any of that goes against what his Doctor says is wrong with him? That proves nothing. If anything it helps Chris. It shows Chris drunk most of the time out of his mind, the Doctor could quite easily say he’s an alcoholic and you know what the DVD would do? IT WOULD PROVE IT! The Doctor could say not only is he an alcoholic but he’s got mental issues? I bet all the screaming and yelling would back that up entirely!

    The only way Chris will have his money stopped is if Chris’ own Doctor says that he is brand new, compus mentus, he’s 100% able to work and he’s no issues you at all and what Mark Gronan and many of the people that view this site in the UK know, but they wont tell you, is they wont tell you that THEY KNOW in the back of their minds, there’s not a Doctor in the UK that would say Chris is fit for work. Not a chance and the DWP can stop his money if they want, they can stop a little of it or all of it but the second Christopher’s Doctor finds out and Chris 100% is an alcoholic and 100% does have mental issues there is no way they will find him fit for work.

    And Chris if you are reading this, I hope you do stay sober like you have been, I hope you have smartened up a bit regarding Mark Gronan and MeNellie and Nathan Gronan. I don’t think you realise how many people right now that are faceless on Ivlog are actually behind you in this instance and in this instance can see exactly what is going on because it’s been going on since 2008. It’s been going on 8 years. It’s about time you woke up and don’t worry about Mark Gronan, he can’t do nothing to you.

    1. I agree Mark Gronan is no saint. It’s been proven that he and others trolled somebody so bad, they couldn’t take it no more. And i’ve said on previous posts that he’s done some fucked up shit in the past.

      But the Sister/Rape claim, i believe he was never charged over it so there was obviously no, or not enough evidence, that it really did take place. And because of that, it was, and still is, only an allegation.

      Now everybody’s entitled to their opinion, that’s what this blog firmly believes in, and if it’s your opinion that he DID rape his Sister, then that’s your prerogative.

      But it’s unfair to claim he definitely did do it, without any hard evidence to back this up.

      Moving on to the Chris debate. I’m not sure how well up you are on the latest rules and regulations regarding Benefits/sickness Benefit system works in the UK, but believe me, his Doctor has ZERO say in the final decision.

      Yes, his GP can write a sick note out, and up to a few years ago, that would of been enough for him to get his sickness/Disability Benefits. But the system has changed completely now. The DWP now send you to their private contracted medical assessors and they will mark you so many points per illness/Disability.

      It doesn’t matter if your Doctor says you only have 3 weeks to live, if the DWP’s own assessors decide you are fit for work, they will stop your money.

      You then have a choice to claim JSA, or you can appeal against the decision the DWP made. If you appeal, it goes to a local Tribunals Court where you are placed in front of (usually) 2 people. One will be a Medical expert, the other, a Judge. Occasionally, there will be 3, but not so often.

      They then decide if a) the Medical expert believes you are not fit for work, and b) the Judge decides if by the current Law, you are fit for work, or eligible for certain benefits that fit your criteria.

      Once again, his GP will have no power at all, to decide the result of the appeal being heard. Yes, they can write a note saying how in their OPINION, Chris is not fit for work, but ultimately, it is only that Judge and Medical Expert in the Tribunal who have the power to go in his favour or not.

      Secondly, regarding the DVD sent in, if that DVD shows Chris singing, dancing around, jumping on chairs/tables and is filmed over several different occasions, then they can, and will, refute his claim that he is physically disabled, and they will also have a good argument to refute his claim that he is mentally disabled.

      If he claims he is scared of leaving the house, then if any DVD’s sent in, captured the many times he gets dressed, say’s he’s off to the shop, and returns with a bag full of alcohol and a smile on his face, then any monies paid to him for his ‘alleged’ illness will be stopped and not reinstated.

      I believe he also claims he has to walk with a stick, due to chronic back and leg pains. Again, all the clips of him jumping around, doing the hokey cokey and the cha cha slide, if on several different occasions, will have that claim thrown out too.

      Then we have the e-begging. If the DVD’s contained him bragging on numerous times, the amount of money he’s had and not declared it, he can, and most likely will, be charged with failing to notify the DWP in a change of income.

      Being a drunk is about the only things those DVD’s will go in favour for him. The rest, well, he’ll be in deep shit, to put it mildly.

      1. Anonymous

        Spot on Karl Chris’ doctor will not have any say in the matter he can only advise of his opinion. Lately, I have done a lot of work connected with the DWP and people who have to have assessements done to decide whether they are deemed fit for work. I have listened to people complain when they have been told they are not longer getting benefits as they have indeed been deemed fit and must transfer over to JSA. I have listened to them say but my doctor disagrees he has written me another sick note to last another 3 months they cant overule him. Sorry yes they can and do the doctors note becomes useless.

        Again as Karl states the only way forward if you dont accept it is to appeal the decision and whether Chris could keep his cool during such an interview I dont know. I can hear him now shouting Moderaytorrrrrrr I want a moderaytooor now, and shouting fuck off your bastids won’t go down to well with the appeals panel.

        1. justaviewer

          I know how it works too and I know many people go to the Citizens Advice Bearau (CAB) and have someone from there not only accompany them to these meetings but speak on their behalf just like you can bring a family member with you to speak on your behalf.

          Never mind walking sticks and bad backs and problems with fingers. It’s all nitpicking. Let’s get to the real issue which is mental health and If i’m not mistaken this blog was one of the ones that talk about Chris having the mental age of a 12 year old, his mind being much younger than his actual age. Yeah I agree he will shout in that meeting, I’ve no doubts Mark did show videos of him shagging a couch. And his Mam or if he’s smart a person from the CAB will take him in there, usually a lawyer is present also and they will speak for Chris and they will say……do you think this man is mentally capable of work? And i would be very surprised if any Doctor or lawyer (both of which will be present in any assessment, they usually bring a member of the public in aswell by the way to ask to questions. I would be very surprised if everyone of them said this guy is alright, he’s brand new, not a problem wrong with this guy, this guy should be out there mingling with the public 40 hours a week, he’s fit for work, he’s fit for everything.

          And that’s the real reason why the nitpicking starts about walking canes and fingers and bad backs and the paedophile claims because what the trolls are doing is they are trying to cover all bases. Well if we can’t get him on his bad back, WELL he can lift a casee of beer, if that doesn’t work WELL what him dancing around, WELL if that doesn’t work what about calling him a paedo despite him never having done anything wrong or touched anyone or abusing anyone, we’ll just call him that anyway and see if that sticks.

          And you wanna talk about Amy? Is that the same Amy that still sits in his room chatting? Is this the same Amy that if there had been any wrong doing woulda been the first one on the phone to the police? If Chris really did speak to her family member the way her friend said, she wouldn’t still talk to Chris now would she?

          But of course that will be another plan by the trolls. If Amy DOESN’T go against Chris they will say awww well Amy must have mental issues too then, it’s the Warrrbuck Mother syndrome here, she must have something wrong, we better dox her too and harrass her too since she wont go to the police or say what we want her to say.

          I’ll tell you what, i bet Mark Gronan gets a knot in his stomach everytime people online bring up his family and what he was accused of. He sat there scared and admitted the police removed him from his families home. He admitted he had no choice but to leave. I remember his shaky voice from the following Easter and he sat on Youtube with his shaky voice trying to tell people how his Mother thanked him for the Easter Egg he sent her lol and how his Gran still talked to him. He is guilty as sin and you know what he did then that he still does in his latest video? He still has the twitchy eyes, when Mark Gronan lies he doesn’t look into the camera, he’s as guilty as sin.

          There’s a common thread here. From Mark Gronan to Secular Opinion to Lardo to Glen’s Room to George Bush Pimps to Forrest Jamison to all the others and the common theme seems to be child abuse and paedophilia. They’re obsessed by it! They are talk about it or accuse others of it. I wonder why. Now one thing I will say is many of them have since had their criminal records exposed and don’t do much online now and if they do they certainly don’t show their faces on cam but Mark Gronan has made his return and you know what I see and many others who have been following this? We see a scared wee boy just like a few years ago. A scared wee boy that’s probably not had many friends in his life, that is morbidly obese, that I would guarantee was telling the truth when he said he had no choice but to leave his family, I believe his Dad is the only one who speaks to him and what I see Mark and I know you’ll read this is a big guy, a big daft guy that probably at some point was an alright guy and you’ve ended up the way you are.

          Did you know guys that when Mark was claiming his innocence, he said he had suicidal thoughts, Mark Gronan, you know the same Mark Gronan that makes fun of Chris While for having “sad thoughts”. Mark Gronan said he had thought of killing himself but he didn’t because of his sister. What a load of BS. A big dumb guy who admits in his latest video…….i do what i do best, i manipulate shit. A big dumb guy that lives on his own, is a heart attack case waiting to happen, that has been abandoned by his own family most likely because they know it’s true what he did and now his life, like many of the viewers on here is sitting online watching someone else live their life.

          I see the same wee boy I did 2 years ago that shit himself when he got caught out, i see the same look off MrBlueSky sometimes, a worried look. And Chris While might be a lot of things but he has also yet to be proven guilty of anything. At least no one has came forward and said Chris raped them or molested them, unlike you Mark. At least when Chris looks in the mirror and he looks his Mam and Steven and everyone else, he can at least look at them and say thank fuck i’ve never been accused of what Mark has infact I bet many people online look at you and the type you hang around with and say thank fuck I’m not him and i’ve not been accused of what he has.

          And you what the sad thing is, people will support him. He will hit 30 years old, he will probably hit 35 years old, if he’s lucky and his weight isn’t too damaging to his body he might make 40 but whether he is 30 or lives up till 90 you will still be the same guy buddy. Sitting on your own, at the computer, doing the same thing every day, no girlfriend, no family, no nothing just chatting to faceless people on the internet that lets face it, most of us are out living lifes and having sex and making money and going on holidays and socialising. You and your kind will never have lifes. Just sitting online wasting away watching other people on webcams.

          I’ll tell you all one thing he was right about though. The reason he streams Chris is because it is against their policy to make social media accounts. When Chris makes his casts private they are not allowed to make accounts and watch him. And he must kidding himself big time if he thinks ANYONE outside of people on the blogs are gonna sit on his Youtube link and watch Chris all day and night on the off chance he might do something stupid or god forbid he might dance to some music! They’ve got more important things to do.

    2. BossHog NY

      Get your head out of your ASS, Shitty has said many times that he’s a PEDO. Joking or Not Shitty said it !!!!. Ask Amy100 about Shitty hitting on a 13yr old for a date = PEDO
      Shitty is a useless begging/bullying asswipe that brings problems on himself.

      1. justaviewer

        BossHogNY yuo need to stop with all these lies. Chris isn’t the one who’s been accused of rape, Mark Gronan is.

        I understand you’re getting angry at me because i’m telling you things you don’t want to hear but the fact is Chris has done no wrong, Chris has not been arrested for any wrong doing because if he had done any wrong doing he would be arrested. All this is buddy is an attempt to smear his name and Mark Gronan can send in all the home made DVDs he wants, as long as Christopher’s Doctor says he is not right in the head to work, Chris will always get his money. That is a fact.

        1. Anonymous

          Justaviewer you are wrong or can you not read. Chris’ doctor can write until he is blue in the face and it will count for nothing if the experts the dwp appoint to appraise him disagree.

          The other stuff I know nothing about but on this I am 100% sure. It is up to the panel and no one else advise is all his doctor can do.

        2. Anonymous

          JustaAsswipe, You sound like you’re in Shitty’s PEDO circle, I have talked with Shitty many times on the phone. The stuff he told me had my hair looking like Don King’s hair. You can keep defending that asswipe PEDO all you want, The SMART people know what Shitty is all about.

          1. Anonymous

            If you don’t like him. Why do you stick around? Why do you keep watching him? Why do you keep using Ukmuppets blog when it focuses soley on Chris coverage?
            Point being people do, because it’s entertaining seeing his daily drama. I used to love seeing him get worked up from pizza and taxi deliveries. But what I really don’t get is why all the hate? With Chris, all he would talk about is partying, booze, and money … right? Thats what people do when they obsess about something so much. What I don’t get it. is why the past 6 years Mark and Nathan gronan are ALLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS on about pedophilia. Everything is this and that about pedos and little kids, that pretty much tells you whats always in the back of their mind.
            Anyway. Who care’s if someone is unemployed anyway? Karl Davies is on benefits. He’s clearly making income through his blog’s ad revenue. Should be be facing the lynch mob too?

        3. BossHog NY

          JustaAsswipe, You sound like you’re in Shitty’s PEDO circle, I have talked with Shitty many times on the phone. The stuff he told me had my hair looking like Don King’s hair. You can keep defending that asswipe PEDO all you want, The SMART people know what Shitty is all about.

  6. Katie says

    I wondered what the hell was going on when I visited the poor hard done by Vile, surely he couldnt be doing the same thing as he constantly accusses of people of, yeah of course he was he has always bullied and made fun of others long before anyone started doing it to him. He is one of the biggest bullies to ever be online.

    He treats his friends like shit then wonders why he hasnt got any left but at last most of them have realised what a nasty piece of work he is. This man thinks he can do whatever he likes and he is never in the wrong, its never his fault. He threatens, bullies, cries (fake of course because his eyes never leave chat), throws his toys out of the pram every time he thinks he is not getting his own way.

    To be honest I never thought the likes of Ruby, Rach & Willsmac would ever remover their blinkers to what this creep is like but they seem to have finally seen the light and I hope they do not let this thing worm his way back into their lives.

    Angel I have no idea what she is all about on the surface she seems a nice person but there has to be something mentally wrong with a much older woman (nothing wrong in that) who lets someone who professes to love her treat her in such a way. I mean come on surely she cant be proud to be with “that”. Angel be careful Brian6 is after replacing you as the love of chris’ life and will all the money and extras Brian is offering I fear Angel will be on another your dumped downhill slide well at least until Brian is broke.

    Chris the only bully is you.

    1. ^^ Spot on! You only have to watch the way Chris is always declaring that he ‘loves’ Brian6 these days. Why? Because he claims to have money and has apparently sent Chris money in the past, and according to what Chris keeps saying, has promised to send Chris £800 soon.

      Once Angel can’t afford to keep Chris, especially now he has had his money stopped, she will be tossed aside just like every other ‘friend’ that’s helped Chris in the past, then stopped the financial support.

      There is literally a handful of people who watch Chris because they like him now. The rest of us watch because he’s a trainwreck.

      Wasn’t long ago the ‘King’ would bring in anything up to 200 viewers a cast. Now, he’s lucky if there’s 5. Only the ones with ulterior motives still stand by this guy.

  7. Anonymous

    Ruby, Wills and Rach will be back, they always go back.

    1. Anonymous

      I cant speak for Ruby but I know for a fact that Willsmac and Rach have washed their hands of him. I would like to think Ruby has done the same but she has said it so many times but always does an about turn, comes back to forgive and defend him.

  8. @anonymous 11:57. I think the reason so many hate him is a mix of the way he abuses his Mother, his tantrums if he doesn’t get his own way, and the way he boasted about how people should go out to work and pay taxes for him, while he claims he will never work. Imagine you just come home, exhausted from work, and see Chris, bragging that he will never ever get a job, and people like you should just keep paying your taxes to keep him in alcohol all year round?

    So it’s quite understandable that with all of the reason above, there are people who despise him. He thinks i hate him because i repost what he does. The truth is, yes, he winds me up at times, and i feel like smacking him one, but i don’t HATE him, just don’t agree with the way he treats people.

    And i think that is how most people view him. As i said, there will be, and understandably so, those that do hate him, for whatever their personal reasons are. But his claim that everybody hates him, and is out to get him, is just more sympathy seeking from a man who knows how to perfect it to a tee.

    As for your last question, yes and no. Yes i do receive benefits and no, there is no money made from this site. Never has been and never will be. I would be a hypocrite if i had ads running on here, after all the things i warned about them.

    I believe in honesty and transparency and yourself, or anybody else is quite welcome to fully scan this site with any of the software out there and you will find there are no ads, no spyware and no trackers. The only things that will flag up is the Google analytics, Google Fonts, ie ( not to be confused with the dangerous virus and maybe the pageview counter. None of those are dangerous and if you run good Browser addons then they will be blocked anyway.

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