FAO Of Those Still Defending Chris

In regards to the recent comment that Christopher While is still the poor, innocent victim, and Mark Gronan is the Paedophile etc.

Yes, Mark was accused of raping his sister, that’s a fact. But what also is a fact, is that he has always denied it, and more crucially, he was investigated and never charged.

Now i’m not saying that just because he was never charged, it couldn’t of happened. We all know that crimes do slip under the net. But here in the UK, if you deny an accusation and it is never proven otherwise, you are innocent.

So despite what anybody’s personal thoughts are, he is still officially innocent.

Now we get to Chris. As far as we know, Chris has never been charged with Paedophilia either. But, he has admitted looking for child porn, there are screencaps of him wanting to have a 15yr girlfriend, at 27 yrs of age. And there is also the statement from Amy, describing how he flirted with her very young Cousin.

So with the evidence that we do have, which one of them would you describe as the Paedo?

*Warning: Lower your volume at the 2m32s mark, or be prepared to be deafened lol.




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28 Thoughts to “FAO Of Those Still Defending Chris”

  1. BossHog NY

    Shitty = PEDO, Its just a matter of time before he’s caught doing skype sex with a child under the age of 15yrs old.

  2. raoul duke

    boss hog not so long ago you wanted ure wife to massage the autistic outta chriss your a fucking fool

    1. BossHog NY

      You’re a retarded asswipe for even thinking that, You’re a PEDO defender and that’s all you could come up with.

      1. gaz


        1. Anonymous

          Have to agree with them Boss you were one of the biggest Chris fans and banned anyone who dared to say anything against Chris even if it was offering him good advice such as not spending all his money on booze and saving some to last im until his next fraudalent payment.

        2. BossHog NY

          I think you guys got me confused with BossHogFromNewYork. I think he lives down by New York City.

          We’re 2 different people, Karl will tell you by my IP addy that i live very far from New York City

          I’m BossHog NY and I live about 110 miles from Foxman Shawn. He lives across Lake Ontario in Barrie.

  3. raoul duke

    this is a MESSAGE for MARK GRONAN fix ure shit!!! Shitty is castiing willy nilly and hes slipping the net

  4. Trevor

    Dung Drawers is back at Mams (don’t know if he’s living there or not) and he has what looks like a rather nice computer chair and a new laptop. The laptop will no doubt be broken by the time that you read this, so forget that I even mentioned it.

    1. lol, yeah i was watching him for a bit last night. First he said he’s staying there because somebody set fire the electric meter??? then he said he’s staying there because he reckons Menellie, Nathan and Mark Gronan are going to beat him up?

      1. Katie says

        Lol is this is same big man that was telling them to “bring it on because he could kick the shit outa em” and “he wasnt scared of them” now he has gone running back to his mam’s. The chances of those 3 coming down is nil because they are winding him up. He has more chance of me coming to teach him a lesson. Hmmm my train leaves in 45 minutes for Barrow. Hi shitty poos im coming for you!!!!!!!

  5. Meio

    just take a good look at the above pic of old boggin boxers vile , sloping forehead – fat bottom huffy [pregnant-leech] underlip , un shaven- expression of complete moronic [almost downlike] retardation on his face , obese form as ive said often ….darwins’ missing link is alive and kicking off down barrow way !. vile and somewhat disgusting !!

  6. Dusty bin

    He will come up with any excuse to go to his mums, he gets free food, booze and electric and gas there.
    If someone did set fire to his meter, it was more than likely chris, we know he likes setting things on fire.

  7. raoul duke

    i believe the electric meter was set fire due to a larg enumber of pizzas being delivered to number 47, in chriss name

  8. Pikem4n

    Theres one thing for sure folks, if the Electric meter has indeed been tampered with or “set on fire” there would be cctv footage of it, most council/Housing Association flats have them on their corridoors nowadays and if that is the case i am sure the people in charge will get their culprit!

    It’s amazing how many of us have gone from liking,having a laugh and socialising with Chris to not liking him much at all because of his overall actions, the Phrase “everything happens for a reason” is going through my mind atm, if none of the reported stuff was true it would not be happening,would it?

    Btw Karl just to inform you squire, your new embedded videos do not seem to work on IOS devices, well they don’t on my Iphone..

    1. BrianTheTosser

      Do English men really call each other “squire”? I thought that was only on Monty Python. 😀

      1. lol, it is a very English word. Like Mark Vaughn in his new VIP update, him coming out with “that is awfully expensive” literally made me LOL.

        Pike, what iOS version is your phone running mate? I’ve tried just about every iOS emulator i can find online, and the player seems to play fine? Maybe the emulators aren’t giving an accurate response compared to the actual iPhones or iPads?

        1. Pikem4n

          Alright Karl

          That post that you had up, i tired to view that video (the one where chris was very out of order to Ruby) but my phone decided to die on me so i could not check it out, but the version i have on my phone is 7.1.1 (11D201) TBH i should really get it jailbroken!

          @Brian Yes we do very much so sir, also we also doff our caps, drink from Goblets and pay for items using Groats 😉

  9. Anonymous

    his elec meter is inside surely? I have those top up meters too and it’s only the gas one that’s outside.. he’s casting now and looks completely miserable and looks like he has aged ten years, your lifestyle is catching up on you poopy pants.

    1. Yep. Plus why would anybody want to try and set fire to an electric meter? He did change the story later to “i’m staying at my Mums because Nathan, Menellie and Mark are going to come to my flat to beat me up” but again, reeks of more lies.

      I’m thinking he’s staying there because he still hasn’t sorted a new claim out yet for his benefits, so rather than Anna keep having to bring him shopping up every few days, it’s easier to just feed him at her house until he gets something sorted.

    2. Pikem4n

      @ Anon

      It All depends on the style of property he’s in, i know a lot of 60’s style housing and flats have the meters (electric and Gas) on the outside,either housed in little cut-away plastic boxes or in a adjacent outside storage space.

      Usually it’s a fusebox that could catch fire not a meter just for reference, the only way a meter could suffer a catastrophic failure (as it were) if it has been tampered with, and those modern digital ones are a bugger to destroy 😉

  10. Brokenmech

    I also heard stephen saying he lost his wallet so maybe that has something to do with it as well… wouldn’t surprise me he’s lost at LEAST 5 bank cards in the last year that I have watched him…

    1. Anonymous

      He probably just says he’s lost it, any excuse to get back at mums and make their lives a misery..

  11. BrianTheTosser

    Well I’ve just been watching Chris on iVlog and his show is Brian, Brian and more Brian. Surely Brian must have donated copious quantities of cash, as Chris cannot get Brian’s name off his lips.

  12. Trevor

    You might want to get your recorders set on the Sexy show, he’s going home tonight and I don’t think he’ll go quietly. lol

    He just had a two hour bath and his Mam came in, dropped her kegs and done a piss while he was in the bath. Unbelievable.

    1. Anonymous

      They are as foul as each other. People think Anna is a saint but she is just as much a leech scrounging off the taxpayers as her son.

  13. raoul duke

    shitty boy while is off air, maybe hes getting sexual with brian6

    1. He’s probably blagged Stephen into taking him shopping on the way home.

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