Electrojed: Not Under His Skin (no really)

You know it’s funny how for some people, the thought of losing money really pushes them over the edge. I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for Mark. He knows his empire is crumbling, but rather than just face it straight on, he’s gone into this worrying decline of complete denial.

But, it’s seems it’s not only Mark who’s feeling the pressure. Just as Mark was casting earlier, and testing his ‘donations’ script, the whole site went down.


vaughnlive down

Not just VaughnLive either…

vapersis down

And Breakers, and Instagib. Yep, poor Mark broke the t’internets.

So, no VaughnLive, no begging platform. Now these guys have got used to other people funding their lifestyles, so in a panic, wondering where their next beer money is going to come from, they go to…..

Yes that’s right, Ivlog. The site that Mark Vaughn claims is only used by ‘the scum of the earth’ and wouldn’t exist if it didn’t take in his banned casters.

As you can clearly tell…Jed wasn’t in the least bit stressed or wound up there, so all you guys who are thinking you are getting under his skin…

you’re doing a bloody fabulous job!

I think that was what you could call, butthurt.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

3 Thoughts to “Electrojed: Not Under His Skin (no really)”

  1. retaliater

    I can not wait until that fat piece of shit Jed dies from a heart attack, I think Mark will probably beat him to it though.

  2. IP

    When he dared people to sign in and call on skype, to ‘man up’, I was greeted with this
    nvm was tryna send a screencap but it wont let me, but he blocked me. convenient.

    btw karl on an unrelated note, look upITVs Beowulf, it;s so fucking good. the acting is meh but the writing is great, it takes a bit to get into but i love it. but i like medieval shit, not sure about you

  3. Anonymous

    Jed is a talking sabor tooth walrus. I have been saying this shit the whole time but no one listens.

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