Mark Introduces VIP Gold (LOL)

Dear oh dear. If Carlsberg did worst business man of the decade, you’d have to think Mark Vaughn would win it hands down.

Look, i think it’s good that he is close to his Mum, and the fact he gives her a role to keep her busy is great. But making her ‘Community Manager’ just hasn’t worked. Anybody that can read knows that. I’m not suggesting he should just sack her, just give her a role that is behind the scenes.

Another plan that has not only worked, but destroyed any ‘Community’ that existed, was the VIP package. The one where you pay the Vaughns $15 a month, to do what AdblockPlus does for free.

So what would any sensible business man do in this situation? Well, if it was me, i would give my Mum the role of Financial Manager, or Commercial Executive, a place where she could still be a part of the business, but not get everybody’s backs up.

Then i would abolish the VIP shambles, and look into how other online company’s make a healthy profit, without asking their customers to foot the server bills (big

Then we have Mark. What does Mark do? Still lets his Mother ruin what is left of the sinking ship by remaining as Community Manager, but even worse, tries to scam his customers out of even more money, by introducing VIP Gold!

I shit you not. If this wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious.


Mark introduces VIP Gold


Mark introduces VIP Gold1


Mark introduces VIP Gold2

I’m beginning to think Mark is somehow getting off on ruining what was once a great site. I mean, seriously, who on earth is going to fall for all that nonsense?

Vaughn is dying and it’s sad to see a site i once loved being ripped to pieces like this. But this new money parting scam will be the final nail in the coffin. And the Vaughns can blame the Blogs, blame jealous rivals or blame the entire human race as much as you want. But ultimately, your idiotic running of the site is what’s finished it.







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13 Thoughts to “Mark Introduces VIP Gold (LOL)”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    So does this mean Basic VIP will get a price cut by half the price of VIP gold? Also will this do away with that pathetic automated screen that pops up stating that “video servers are at capacity” but doesn’t automatically go away in the same way it automatically pops in, once the video servers are no longer at full capacity????????????????????????????????

    1. Those servers are never anywhere near full, not these days anyway. He puts that up in certain casts, usually the movies, in the hope it will disturb a film, and the viewer will buy VIP.

      Mark is not being 100% honest when it comes to his servers. But that’s for another post lol.

      I never make an accusation without evidence, and trust me, it’s coming 😉

    2. Anonymous

      It’s still a sham. Not like VL was using preroll video adverts like Youtube or Twitch. There was no visible ad except for that ransom banner of Marks thats has no point. His buddy Drulcast? That hasnt been in operation for over a year. The thing is. Even with VIP people still are slammed with behind the scenes adclicks, like amazon and google adsense. James Pecker did a video critiqueing Mark’s malicious code.

  2. Ned

    Another desperate act, from a desperate loser trying to save is sinking ship. mark Vaughn reeks of desperation.

  3. Anonymous

    I have been IP banned 3 thimes now for daring to disagree with Scruffy in a cast. IP ban is the cowards way because people dont realise you have been banned they just think you have left or as Scruffy said last time “haha they ran because they knew I was right and couldnt back up their argument”.

    Now I must be a right troublemaker because now my channel has been closed (not that I have ever cast) due violating broadcasting guidelines but of course it now means I cant sign in under my used name. I have asked Mark why but of course I have never received a response and I think no matter how many times I ask for an answer I will never get one. The real reason is I argued with your mummy but that might make him look more of an idiot then he is already if that is possible. Oh dear I may never get my channel reopened now.

    Karl is right Scruffy is killing the site and banning people solely because she doesnt like people disagreeing with her. Keep it up Scruffy soon there will be noone left because you will have banned all but the asslickers, remember without people whether casters or chatters you have no site the few select you choose to let stay cannot and will not sustain the site, but hey what does that matter as long as your personal vendettas are sorted.

    1. It’s the golden rule these days unfortunately. Agree, or banned, as simple as that.

    2. Ben the Bastard

      Just to be clear, Miss Scruffy handles any sort of dispute very badly, it’s like talking to a brick wall. You don’t get anywhere with it because she doesn’t listen and take in to what your saying to her. I posted evidence of this a while back on here and as I also said before, the conversation that took place, word for word is also posted on my own blog as well for all to read for themselves.

  4. IP

    Holy fucking siht. He’s really gone off the deep end. This MUST be a troll, man. Maybe on April 1st he will say it’s being released and then just say he had us fooled. There is no way he can be this demented, he must have had a bang on the head. And what you said is correct, anyone using Xsplit for example (not sure about OBS), has their casts saved on their computers anyway, and this happens to be about 90% of his casters. I’m really expecting this to be an April Fools though, it’s got to be. If not I think he will announce another one, like Platinum like you said, and that’s be the joke. This can’t be real lol

  5. IP

    Also, if they are this desperate for money, they should just do a blanket unban all like they did a year or two ago, whenever that was. That’d triple his traffic.

  6. BossHog NY

    VIP basic $9.95 per month.. LOL, AdBlocker Plus FREE.. Your Call.

  7. TheVaughnsAreCunts

    This picture shows the situation.

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