Ayyone v The Scrag: Alls Fair In Love And Vaughn

So the toxic atmosphere that has been around Vaughn lately, finally blew up when the Scrag ( Bubbaganoosh, Daryl, Electrojed and Gamergirl) declared war on Ayyone.

It’s been brewing for days, so it wasn’t so much a shock, as eagerly awaited.

It was nothing more than the daily screaming match that you get on Vaughnlive, but there was one slight difference…. it was aimed at Mark’s buddies.

So that good old ban hammer took a swing again, this time claiming Ayyone as it’s victim. As smug as ever, Mark was trying to claim victory again. Meanwhile, Ayyone instantly went over to Mark’s hated rival, Ivlog, and took with him over a 180 viewers  🙂


So as you can see, Ayyone is back casting, plenty of support and having fun. Lets see what Mark’s take on it is:




All you guy’s wanting Vaughnsoft finished, don’t waste your time with DDoS attacks, or getting yourself banned by calling them in casts, just sit back, let the viewers see what is going on over there, and laugh as they step by step, destroy everything they had.







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10 Thoughts to “Ayyone v The Scrag: Alls Fair In Love And Vaughn”

  1. IP

    so, who is going to visit me in jail?

    1. He’s so stressed about all these casters leaving him, he’s having a breakdown lol

  2. Jethro

    gawd, Getting sick of mark, looking at mark, and hearing his stupid stories. Can’t stand scruffy, and daryl is just retarded. He’s not even an interesting caster. The thing that gets me is Scruffy alwaaaays saying the same old story. Poor old mom was frail and in a walker and had to move. Well hell, there’s always 2 sides to reality. I doubt IP made forced that old lady to move. I’d bet money she was either moved closer to Scruffy after grandpa died or put into a retirement home.

    This fkn A1 story is dumb as shit blown out of proportion by Scruffy. Who gives a shit. They’re the only ones who do, because they try to milk stories like this for advertisement. Plastering stories like Realman or Warren with cops at their house on Reddit saying, nyuk nyuk look here, go check vaughn site out. They dont give a shit about privacy its blatent with staff calling out who guests are.

    1. retaliater

      Exactly. Just listen to what Mark said again. “Weh had to tell my grandmother about it, and she freaked out”.

      So, IP didn’t go as far as calling Mark’s grandmother, yet Scruffy had to stir drama up were it wasn’t needed and go worry the old women with internet drama, sounds like typical behaviour from the Vaughns to me.

  3. Anonymous

    Mark becomes more desperate as the days go on, this time trying to make himself look big because of another female caster whose knickers he wants to get into. Mark epic fail you as usual just made yourself look more retarded than normal. I got banned again because I told the Vaughns that if they had TOS they actually needed to lead by example and follow them. Scruffy with her doxing of guest locations which once again she did with me but I dont care but she was throwing them out there like confetti. No racist remarks yet Gross Lump sorry Gamer Girl was so racist the KKK would have been proud of her but of course being in the VIP clan she was protected by the Vaughns. Sarah62 was slagging A1 off calling him all sorts of names and toadying to the Vaughns yet last night she was begging A1 to skype with her lol what an ass licker that is.

    The Vaughns wouldnt know the truth if it came up and hit them across the faces with a wet kipper. Everyone else is to blame for their own failures, in their eyes they are perfect but between them they are destroying the site but fail to look to themselves for its own demise.

    Come on IP made their gran ill please ffs scruffy maybe you should have looked after her better another excuse to have a go at anyone who dared to disagree with them.

    Yes the A1 story was a scruffy novel is this woman for real. No where did he dox GG unlike you scruffy who doxes people every 5 minutes. Grow up and stop acting like a petulant teenager who toys are thrown out of the pram as soon as something is said you dont like.

    Another highlight for me the pouting vile who was so angry that A1 had so many viewers and he had 9 lol well 10 when i went in and said “The self proclaimed King of Vaughn Vile is dead a new and rightful king has emerged long live A1” was so shocked when i was banned lol lol lol.

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry forgot to add and Mark claiming he had 550 viewers lol biggest joke of the lot. There are not 550 viewers in the whole of Vaughn. Mark is the boss (well we all know scruffy is but hey lets be nice to Mark and say he is) and all of a sudden 550 viewers appear. Well of course Mark wouldnt manipulate the figures now would he!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anon

    The TOS on VL only applies to the VL favorites, the rest can fuck off and will be banned. VL is the internet’s version of the Titanic.

  6. Hungry Catapillar

    Mark’s got the weird thing going on with his eyebrows when he’s telling his stories, watch his eyebrows they start doing some crazy moves, and whats with the long pauses when he talks.
    guess he’s wondering what other tales to tell.

  7. Anonymous

    Mark looks like the count from Sesame Street .

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