Sirensea – Unwigged

Sorry Siren, i do like you, but it was a once in a lifetime chance 🙂 While adjusting her wig, it all went tits up and fell back, revealing her true hair style.


Sirensea unwigged


She looks completely different with short hair. Hands up, you wouldn’t recognise her if she was walking down the street with her natural hair would you.

Which, in this day and age, it’s not a bad thing to hide her real looks.








John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized






3 Thoughts to “Sirensea – Unwigged”

  1. Ruby

    The last time i saw siren casting she had long locks of dark hair , is she ok?

    1. Yeah she’s fine i think. She said that for the last 5 years she’s always wore a wig, so that’s why nobody’s seen her short hair before.

  2. Baboultr

    I Always knew our Sirensea had a secret 😉

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