SexyChris Wants To Silence Us

Poor Christopher, he does go and get himself upset over anybody that doesn’t agree with him. Not only is he fuming that we recorded Amy telling the story of his ‘desire’ to get to know an underage girl and refuse to take it down, he also gets all pissy just because Jsteveo was talking about him in Stevie’s Ivlog cast.

Here he is having a go at Amy, because the video is still up on Youtube. Although why he’s telling her to take it down, i don’t know, she didn’t upload it.

**Just before we play that, here’s the old video that he’s demanding Youtube take down:


Then somebody posts this lol

Chris pissed at our Youtube video1 Chris pissed at our Youtube video

How dumb are some of these people that chill in Chris’ room? A Copyright claim, because of a story about him allegedly lusting after School Girls. You couldn’t make this sh*t up, seriously.

Although i don’t think it was only us who pissed him off, earlier on, he was in Jsteveo’s cast, threatening to flag the channel, just because they were talking about him lol.



He’s more pissed because Jsteveo and many others are moving to Ivlog now, and with Chris hiding behind a private cast most days, he knows his days as the King of Ivlog are numbered.







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33 Thoughts to “SexyChris Wants To Silence Us”

  1. Hungry Catapillar

    He will be attention seeking now. Claiming everyone picks on him, he causes his own troubles, he feeds of the attention he gets whether positive or negative.

    1. Observant One

      Did anyone notice Chris doxxed Angel’s phone number on skype video @ 7m17s. 1-310-459-4400

  2. Anonymous

    Chris was only ever the self proclaimed king i always thought of him more as a clown prince if anything. I just love the strop he is in because everyone is telling him that Ayyone is now the new king.

    He is vile to everyone and still cant understand why people dont like him. He thinks he can get away with anything say anything and people will just accept it. Well the only ones who will are the retards that continue to hang in his room like analstormee wtf with that 50 year old hanging round a 27 yrs old.

    Chris you troll people all the time karma has bitten you in the ass and you complain and winge well hard fucking luck you nasty little shit.

  3. Crap mo Stank

    He and his mods can silence away of me, but they will not be able to shut me up.

  4. christophile

    i went in his room and he said i had 30 seconds t talk or im banned as he dont wanna be recorded, then he was saying he was depressed and i said slow down on the drinking and angel banned me. fuck that guy

  5. Anonymous

    Angel wants to keep him drunk and under her control same as Ruby. He thinks he has friends in there but he doesnt. Anyone that has tried to help him or talk reason with him has been banned. I gave up ages ago trying to help him in any way shape or form as I was constantly banned now I just think the little shit gets what he deserves. I once said to him when he complained he was broke that maybe he should try and budget his money to last him. I was kicked I had a friend in there who said it was Chris who banned me with the words fuck off cunt I’ll spend my money how I like and he wonders why people hate him.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      In one ear and straight out the other. I can vouch what you said, I been watching and listening to people giving him advice in numerous occasions. As the saying would go, “you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped”



    1. Anonymous

      Lol thats funny maybe all the pizza deliveries are coming from her when did they start was it roundabout the time she came on the scene.

    2. lol. That can’t be Angels number surely, she’s always sat at home drinking.

  7. AnalStomee


    My name is Leah, you all know me as AnalStormee, I reside in California in the United States of America and I can have any local man or search any internet dating sites and find the ideal man of my dreams along the western seaboard.

    But do I?

    No I don’t, I’d rather watch a blagging,stealing,preying,rude,vile,sexist and lying scumbag called Christopher While who lives in the United Kingdom of englandshire, and I am proud that I can call him my boyfriend!

    Iam just so happy to be apart of this lovely mans life, and all of the haters and truthfull evidence of how he treats friends,family and females that he has threatened, tried it on with and tried to brake us up can do one, it means nothing to me all because Chris is my man and no one else’s!

    All the best fellow readers, love, hugs and kisses as always, Leah -a.k.a AnalStormee xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ben the Bastard

      That explains it, Angel is a daft Americano, Who voted for Bush then hated him, then Obama, then hated him too, then she is up for voting that idiot twat Trump, which of course, her along with other Americans will hate him should he get his feet in the Whitehouse. If it sounds good, vote it kind of immature woman then reflects back on your regrets afterwards.


    We were in Amyy100’s room and talking about Shitty Chris. Shitty flagged Amy’s room and got the site Moderator and we were told NOT to say his name on iVlog when we’re talking about Chris.

    What a F’ing crybaby he is.

    1. You’re joking? I seen him do it to Jsteveo, but Amy? What the fuck has she ever done to him?


    He came in and was telling everybody to shut up and kicking them. Amy took Mod power away from him and he went into a hissy fit and then flagged her room.

    1. Hahaha, what a big girls blouse. I think he’s cracking under the pressure of knowing Mark Gronan has reported him to the Police. The clock is ticking on Chrissy boy.

      1. Pee-Wee

        Chris has been sulking all morning. He received a letter stating he is fit for work and benefits have ceased. After no money showing up in his bank on Friday he raged at his mom on phone. She said he brought it on himself, “it’s never your fault chris”, and he slammed down the phone.

        Tash and Ruby kept suggesting he get a crisis loan, but we know how well that went when he tried a Womba loan. With benefits gone, its a matter of time the hilarity begins when he moves back with mam.

        1. Pee-Wee

          Chris showing his bank balance Friday evening. Still ranting

          1. Ben the Bastard

            Unfortunately for him, with all that scheming he’s done so far, he’s far behind in gaining qualifications in finding certain jobs, what with that Steps Ahead program now completely done away with. He’s missed out big time on that in gaining GCSE C Grade

        2. Ben the Bastard

          Of course he’s fit for work, He just don’t want to work! pmsl

    2. Me

      I guess eating his own cum and acting stupid and casting EVERYTHING he does didn’t help him.. LOL LOL

      But than again.. Shitty lies worse than Foxturd does. I want to see poof that they said that.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. He was bragging constantly the other week about how many thousands of pounds he’s been ‘donated’ If he has had his money stopped, his Mam is right, it’s only his big mouth that’s got him in trouble.

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah we have to use code names for chris & angel otherwise amy would have been in trouble. But its ok for shitty vile to talk about and trash other casters.

    Even Willsmac & Rach were in amys room because shitty had banned them no idea what for though

  11. Hungry Catapillar

    Chris will ban anyone for no reason even the people that have helped him out stuck up for him and been there for him, he will turn on them and give the old sayings such as no body like me everybody hates me, i,ve done nothing wrong winged winged winged, even though its him who would have banned them or kicked them from his own room, no sympathy for him no more he is just a freeloader.

  12. Anonymous

    they got banned cos they were in amys room all the people got banned were in amys room ” because they turned there back on him “

  13. SideShowBob

    Popped into Chris room tonight to see what was new, some guy called Krusty on the Pro Cams and he had a Tache, beard and bald head, looked a bit like Charles Bronson (the UK prisoner), when I typed this in – got banned straight away. POintless going back to that room now as this is what it has become, Ban all who enter.

    1. Pee-Wee

      Caught some of his stream today and picked up on some of his queues. He’s been highly paranoid lately of that “Ukmuppets guy” recording him. I dunno why he never has more than 25 viewers anymore he lost his fame. But …. he says he checks to see if people have a profile picture. If the account is default blank he immediately assumes its someone to troll him and will ban.

  14. Anonymous

    I only hope that the DWP stick to and dont reverse their decision. He has never worked a day in his life because he is just bone idol. So many times he has stated on cam that he can work but just doesnt want to and that the tax payer will keep him all his life.

    Of course yesterday apart from calling everyone jealous cunts (no chris we are just sick of our hard earned taxes being given to worthless little shits like you) he was complaining about his “bad” back and how much it “hurt” but amazingly not more a couple of hours later he was jumping around all over the place. No doubt being perked up by some moron giving him money, he was boasting yesterday of how much he has received in donations which was nearly £2,000. £2,000 would of kept a few elderly people warm for the winter and allowed them to eat instead of them choosing which one to have. Chris uses the money for booze, booze and more booze.

    Ruby and his other vilities of course were shouting indignation that it was so unfair. No Ruby what is so unfair is that lying cheating scumbag has got away with it so long. It wouldnt bother you as you dont work so we are paying for you as well. I am assuming that at one time you did work although I think your son is 18 so why you are not back at work is a mystery. Waits for the oh I have depression etc etc etc to be rolled out.

    I would like to say a big thankyou to anyone who sent in evidence to the DWP keep it coming. I have one of him claiming his back hurts so much he cant move then when a donation comes in a few minutes later he is up jumping all over the place because he can go get more booze lol lol lol.

    I’m expecting abuse from his sycophants but do I care no I fucking dont.

  15. Ruby

    You are entitled to an opinion , and im sorry unlike chris i dont divulge every aspect of my life , but i take no offence from you , i know how it appears , all i said too chris was i didnt think they could stop your benefits without putting it in writing , and im sad for you that you dont realise how life destroying depression is , quote ‘waits for the oh i have depression etc etc etc , i would much rather live a full life without depression , than being a prisoner in my own head and home , its no life for anyone , but i know there is nothing but stigma attached too REAL mental illness and that,s why the suicide rate is so high.

    1. Anonymous

      Ruby yes REAL mental health issues but not the fake ones Chris claims he has. Now I know you adore this man and it seems there is nothing that he can say or do that is wrong you even blame Steven when he has put up with all the abuse Chris hurls at him on a daily basis. A lesser man would have beaten the crap out of that little shit a long time ago.

      Lets take a look at what Chris claims he suffers from. First of course there is the “bad” back, the depression, the aniexty, the cerebral palsy, the aspergers, the bipolar, the epilpsy, the asthma, the OCD (shame its not a cleaning one) these are the ones I remember Chris and his gang saying he has. I am sure there are more if I sat and thought about it but if as you and he claims he had all of these he would be a walking miracle.

      Getting him off his backside and into work would be the best thing for him. You can’t say work is not for him as he has never ever tried it. Maybe people want him to remain as he is because it makes their lives seem so much better.

      I don’t like the man one little bit and I’m glad he has got his money stopped. It is time he had a reality check I just hope the reality continues.

    2. anonymouse

      you know what ruby, you are absolutely vile, and one of the worst people i have ever met on the internet. you accuse people of trolling, and are just incredibly rude to new comers. you ban everybody that you dont know, maybe in your sick depressed head you want chris to yourself? i have no sympathy for you, and every time i see you online i really just think to myself ‘shes just vile’. YOU are a VILE person.

  16. chris_while_lawyer

    spouting a load of complete nonsense about my client using anonymous name i see this site has changed ..

    1. Chris_While_Prosecutor

      LOl and I take it that is your real name. The fake name you use is just the same as being annoymous. If this site has changed it is for the better as people have finally come to their senses about this odious little cretin.

      I doubt you even live in the UK using the word lawyer and not solicitor. If you are a UK resident I doubt you work because if you did you would be as pissed off as I am that my taxes pay for this worthless layabout when he is capable of getting of his fat stinky behind and working.

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