Lets All Laugh At Mark Vaughn

Rather than make post after post, i think it’s better to just have one place where we can stick all the hilarious statements and video’s of the one and only Mark Vaughn.

Mark Doesn’t Like Shawnio Now He Doesn’t Stick Up For Him:

Mark turns on Shawnio

Mark turns on Shawnio 1

Mark Claims He Wins (even when he loses)

Mark Vaughn - i still win 1

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 1

He claims he wins, then comes on and say’s sorry for all the sites down…lol

Mark’s Plans For VaughnLive:

Marks workplan

*Never gonna happen.

Marks workplan1

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 4

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 5

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 6

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 7

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 8

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 9

Mark: New Server For The Continued Growth (LOL)

lets laugh at Mark Vaughn edit 10

Mark: What Am I Supposed To Do With 16GB?

Watching him desperately trying to convince people his sites aren’t dying is painful now.

Mark Vaughn - they have sent me the wrong ram

Mark: Those That Are Negative Are A Minority:

Mark Vaughn - the haters are a minority

Mark: Those Blogs Are Malicious Criminals:

  • Credit to the Woodshed for this video.

Why is it, every time Mark or Scruffy open their mouths, they just make themselves look more idiotic? They ramble on about everything being the Blogs fault and how we are going to soon face criminal charges, for posting PROOF of what is said and done on their site. Then in the next breath, says he called the Cops over a death threat and they turned up and said “nothing we can do”

Yeah, i’m sure the Cops are going to prioritise people writing facts over somebody threatening to come and murder you lmfao. Lets face it, you hate the Blogs because you can’t silence us. You and Scruffy are so used to be being able to just swiftly IP ban anybody who dares to show a hint of dissent that you can’t handle not being in control over what is said about yourselves and your Company.

Shame eh 😉

Mark Vaughn: VL is how Media should be.

  • * Courtesy of Mork for sending this in.

Mark twitter post

Maybe he’s of fan of North Korea’s Media too?

Mark Talks More Legal Nonsense:

*Courtesy of Scuttlebutts Chatango.

Mark recieves troll email

Not the best way to contact him lol, but what Mark comes back with is hilarious.

Mark Vaughn emails with troll

And i wonder what his ‘Lawyers’ would think of this statement:

Mark threatens caster

Probably the same as what they would Jon Tyson’s Email, ie not give a flying f*ck! He loves to try and look powerful with all these worthless legal threats doesn’t he 😉

Mark V:  Just Because It’s A Rule One Day, Doesn’t Mean It’s The Same The Next Day:

  • *Courtesy of Scuttlebutts Chatango.

More proof of how the Vaughns change the ToS to suit their needs. The screencaps below show Mark and Scruffy banning a caster because he was playing Youtube video’s of Vaughn shows.

Watch when the caster refers to the Ayyone drama where Mark himself, clearly states that it’s NOT a breach of ToS to rebroadcast a users show unless it’s done ‘maliciously’

Mark backtracks on casters playing youtube casts 2

Mark backtracks on casters playing youtube casts

“you’re trying to use a blanket statement i made in a specific situation”

Which in layman’s terms, means ” what i said the other day only counts for that one situation, because i need to protect the Scrag. The rules and ToS change when Scruffy and i choose to, depending on if we like you or not, so don’t question it in public, as it shows me to be a right idiot”

He’s not very bright is our Mark.

Mark: How Beautiful Is The New VL Begging Design:

Mark Vaughns new Tip app

Mark Vaughns new Tip app1





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13 Thoughts to “Lets All Laugh At Mark Vaughn”

  1. Channing

    tl;dr. wtf is Sexychris up to !

    1. pedo chris while

      well he has banned me willsmac, miss piggy, gibby, sinead, and a few others lol

      1. Anonymous

        All the times Willsmac & Rach (aka Miss Piggy) have sent him stuff did them no good. I just hope they don’t go crawling back as soon as vile says hey guys I need more stuff from Asda.

        He was in MissPiggys cast on Saturday saying how much he loved them what a joke.

        As for Mark & Scruffy I can’t think of (other than Vile) of 2 people I dislike more on a social networking site. They are the grusome twosome nasty vile individuals who just use people and chuck them aside when they think they are of no more use to them.

        I hope Vaughn comes crashing down around them (I think the rot has started) and they are buried and forgotten like the pieces of trash they are.

  2. Me

    Mark is changing the name of Vaughn.tv to VaughnE-BeggingCentral.tv


  3. Katie says

    Lol ive got IP banned again by scruffy all because i dared to say her and mark dished out special treatment to the scrag gang. Prove it said scruffy, i said easy i see it with my own eyes, lies said scruffy, to which i said the only one lying here is you scruffy and wham IP banned. They cannot take any form of critism if they cant lie their way out they IP ban to get rid of you. When I can be bothered I’ll just change my IP but I just cant be assed with their stupid childish antics atm.

  4. They are so full of lies it’s unreal. Now he finally admits that the video he played, WASN’T the report sent in, but from their archives.

    Strange, because whenever anybody complains about any abuse, they say that you need to send in a screencap or video, as “they don’t have time to dig through archives”

    He clearly said on his cast that the video you are going to watch, is a report sent in. Then when we proved it couldn’t possibly be, he backtracks.

    I implore them to blow a shitload of cash on trying to take legal action against us here. I would not only leave him flat broke, i would destroy any slight bit of integrity they have left amongst the Social Broadcasting scene.

    Hey Mark, hey Scruffy, i’m publicly asking you to back up that talk of yours and file a criminal complaint against UKM. You won’t of course, everybody knows that, but the challenge is there if you ever want to dispute any stories on here or claim harassment etc.

    The end is nigh for your empire and you know it. But hey, don’t take my word for it, just visit his once popular Breakers site, or his Vapers one. As for Instagib.tv, i could host that on one of my Raspberry Pi’s and still never buffer. They are all dead. His income is shrivelling quicker than a penis on a snowy night in January, but hey, lets all fall for his spin that the ‘community’ is growing.

    Or, maybe not!

    1. Samwise

      On the video on Scuttles of Scruffy/Mark hyjacking Jed’s cast when billy was on air. They kept bashing those like Slaya who had made reports but staff dismissed submitted reports (reports they keep claiming never get reported like Warrrbucks). So in the middle of this doxxing with A1, Jimmyrizzo goes and posts Menellie’s address/phone etc 3 times on air, daring people to do their worst.

      So here we go to see what happens, report filed to the T. Scruffy says in chat Mark will handle it. 2 days pass and during a Jed/Bubba show with Mark double standards is brought up in reference to a1/rizzo. They go off on a shitstain rant saying Whateva, whateva, Marks site he does what he wants; and the usual reply of “If you don’t like it go make your own casting site.”

      Image proof (censored of coarse):

      1. Lol, the pressure really is getting to them all now. Mark because he’s not making any money, and Jed/Bubba/GG because by being so blindly loyal to Mark and Scruffy, they are alienating themselves from most others. You only have to watch some vids of Jed or GG and the strain of becoming increasingly disliked is really getting to them.

        As Mark loves to say ‘ i think this won’t end well’

  5. Mork

    Some more of mark’s bullshit to add http://prnt.sc/a49j3z

    1. Hahaha. He’s got to be on one big troll hasn’t he? He’s probably having the last laugh at us, by us believing that he believes what he comes out with.

  6. Katie says

    Maybe not so much a laugh at Mark well ok yes it is because he is such a loser but I went into his cast this morning. Full of VIP’s and there was GG what an ass licker it was all oh Mark you are so good (he was crap at the game he was playing), lol Mark, Hahaha Mark, Oh Mark so good, Mark you are so funny. Well after I had puked I had to sign in and just say what a pathetic bunch of morons were in his room and did they have to pass a Very Invasive Procedure (VIP) of sticking their tongues as far as they could up Marks ass to obtain a one of these badges. Couldnt believe it when once again I was IP banned lol they really can’t stand up and fight can they.

  7. Priti_Patel

    remind him of the Watty Melon Show, see what he does. I’d like to see him defend that one

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